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  1. It's on, but no luck. Thanks for your help. Anybody else, some useful information?
  2. Working just mine. Sleep just turns off screen, but if I press a button, I'm jumping to my desktop. Native brightness control is halfway. I've got the slider and the sun bezel, but it almost says. I'm in 100% and when I'm changing it, nothing happens :S My pmset -g assertions output to the sleep problem is the following:
  3. Hi! I need some help. I managed to install Mac OS X 10.9 to my toshiba l735-137 notebook (i3, 4GB RAM, GeForce315M). Everything works fine OOB except the sleep and the native brightness control. I tried to edit my dsdt, so I get brightness slider under the Display prefpane, but it won't do anything. I attach my DSDT, if someone could, then help me pls. dsdt.aml.zip