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    OS X on a Tablet PC

    To my feeling, you need as much of a standard configuration as possible: Core I3, HD3000 or HD4000 graphics, 100 Gig SSD, 8 G ssd memory. That way all the methods for installing should be standard. The biggest challenge, to be true to the Apple way of working, no stylus and multitouch. Something like the Samsung slate PC should be it.
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    Hello, I am stuck with several aspects of my Hackintosh. I think some of the questions are real FAC questions 1. I'm trying to get the HD3000 graphics to work. I have several graphics kexts labelled H3000, AppleIntelHDgraphics, etc, etc - Is newer most likely better (I can see the revision in the plist file ? - Should I remove the ones which seem not necessary like HD4000 or GMA350 next on my HD3000 equipped system (can I just add extension .old to disable them? - After modifying I understood the I have to clear caches, must I also reboot ? - What is the advantage of using the /Extra directory instead of the /System/Library/Extensions directory ? 2. What is "better" using kexts or obtaining a more complete dsdt file. It seems that the dsdt file is just a configuration file to make mac OS use the specific hardware I have 3. I tried to boot with -v, but the printouts pass by too fast. Is there a boot switch to make pauses, boot -v ! more ? 4. I tried to download (and pay for) Mountain Lion, but the App store just goes back saying "come back later". What is this? Am I forced to piracy ?