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    Hi everybody. Thanks to this forum explaining all this new world for me.
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    [GUIDE] Asus EEE 1001 PX

    I have this netbook Asus 1001PX. I have tried to install various images: iatkos l2; iatkos s3, always from a USB created with my MacMini Core Solo SnowLeopard. (trying to download the hazard iso now). I also have tried to prepare the USB with OSX86 Tools or NetBookInstaller I can start the USB and boot from it, but only could see a really fast messaging "Read from HFS+ ..." and finally a black screen when I used -v and the logo of aplle without -v. I never could choose a drive to install the OS. I have updated bios, but everything is the same, I also have try to modify different parameters in the bios but also without succes. Does I need to do something special? What I do wrong? Does I need to change any bios parameters?