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  1. Stuck at Shutdown-Reboot HighSierra

    There is no such option in my bios...
  2. Stuck at Shutdown-Reboot HighSierra

    After replacing the clover folder still cannot shutdown. And the system seems to be running a little bit slower Could it be a bios setting ?
  3. Stuck at Shutdown-Reboot HighSierra

    It says error uploading file so i uploaded to mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/yoq9y6qw691e3o1/Send.zip
  4. Stuck at Shutdown-Reboot HighSierra

    Thank you for your time Send me johns-iMac.zip
  5. I recently completed my vanilla installation on a desktop computer with the following specs i7 3770 MSI GTX 1050 2GB + Intel graphics 4000 Gigabyte H77-DS3H 8GB Ram 120GB SSD I have applied the following bios settings: Load Optimized Defaults VT-d-disabled Set OS Type to Other OS IO Serial Port-disabled XHCI Handoff-Enabled After the installation I installed Nvidia web drivers to get full acceleration for my GTX 1050. Each time I click Shutdown or Reboot from the menu the screen goes black with the spinning wheel as normal but it spins forever and never actually shuts down. Everything else works fine on the system. config.plist attached. I have also extracted DSDT and applied Shutdown Fix and Shutdown fix v2 from patches list with no luck. Also tried this patch http://ihackintosh.boards.net/thread/29/clover-gigabyte-shutdown-dsdt-fix Any help really appreciated DSDT.dsl config.plist
  6. Intel HD 4000 7 Series Motherboard Acceleration(10.9.2)

    Got the dvi cable and finally appleintelhd4000.kext loaded. With IntelCapriFB=0 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes I have full acceleration
  7. This is my first guide and I know my english is not perfect but please be kind Here is a post for everyone else that have the same computer with me. The full specs are: CPU: Intel Core i3 M370 2.40 GHz RAM: 3GB (Personally I have upgraded it to 6GB, 2+4) Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 1GB (The ATI Mobility Radeon v550 has been renamed to 4650) Chipset: Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Audio Card: Realtek HD Audio ALC269 Ethernet Card: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Wireless Card: Atheros AR9285 Hard disk: 500GB SATA Touchpad: Synaptics PS2 Touchpad So here is the detailed process: 1)The distro I used is Niresh's OS X 10.9.0 which can be found with a simple google search(you can also download the DMG version and write it to a usb stick using ​http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/) 2)Burn this iso to a DVD. WARNINGS: If you can, verify that it has been burned without errors because I spent three days trying to find out why the installation was constantly failing and it was because a package was corrupted in the DVD during burning process! If you can burn it to the lower speed available to avoid this. 3)Boot from the DVD, no kernel flags needed, just wait about 10 minutes to show you the language selection screen. If you get random shutdown during boot or installation just retry. 4)Some people say you need to have a completely empty hard disk but in my case I just resized the Windows 7 partition using Easus Partition Master(Free) in windows, then formatted the free space as NTFS and then during installation I reformatted it as Mac OS X Journaled using the disk utility provided by the installer. 5)Now the most important part, selecting what to install from the customize menu. Seriously, DON'T touch anything! Leave all options to default! 6)The installation should finish successfully(in my case during the first attempt it failed with a hard reset, I just retried and everything was fine), if not, check the log to see what's wrong and maybe I can help you. Now, in my case, after reboot I just booted normally in Windows 7, which means there was no bootloader installed, so now is the part where you configure the bootloader. Download and install EasyBCD(Google it, it's free) and run it as administrator. In the bcd backup/repair section, make a backup first and then apply one by one the three options: reset...., recreate...., change boot drive(select C: ). Now go to add entry and add an entry for Windows 7 and then add the Niresh's 10.9.0 ISO as boot entry(Portable/External Media --> ISO tab). Go to edit boot menu section and click save. Close EasyBCD and then open it again. Now if there are no entries under edit boot menu section, add the two entries again and then save again. Then close. Repeat this until you see entries under the edit boot menu section immediately after opening EasyBCD. 7)Now reboot and from the menu select the mac entry hit enter and from the next menu select the drive name where you installed Mac(the name you specified when formatted during installation). I got a random shutdown after mac finished loading but just restarted and everything was fine. After some time you will see mac startup wizard, just go on(if you dont get startup wizard but a user login, reboot with -s flag and change the default root password to use it later to login, search google for process), we will fix the resolution later. After finishing the startup wizard and the desktop comes up you will see some messages in the right up corner telling you about repairing permissions and rebuilding cache. Don't shutdown until you see that everything has completed. (In my case computer shut down almost 4 times until I got the 'Operation Completed' message). Kexts(10.9.0): -----> Audio(Speakers, Headphones, Microphone) Delete the current VoodooHDA.kext from '/System/Library/Extensions/'. Run Kext Wizard and install VoodooHDA.kext from 10.9.0 folder. Go to the 'Maintenance' tab and click the '/System/Library/Extensions' checkbox and the two checkboxes under it and then click 'Execute'. Restart. ----->Graphics Delete AMD4600Controller.kext from /System/Library/Extensions/ and install AMD4600Controller.kext and ATY_Init.kext from 10.9.0 folder. ----->WiFi Install IO80211Family.kext from 10.9.0 folder. UPDATE TO 10.9.2:Save AMD4600Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext from 10.9.2 folder to your desktop in your Mac. Launch AppStore and download and install the 10.9.2 update. After restart, boot with -x (safe mode) and wait for it to load the desktop. Install the kexts you saved previously using Kext Wizard. Reboot. -----> Audio(Speakers, Headphones, Microphone) Delete the current VoodooHDA.kext from /System/Library/Extensions/. Run kext wizard and install VoodooHDA.kext from 10.9.2 folder. Go to the 'Maintenance' tab and click the '/System/Library/Extensions' checkbox and the two checkboxes under it and click 'Execute'. Restart. ----->WiFi Install IO80211Family.kext from 10.9.2 folder. Congratulations you are running the latest version of Mac OS X on a non-apple computer! Enjoy your new Hackintosh! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 GFX.zip
  8. Intel HD 4000 7 Series Motherboard Acceleration(10.9.2)

