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    Clover General discussion

    Hi all, I own a Dell Studio XPS 9100 and I can't get to boot Clover off a USB flash disk on this PC. I know the boot disk works because I have tried it o other computers. Immediately after the Bios Post screen, after Clover begins to load, I get a message on my screen saying the monitor does not support the current resolution. I have attempted to correct this in 'refit.conf' by setting 'screen_resolution' to my monitor's default - '1600x900'. # Set desired screen resolution if enabled screen_resolution 1600x900 But I still get the same unsupported resolution message on my screen. Can anybody help please? Thanks.
  2. supaJ

    Bootdisk Utility

    Hi, I tried BDU but can't see anything on my screen after the initial countdown. My monitor complains about the resolution; says it must be something like "1900x600". How can I fix this? Thanks.