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    (1st Gen) Intel HD Graphics Kexts

    Hi there, the patch released for 10.11.3 works great. I have recently updated my hackintosh to 10.11.4 beta, now all the old graphics probs. come up! Is there any way to make graphics work again on this version ?
  2. Hello everyone Can anybody help me in working 1st generation (arrandale) Intel HD graphics card for 10.11.4 beta? On my laptop, El Capitan 10.11.2 was working great without issues but upon applying this beta update, it boots properly with boot graphics qe/ci but on reaching login screen the graphics are totally screwed. I deleted all related IntelHDGraphics kexts but still the same. Pls guide me what to do?
  3. So I manage to get past the verbose screen errors and landed to another one. No keyboard or touchpad works in this one, attached images.......... Looks like this above mentioned issue is persistent with el capitan hackintosh (the USB ports & connections) making the boot process to stuck while no mouse, touchpad & keyboard working properly, at least, in most of systems if not all. Note:--> Somewhere on internet, I found that installing elan smart touchpad driver kext will be useful. Also, it appears to have something to do with usb kext problems.........(may be tesing different SMBIOS, not sure on this, though!!)
  4. Hey... I restored the image files from inside install os x el Capitan app to the USB ,followed by installing Enoch. Then I tried adding patched acpi and USB related kexts in extra/extensions and replaced related kexts in system/library/extensions as well. Now, no more above error while booting usb . however, it stuck at "Service exited with abnormal code:255" Will do some more googling.....
  5. sorry about that.... Any solution, guys?
  6. Hi.... same issue here, tried with enoch usb method and Unib***t method to install el capitan with USBBusFix=Yes, npci option, USBLegacyOff=Yes, PCIRootUID=0/1, etc...(u know); but stuck at same message: "still waiting for root device" I wonder what would happen if we replace AppleUSBEHCI related kext/s in El Capitan usb from that of working Yosemite hackintosh by, of course, partially disabling SIP (CsrActiveConfig=0x3)........!!!!!! Anyone with some ideas????
  7. xerma2

    Battery with X in it..Pls HELP!

    Thank you guys....Rehabman kext works like charm with the dsdt provided....thanks artur_pt Hey artur_pt.....ur dsdt made all 3 usb ports working, where only 1 was usable....so a big thank for this too.....
  8. xerma2

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi everyone, It is really a nice platform for OS x86, an awesome project for non-Apple users wanting to taste Apple..... Keep up the creative work guys. Much appreciated.. BTW, I have managed to get Yosemite 10.10.5 working on my laptop...Cheers to this Forum
  9. Hi Everyone, This is my first post here. I have got a working Yosemite 10.10.5 on my windows laptop as dual boot with Win 10 Pro, by googling and doing it myself. All works well except few things like wifi, etc. I have installed Rehabman's latest ACPIBatteryManager.kext which enabled battery symbol in menu bar but it says "No battery Available" "Power Source: Battery" And also, there is a X in the symbol There is no change in it whether I plug in charger or don't! I will really appreciate if anyone can help me in this. thanks in Advance. dsdt.aml.zip