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  1. Since I have absolutely no desire to use VoodooHDA, I've gone ahead and ordered some USB speakers. Thank you all for your help.
  2. I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean that it simply isn't possible to get audio working on this board? It looks like USB speakers would be the easiest solution, anyway.
  3. So should I not use the Taragu patcher? I just installed the new dsdt and kext. I see "Audio ID: 12" in System Information, with no inputs/outputs listed, and no devices in System Preferences. It seems we've taken a step backwards.
  4. I used Kext wizard to repair permissions and rebuild cache.
  5. I see my audio hardware in System Information! Yet my devices aren't showing up in Audio Midi setup nor System Preferences.
  6. I removed the HDAEnabler that I'd previously put in Chameleon, and rebooted. Nothing has changed. I still see those "line output" devices in System Information, but still no output or input devices in System Preferences or Audio Midi Manager.
  7. Something has changed! Now in System Information -> Audio, when I click "Intel High Definition Audio," there are 5 "line output" options! There are still no output devices in System Preferences nor Audio Midi Setup. I put a screenshot in the attached zip file. Although I don't understand what you're doing, it seems to be a step in the right direction. Could you explain what changes have been made? Archive 2.zip
  8. I followed your instructions. Nothing has changed.
  9. Here you go. This is with your dsdt edit and kext applied. Archive.zip
  10. @Mirone I edited my DSDT using your provided code, and installed your kext. The kext loads - I saw it spit out some "audio assertion" messages while booting in verbose mode. No change. Audio still doesn't work. In System Information -> Audio, "Intel High Definition Audio" shows up as "Audio ID: 4" yet there are still no output devices in System Prefs -> Sound nor in Audio Midi Setup.
  11. Well, guys, I don't know what to tell y'all. I finally got around to my fresh install. I used the Chameleon bootloader this time instead of Chimera. I just put my dsdt back in, installed the patched AppleHDA, rebooted.... I'm still not getting any devices in Audio. I've just about had enough of this. It seems my best bet's going to be purchasing some speakers that use a USB port.
  12. Wow, what a reaction. Considering the folks from his forum weren't nearly as willing to help me with this issue (my post was simply deleted) as you guys were, I think a switch is in order. I'm going to wipe my hard drive and reload Mavericks with that guide in about 4 hours - got some irl stuff to take care of. I'll keep y'all informed once the wipe and reload is done! Edit: Just out of curiosity, though... Why does what bootloader I use matter? What's the difference between Chameleon and Chimera? I thought that Chimera was based on Chameleon.
  13. I keep an Ubuntu live flash drive handy for times like these. My coded dump is attached, along with my bdmesg. I'm using Chimera from tonymacx86. It's the easiest bootloader for me to install, since all I have to do is double-click [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and let it go. I tried Chameleon 2.1 once on this install, but my computer rebooted as soon as Darwin started to execute. It threw the computer into an infinite reboot loop. I don't inject any kexts from the /Extra folder. All my kexts are in /s/l/e. CodecDumpAndBdmesg.zip
  14. rebooted with -v -f Still no sound. How do I verify that the pin config data is injected? dmesg and ioreg dumps attached. Did you want me to reboot both with the dsdt and HDAEnabler=yes? ADS103DmesgAndIOReg.zip
  15. I did use that kext. Here it is in its entirety. ALC1200_lm_108.zip