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  1. Minecraft Servers Status Checker (login, session, website) http://t.co/w0mGGEbK via @thexpaw

  2. USB keyboard for me, don't know about the OP. I used a flash installer created based on what I think was 10.7.2, but I forget as I made my installer a while ago. Maybe this was something one of the post-boot tools I used took care of for me once I was booted up.. But I don't think I ran one as I could not login with a not so working keyboard. The odd thing was I did not have any problems with my USB mouse.
  3. This same problem happened to my 10.7.4 upgrade as well at some point. But I forget how I fixed it. I would be interested to see what other solutions are out there.
  4. eggster

    Secondary Recovery Partition

    Thanks for the information, the drive is GUID based (Windows 7 is on a secondary physical drive). I thought I poked around, I saw I could resize my partition, but I wasn't super clear how to create a secondary without it looking like it would reformat everything. I'll take a deeper look at Disk Utility once I'm back in front of my x58 computer.
  5. What tools can I use to resize and create a secondary HFSJ partition to install a secondary copy of Lion on? From what I can tell, Apple's GUI Disk Utility wants to reformat my entire drive to simply create a secondary partition. I've been looking at the terminal commands a bit, and I'm guessing there are some commands I can use to make this happen. To provide a bit of history, I have been running Hackintosh as of when I got my Sabertooth x58 board with an i7-950 processor a couple years ago. From what I read at the time, my hardware seemed quite compatible. I dove right in and I had successfully installed and booted Lion 10.7.2. Upgrading to 10.7.3 was not a big deal. But 10.7.4 caused me a little more troubles. So far, I had been fine using my Lion 10.7.2 installer USB stick as a form of recovery, but 10.7.4 ended up requiring me to downgrade a kext to get it booting again. I ended up using my Windows 7 install with Macdrive to aid in copying over kexts, but I have realized it would be a lot easier if I had a secondary Lion install to fall back to. I apologize if this belongs in another section, but I figured this one would fit the best as I do have a working installation.