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  1. iLenovo G550

    just in case Adjustment of illumination of the screen (Fn + up or down) works : after Fn+F1 and awake via powerbutton after lid close and open when using battery power
  2. iLenovo G550

    After removing old EXTRA folder from root and old voodooPS2, voodooHDA and voodooBattery from S/L/E, downloaded and installed Chameleon Bootloader and Extra Folder from http://ilenovo-g550.ultrahostinguk.co.uk/ my iLenovo OSX 10.6.6 @64bit works like a charm . Thanks again for your efforts Hacktrix2006 and the rest of the community !
  3. iLenovo G550

    Works great, not perfect but great ! Thanx alot ! Trackpadkext (voodooPS2controller) wasn't working for me, used different one from this forum. Just updated to 10.6.6 Had to rerun the script for the broadcom wifi to work. The only 'problems' I still have are : 1. boot with -f kernel flag, if I don't, I get kernel panic after whole list of NVEnabler messages 2. can't reboot (shutdown is working though) I use the DSDT.aml from your website. All by all a big respect for your efforts
  4. iLenovo G550

    Very nice ! Thanx !
  5. IMHO, Steve and Bill sitting in a bar.... thinking about the IBM days and wondering what would happen if they joined forces, again. They probably have a masterplan in which they unify Windows and Apple OS into one operating system called 'Wapple'. And ofcourse the rest of the world has no choise but buying it (or DLing it for some of us 'cause all the third party software is only compatible with Wapple, ofcourse. So, bring it on, and be aware that Steve and Bill are still long time friends...making money :cp
  6. Crossover problem in Tiger 10.4.10

    AFAIK, Crossover only works with Leopard 10.5 not with Tiger 10.4.
  7. My MIDI Keyboard does not work in Logic

    My Evolution MK-461C is working under Leopard 10,5,2 Don't know if it 's because I just now uninstalled my Wacom drivers 'cause the tablet didn't work anyway...
  8. where is my soundcard?

    I have the same problem on my AMD Athlon64 with a Terratec EWS88mt soundcard installed on OSX 10.4.8...no hardware found...