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  1. Hello there, I currently have Mac OS X (10.7 Mountain Lion) running under VMWare Workstation 8 on Windows 7. I have 16GB of RAM and I dedicated 4 to MacOS X At first I wasn't very happy with the video performance. But after getting some SVGA II drivers here at Insanely Mac, I reckon the video performance is alright considering is a Virtual Machine. What I am looking for is a VM that would give me a fair 2D and at least some general audio playback capability (something tells me running Logic Pro under a VM would never be a good idea). I can't stop but wonder whether VirtualBox would be better than VMWare, mainly because with virtual box there aren't any hacks I must do in the virtualization software to run Mac OS X. I mean, with VMware I had to "unlock" Mac OS X as a guest OS option. Plus, perhaps I am wrong but I believe that it would also be easier to get audio and video? working at a better performance, since I reckon that Oracle thelselves would be working to provide decent drivers for Mac OS X under Virtual Box. Before I venture into trying to run Mac OS X under VirtualBox just for the sake of comparison (and risking wasting some precious time when I could be doing something more productive, like playing The Witcher 2 or diablo 3 ) I would rather "hear" what the community here has to say. What do you guys reckon? Also I never ran ######. on my Mac OS X VM as I thought this is only really necessary in "physical" (as in non-VMs) Mac OS X installs. But I have a feeling that I might be terribly wrong Any suggestions / recommendations are greatly appreciated. I am a total "noob" in the hackintosh scene. So my appologies in advance Cheers! P.
  2. Hi there, I currently have a Mac OSX 10.7 running under VMware workstation 8. It works fine (except sound being a bit corky). I got some modified files for this VM which means it doesn't need the darwin.iso or some weird boot loader. The VM just boots My question is, if I upgrade this VM to 10.8, I have the feeling that the VM wouldn't boot any more... Is this something that can be potentially resolved, or do I need to start from scratch? Cheers, P. PS: I meant "noob" question not "noon" (I am still asleep, sorry!)
  3. Hi PookyMacMan (cool nick btw) Thanks a lot for your help and patience with my noob questions Yes I meant LION, not Mountain Lion (sorry). I reckon I will get the 10.8 when the RTM is out. I reckon by combining what both you and Donk and you said below, VMware seems to be the "keeper". I installed Mac OS X 10.7 using a "template" VMware that was already configured to boot. It seems to work fine and I didn't have to do any further modifications with regards to booting. However I am pretty sure that future system updates might "break" this predefined boot loader configuration and I might need to patch the VM up for it to keep working. In fact I tried an update the other day and my Mac OX VM hanged on the grey apple logo after reboot. Thank heavens I took a snapshot so I reverted the mess. Now, when you said that you use ####### on any system, did you intend to say that you would NOT use it? Where could I get the bootloader and re-apply it in case I need before/after a system update? Also, how is the audio working for you guys under a VMware? I got some audio driver I found whilst crawling through Google but I am not sure I got the latest or the best one out there. Any pointers? Thanks for all the help! P.
  4. Wow. Thanks for letting me know Deggial. I appreciate your help. I am off to update my BIOS to the latest version then I think I keep my "modest" Mac OS X VM for stuff I want to do without getting out of Windows 7 (gamesalad, Xcode) and install Mac OS X direct on the hardware for stuff like Logic Pro (heh, providing that it works!)
  5. Hi! What do you mean when you say I would have "better luck than the rest of [us] with the non-3d model"? Does it mean that the 3d model works better, or that the non-3d model works better? Can I choose to use between the 3d or the non-3d version? I don't think I would get 3d support on the hackintosh, would it? What a shame! Well I am mostly interested in using Mac OS for stuff like Garageband, Gamesalad, etc. I don't think that wifi is the end of the world (pretty bad though)... Would I need a different DTSD file if I upgrade the bios? thanks for the help! Cheers, P.
  6. hi there, This is my first post ever (so please, be gentle ) I have the exact same DELL Laptop model. At the moment I use Mac OS Lion under VMware, but of course the video performance isn't great. So I am thinking of doing a hackintosh install. Here is my laptop configuration: video - I got the 3D video with my GeForce 555M (the promotion was really good over xmas), but I rarely use it; just for some gaming. I've been reading the posts here and it seems that the 3D video can be a problem, right? But even if we don't use it with 3D? wifi - I got the Advanced N 6230 wifi/BT adapter with my laptop. Is this the one people are having issues with? What is the latest on the wifi? I would be happy to join in this project to help each other out. What is the BIOS revision recommended for the hackintosh? I'm looking to try this over the weekend Cheers, P.