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  1. bs0d


    i dont see symbol based patching in any of those care to link ? ignore that.
  2. bs0d


    Clover has a symbol based patcher now eh ?
  3. Are you able to control or monitor any details of the w/c loop ... temps etc ? from within os x ?
  4. bs0d

    Water cooled Hackintosh LOG

    Are you able to monitor water temps ? or control the pumps / fans ?
  5. bs0d


    wasn't being negative, just honest. the same things were said last summer and winter came and went :-)
  6. bs0d


    don't hold your breath for new features or fixes. there is no work underway for either or likely to be.
  7. bs0d


    note to all, when replacing acpi tables such as DSDT inside the bios its very important to use a copy of the table your replacing as the starting point for your edits, rather than one gathered from boot loader or within an OS.
  8. bs0d


    i think another small binary patch is required to force dmi table type0->BiosSegment = 0 currently it uses the same as the system.
  9. bs0d


    actually your totally right, and i sincerely apologise.
  10. bs0d


    sorry but what makes you think your time is more important than other forum users ?
  11. bs0d


    we have better things todo than spoon feed users.
  12. bs0d


    <key>Defaults:1F8E0C02-58A9-4E34-AE22-2B63745FA101</key> <dict> <key>BootEntryTemplate</key> <string>$label</string> <key>DarwinDiskTemplate</key> <string>$label</string> <key>DarwinRecoveryDiskTemplate</key> <string>$label ($platform.$major.$minor)</string> <key>DarwinCoreStorageTemplate</key> <string>$label</string> <key>AndroidDiskTemplate</key> <string>$label</string> <key>AndroidDiskOptionTemplate</key> <string>initrd=$initfs root=UUID=$uuid androidboot.hardware=android_x86 ro SRC=$path</string> <key>LinuxDiskTemplate</key> <string>$label $build</string> <key>LinuxDiskOptionTemplate</key> <string>initrd=$initfs root=UUID=$uuid ro</string> <key>LinuxRescueDiskTemplate</key> <string>$label Rescue</string> <key>LinuxRescueOptionTemplate</key> <string>initrd=$initfs root=UUID=$uuid ro</string> </dict> your missing these parts from Defaults.plist
  13. bs0d


    good question, you maybe able todo it using a dummy MATS.aml that has the header but has no content .....
  14. bs0d


    most eeproms have a life expectancy of at least 100,000 read/write cycles, flashing a few times is negligible in relation to how many times the nvram is rewritten in normal operations. but yeah don't bother to flash apfs yet.
  15. bs0d

    Clover General discussion

    supposedly apfs is worse than hfs for rotational disks, unsure of this since apple still use rotational disks as part of the fusion disks.