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  1. Hi there Is there any chance this Kext is to be upgraded to support Mountain Lion ? Indeed, this kext worked so great with Snow Leopard and Lion up to 10.7.4, but now, with Mountain Lion I couldn't get my Radeon X1950 XTX working properly. The system recognize the model (according to "about this mac" menu), but with only 5MB VRAM and no QE/Ci or resolution change. I'm stuck @ 1400x1050x32bits and no display detection Thanks to JaminRC if you could provide an updated version of his Kext ! @++ Dwarf
  2. Hi There ! I just would like to thanks JaminRC for his Wonderful Kext ! Man, you're a god !!! That's it I'm new to hackintoshing world, but I successfully installed Snow Leopard up to 10.6.8 following ########'s ######+###### procedure. After that, I was stuck on 1024x768 graphics Display Your Kext saved me! My Sapphire Radeon X1950 XTX 512MB (device 0x10027240) is now fully recognized (both 32 and 64bits) and I can play OS X on my 22' screen @ 1680x1050x32 with QE/Ci and resolution change Thanks again! @++ Dwarf