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  1. That is a good question ... I don't remember lolol...I have to do it again Edit: The Bluetooth is external USB . And yea, i would also have made a wired installation but at the time i don't have any wired keyboard lolol. And the installation is Hazard..and why would i have to get a retail disc ? Thanx, bleeding_me
  2. Hello PookyMacMan, I've just managed to install Snow Leopard on my Desktop following your awesome tutorial. I just have one problem, as my PC has a logitech keyboard & Mouse and those are connected to the PC via bluetooth, and when I boot, it tells me to insert a keyboard because it doesn't seem to find the one I have. My keyboard & Mouse is the MX5500. Is there any way i can use them or do I have to have a wired keyboard and mouse ? Thank you, Bleeding_me Note: the OS version I installed is Snow Leopard 10.6.6 SSE2 SSE3.
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    Introduce yourself.

    Hello, I'm bleeding_me from Portugal, new to this forum (as u might have guessed ), and i'll be trying (with your help) to install OSX in my desktop