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  1. [Help] Dell Latitude E6400

    koliberK, I finally got that image working. My process was: - Used a PC with iATKOS L2 installation to restore DMG to E6400 HDD - Connected E6400 HDD to OSX/PC with SATA->USB adapter - Restore DMG to E6400 HDD - Use myHack to install provided Extras folder to E6400 HDD - Use myHack to install Chameleon to E6400 HDD - Install HDD and boot system It's looking very good. I'm going to see what kind of trouble I cause when I upgrade it to 10.7.4. I've learned quite a bit playing with this stuff. $30 isn't bad for the legitimate OS and I may consider it if I think I want something permanently. Thanks. UPDATE: The upgrade to 10.7.4 didn't work out very well. I'm going to try to fix it.
  2. [Help] Dell Latitude E6400

    Found this topic via a Google search. I've also tried this disk image and was unable to get it to boot on an E6400 w/Quadro. I'm fairly new to Hackintoshes but I'm researching the process. I have an OSx86 installation that works somewhat but not perfectly. I booted with an OSx86 10.6.2 install disc, created two partitions, installed OSX to one and then restored this 10.7 image to the second partition but when I boot to that partition it just reboots the system. I probably need to do something with the boot loader. I guess I need to obtain something like Xbooter. I'll be researching it but don't mind any help.