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  1. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    WOW...very well put, I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!
  2. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    Even though I don't agree that he is a loony I think that would hilarious.
  3. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    And calling Bill O'Reilly names is productive. I will make the post sound however I wish. Who the hell are you? I told the man no offense, but I thought what he said was funny and wanted to express that. What are we trying to "procduce" out of this thread other than the opinions of the posters.? LOL ...Again, gwprod12 I have nothing aginst you I love your thread. Because IMO she is an idiot, I don't think she is literally insane.
  4. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    Rosie O'Donnell Least of all...HAHAHAHAHAHA!....Fell out of my chair....kept laughing!! No offense, I mean your entitled to your opinion, I just can't fathum why anyone takes this women seriuosly.
  5. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    I can't believe you can set here and dog O'Reilly, but fail to metion how nuts Rosie O'Donnell is. Does that Kool-Aid taste good?
  6. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    I am sorry I don't give them a pass just because they don't realize they are being racist. They should realize it and fix it. You don't fight racism with racism. Not every issue that happens between blacks and whites is racially drivin and it seems to me that Sharpton and Jackson want to make them that way. SORRY, I know it is off topic, but I can't help myself. I agree! I mean come on,Bill... a freedom hater, seriously???
  7. Rage Against the Machine !!!!!
  8. iRISH

    Any Rush fans in the house?

    I love Rush, don't always agree, but I love Rush!
  9. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    Whatever, I am not even going to try. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren't racist, give me a freakin' break. However, you have the right to think how you want.
  10. I have actually had that up for awhile. It came with my old iMac G4, I thought it looked kinda cool.
  11. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    Maybe your right, but when it's all said and done Imus lost his job becuase of rasist morons like Al Sharpten and Jesse Jackson. These are the type poeple that seem like they are against freedom of speech not O'Reilly. Why won't anyone stand up to these rasist idiots. Sorry, kinda off topic, but true none the less. 100% agreed!
  12. iRISH

    DOWN with Bill O'Reilly

    No, I don't and neither does Bill. I watch and listen to Bill all the time and none of the things you said about him are true and believe me I do not always agree with Bill. There is no true freedom of speech in America anyway. Don Imus gets fired for saying "nappy headed hoes", but Hip Hop artist can say {censored}, hoe, niggga all day long and its ok. Either no one should be able to say these things or everyone should be able to say them, no double standard. I wish I could have freedom of speech and say exactly what I feel, but OH NO, someone might be offended. By the way Bill will not get fired, He has some of the highest ratings out there.