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  1. I'm so close to successfully getting my tripple boot running - shamefully I've been trying to get it running on/off now for a couple months - giving up with frustration. This time around I've had a bit more patience. Can someone look at everything I'm doing and let me know if there's any easy solve that isn't outlined anywhere? Here're the steps I take in setting up my tripple boot: -Re-install Mac OS Lion on Macbook Air 4,2 -Install reFit -Repartition (win = 30GB, Linux=24GB, Swap=6GB) -Install Windows 7 on /dev/sda4 (this is not the bootcamp installer, just plain windows installer) -Install bootcamp drivers in Windows -Sync reFit -Install Xubuntu (ext4, mount at /, grub is on /dev/sda5, swap is /dev/sda6) -Sync reFit At this point I have successfully installed three operating systems, I haven't done any configuration. This is where I get frustrated: when I boot my computer, it goes into reFit successfully. I see three options for booting, Mac, Windows, Linux. Mac and Windows work ok, however, if I select Linux it boots into Windows. Anyone know how to fix this or of any steps I missed? Attached are two pictures, one of "diskutil list" and another of the refit partition analyzer. Any help is really appreciated. Every post I find about tipple boots just seem to work magically without any extra steps. Clearly that's not the case. Any ideas? Thanks!