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  1. A few notes to those who are installing OSX 10.9 Mavericks on a Thinkpad T410 256MB nvidia to save some time 1. If you boot into the myHack installer and get the installer log after selecting a languange, you should not apply the MBR patch after making a Mavericks Bootable USB. You may also format your USB with the GUID partition table as well. 2. Use Kext Utility and not Kext Wizard when installing some kexts (not trying to be bias) but it seemed to install and fix my WIFI kext over the other. 3. If you are trying to get Disk Utility to work because it's complaining about packages missing, grab the BSD.pkg from Mavericks.app/Contents/InstallESD/BSD.pkg and install it. 4. I had to use ThinkpadUltraNav.kext to get my Red mouse nub to work. 5. I'm still having trouble shutting down/restarting but that's next. 6. Trying to do it with UniFail is literally a nightmare. I've been banned from that site for just suggesting how to fix problems it's just awful! 7. I was able to update OS X Mavericks to 1.9.1 without any conflicts!