    lol Sorry guys I was meant to say dvi. I will get the cable today and will update
  9. Intel HD 4000 7 Series Motherboard Acceleration(10.9.2)

    So you are saying the only way to get full acceleration is to output to display using dvi? Double asking before spend 10 euros for the cable
  10. Intel HD 4000 7 Series Motherboard Acceleration(10.9.2)

    What do you mean try both? I tried with -v -x -f IntelCapriFB=3 GraphicsEnabler=Yes and with IntelCapriFB=10 . The guy in this page seems to have the same hardware with me(0x0162, 0x08086) and I think he says he have injected ig-platform-id with value 01660000 and it's working on the dvi port. According to this page "I also introduced the ability to inject a custom AAPL,ig-platform-id for both kind of gfx (Ivy & Haswell) the keyflag is InjectIntel-ig ex: InjectIntel-ig=09006601 (a flipped 01660009)", I have to add "InjectIntel-ig=00006601" and "IntelCapriFB=0" to org.chameleon.Boot.plist. Am I right? Note: I can reach the desktop through vga by restoring all the AppleIntel graphics kexts and with flags "IntelCapriFB=0 GraphicsEnabler=No". With Kext Wizard I can confirm that AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext IS loaded. Though still no acceleration.
  11. Intel HD 4000 7 Series Motherboard Acceleration(10.9.2)

    Thank you both, but I was stuck at "dsmos has arrived". Supposing I get a dvi male to vga female will it work immediately or would I have to do something else? (For example restore the intel kexts to /S/L/E ?
  12. Hi, I have been using niresh's mavericks 10.9.2(updated from 10.9.0) to my old laptop with ati 4650 and everything was working. Recently I bought a new custom desktop and moved the hdd from laptop to desktop. I had to run the command 'grafix backup all' which deletes all graphics kexts from /S/L/E to boot to desktop(before I was stuck at spinning wheel). There were no kexts loaded for my intel 4000 but with chameleon, and with "Graphics Mode=1366x768x32" I managed to get native resolution on my vga out. But apart from this graphics suck! I have tried all the kexts I could find aboout intel 4000 but always stuck at the spinning wheel. I really need 3d acceleration through vga, or else my system is almost unusable(no youtube videos, flashing safari etc). Below are my full specs. Can anybody help me? Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H Cpu: i7 3770 psu: corsair vs 650w graphics: intel hd 4000 (0x08086, 0x0162)
  13. Gray Screen Lion 10.7.3

    Hi all, I have tried many MacForPC distributions like iDeneb, iAtkos, Leohazard but noone even booted. Always a kernel panic. Now I downloaded Lion 10.7.3 v2 by Niresh12495.The DVD booted normally. The installation failed but when I rebooted I could run mac normally. Then I shut down my "mac". I couldn't make mac load again except if I typed -x -v before boot. I found the error that had made the installation to fail (it was an additionall audio driver) and reinstalled without it. The installation completed successfully but now I can't load mac. I am starting mac, they load for a while and then all I see is a gray screen. I tried to boot in verbose mode, but the gray screen came up again. I tried to boot with GraphicsEnabler=no but nothing changed. My laptop is a Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 GFX, i3 M370 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 550 HD 1GB. During the installation I selected the category ATI under Graphics. Is there anything else I can do to boot mac ?