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    Here my theme of OC How to create are own Theme with Icnspack-Builder You can Download the themes with ➤ Themes Downloader You can also have the themes on ➤ Github You can also have the themes on ➤ HTML Page
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    Installing macOS Big Sur 11.0 DP1 on Gigabyte Z370N WIFI + i7 8700K + UHD 630 Changelog: 06/28/2020 22:05h GMT-0 - Replaced detach command when creating ISO. - Thanks @ham4ever - Added instruction to run one line at time. 06/27/2020 02:37h GMT-0 - iMessage works too. Just not at first boot. 06/26/2020 18:54h GMT-0 - First version. What works and what does not - Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K -> Work. All SpeedStep stages.- Video Card: Intel UHD 630 -> Work. QE/CI and Metal.- Chipset: Intel Z370 -> Work.- HDMI 2.0 (1st) -> Work. - HDMI (2nd) -> Work. - DP -> Work. - Audio: ALC1220 -> Work. - HDMI Audio -> Work.- WiFi/Bluetooth -> Not work. Replaced with BCM94360CS2. - Ethernet (1st) -> Work.- Ethernet (2nd) -> Work.- USB3.0 -> Work.- Sleep -> Work. - Airdrop, Handoff, Instant Hotspot and Continuity -> Work after replaced wireless. Todo - Fix iMessage (other iServices works perfectly) - Nothing Disclaimer! Bootloaders are currently unable to start the installation. The solution is to use a virtual machine and use a physical disk (additional, USB or SATA, NVME) as a target in the installation. Change the OpenCore compiled from the source code, and add some entries in NVRAM through config.plist. This is not the best solution. But it is the only way at the moment. There are some ready-made images available out there, but I prefer not to use them and create a clean installation. What you need to install - Running install of macOS - Already working OpenCore with this setup - Create bootable ISO file - Spare Disk/SSD- macOS Big Sur DP1 install app- Latest OpenCore + Kexts compiled from sources - Some KEXTs and SSDT patches UEFI configuration My BIOS is F10 (I use an 8th generation processor, so I don't need to upgrade) You can configure manually or load my BIOS profile. Manually: - Shutdown and insert the flash.- Power on with DEL pressed to enter BIOS setup.- Change value: BIOS - CSM Support to Disabled- Change value: BIOS - Secure Boot to Disabled- Change value: Peripherals - Initial Display to IGP- Change value: Chipset - VT-d to DISABLE- Change value: Chipset - Internal Graphics to ENABLE- Save & Exit Setup or, BIOS profile You can use one of my BIOS profiles attached bellow. It's two versions. One stock and another with overclock [5.0 GHz] - Put the profile in the root of the flash drive at EFI partition. - Restart with DEL pressed to enter BIOS setup. - Go to Save & Exit. - Select Load Profiles. - Select last option and then the flasdrive in the list. - And finally choose MACOS_STOCK or MACOS_5GHZ. - Save & Exit Setup How create bootable ISO file Download Big Sur DP1 Run this command on Temrinal: sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Seeding.framework/Resources/seedutil enroll DeveloperSeed Go to System Updater and download the Install macOS Beta app. Create ISO Then run on Terminal (One line at a time): hdiutil create -size 12G -fs hfs+ -volname install -type SPARSEBUNDLE ~/Desktop/install hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/install.sparsebundle sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Beta.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/install --nointeraction hdiutil detach `diskutil list |grep 'Install macOS Beta' |awk '{print $8}'` -force hdiutil makehybrid -o ~/Desktop/install ~/Desktop/install.sparsebundle rm -rf ~/Desktop/install.sparsebundle Now you have install.iso on desktop. How create create the virtual machine and install to disk/SSD Download and install the trial version of the VMware Fusion from their site. I'm used the version 11.5.5. - Create a custom virtual machine - Operating System: Apple OS X - macOS 10.15 - Create a new virtual disk (The size doesn't matter, We'll delete later) - Click in "Customize Settings" - Save the VM on desktop with name: bigsur - Insert the spare disk/SSD on PC (reboot if necessary) and identify what /dev/diskX is. You can look on Disk Utility.app: - Create VMDK that point to it: sudo diskutil unmountDisk diskX /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmware-rawdiskCreator create /dev/diskX fullDevice ~/Desktop/bigsur.vmwarevm/physical sata - Edit the virtual machine settings created previously - Click in Hard Disk (SATA) and delete it (Remove Hard Disk) - Then add the physical disk - There's a bug in Fusion. To select the physical.vmdk, right click then "Quick Look", then "Share virtual disk with the virtual machine that created it" - Click Apply. - Now mount de install.iso - Start the VM and install as usual until: Disk Utility, format GUID with APFS (VMware Virtual SATA Hard Drive Media), Install macOS, wait few reboots and stop at first boot wizard. This can take up to 45 minutes. It may seem like it is stopped, but it is not. - Press Command + Q and shutdown (usually WIN + Q) - Close VMware Fusion. Copy OpenCore to EFI - Mount the EFI with: sudo diskutil mount diskXs1 - Copy your current working OpenCore EFI to that mounted EFI. - Download mine attached or Update your OpenCore, Kexts and driver UEFI. - You can use the @MaLd0n script attached to compile all (OlarilaOC.command.zip) - If using mine add your MLB, ROM, SystemUUID and SystemSerialNumber. (see how to) - Add following items do config.plist: NVRAM -> Add -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> boot-args -> -lilubetaall (append) NVRAM -> Add -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> booter-fileset-basesystem + Data + <00> NVRAM -> Add -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> booter-fileset-kernel + Data + <00> NVRAM -> Delete -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> booter-fileset-basesystem NVRAM -> Delete -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> booter-fileset-kernel Done! Boot from the new disk/SSD and finish de first boot wizard. And last but not least I would like to thank the following community members, by making these dream possible:@crushers, @snatch, @apianti, @blackosx, @blusseau, @dmazar, @slice2009, @autumnrain, @phpdev32, @EMlyDinEsH, @RehabMan, @Scellow, @mitch_de, @Shailua, @Andy Vandijck, @maxfierke, @ArturXXX, @LexHimself, @brumas, @khamsakamal48, @MaLd0n, @joedm and @vit9696 and all others members involved directly or indirectly. Attachments MACOS_5GHZ MACOS_STOCK OlarilaOC.command.zip EFI.zip
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    Hello everyone! Together with the help of @DSM2 I built a Kext aiming at removing limitations put in place by Apple for PC graphics cards that reduce performance in some benchmarks like Geekbench and some scenarios where memory bandwidth is crucial. Likely most of you already know the issue that some GPUs don't perform as expected in Geekbench. For example, a Radeon VII only scores around 50k to 60k points while on Windows it can easily reach the 82k range - with overclocking even more. This issue is not only affecting the Radeon VII but numerous other graphics cards as well. This problem started back when macOS 10.14.5 Mojave was released, introducing the fix for fan control on Vega 56 / 64 cards. As it turns out, Apple never fixed the fan issues but instead put a dirty workaround in place. Modern AMD GPUs utilize a so-called SMU firmware to manage some of the cards functions. This SMU firmware needs to be uploaded by the graphics driver. It looks like the Vega 56 / 64 fan control bug was caused by a faulty SMU firmware implementation by Apple. Instead of fixing it, all they did was to disable loading of SMU firmware on PC graphics cards. This can be verified by force loading the SMU firmware again on Vega 56 / 64 cards. The fan control bug will then be back. Not loading SMU firmware causes a number of issues and one of them is memory bandwidth being cut in half. Since Geekbench is very sensitive to memory bandwidth, this is what causes the low scores. So essentially, Apple scammed their customers here, putting a dirty fix in place that now affects a large amount of graphics cards. And of course this not only affects hackintosh users but also Mac Pro users or eGPU users, utilizing PC graphics cards on their Mac. Now this is where my RadeonBoost Kext comes in. It makes sure that SMU firmware is loaded again, removing the memory bandwidth limitations, making sure the GPU can be used to its fullest potential. The results really speak for themselves. Demo of the result: RadeonBoost.kext has been built with Hackintosh users in mind, but of course it does work on a real Mac as well. That includes both Mac Pros as well as Macs with an eGPU. You can either inject the kext via OpenCore or put it into /Library/Extensions, repair permissions and rebuild kext cache. Putting it inside /L/E of course requires SIP (System Integrity Protection) to be disabled since the Kext is not signed. Of course you can go ahead and edit the info.plist of RadeonBoost.kext to your likings. For example you can add your own properties. This comes handy if you want to additionally overclock or undervolt your GPU by using a PowerPlay Table, which of course can be added to the Kext as well. On a Hackintosh you of course can keep injecting them through the bootloader without having to edit the kext. List of supported GPUs: RX480, RX580, RX590 (!!! USE ALONG WHATEVERGREEN !!!) Radeon VII, RX 5500, RX 5500 XT, RX 5600, RX 5700, RX 5700 XT (WHATEVERGREEN NOT NECESSARY) Download & Changelog May 28 2020: V1.6 - Disabled SMU Firmware Loading for Navi10/14 due to broken SMU firmware starting from macOS 10.15.5, improved Polaris compatibility April 24 2020: V1.4 - Added target SMBIOSes for AGPM injector to prevent overriding of stock AGPM configuration on SMBIOSes that don't need an AGPM injector (e.g. iMac19,1 etc) April 20 2020: V1.3 Replaced "ATY,EFIVersion" with "ForceLoadFalconSmuFirmware" (thanks to Whatevergreen developers for discovery of this parameter), changed Polaris properties (RX480, 580, 590 users please re-test), removed Apple framebuffer properties (performance difference is minor) April 19 2020: V1.2 Removed support for Vega 56, Vega 64 and Vega Frontier (REASON) April 19 2020: V1.1 Removed unnecessary device properties, added embedded AGPM injector for SMBIOSes where it makes sense (iMacPro1,1; MacPro7,1; MacPro5,1; MacPro4,1) April 17 2020: V1.0 Initial Public Release For download of RadeonBoost.kext please check this posts attachements. Enjoy! RadeonBoost.kext.zip
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    OpenCanopy Icons

    Notes 1 - OpenCanopy is a graphical user interface for OpenCore. 2 - It's currently considered experimental and is not recommended for everyday use. 3 - This is not a support topic for OpenCanopy but instead somewhere to discuss icons. 4 - See OpenCore documentation for how to configure and set up OpenCanopy. Overview Many users like to keep their hacks looking as close to a mac as possible by using OpenCanopy with Apple's own icons, however for users that may want to deviate from Apple's boot icons for a more custom look, they're left with having to find their own icons from various places which can sometimes result in a not so consistent theme feel. To help, I am aiming to create families of 'similar' icons, amongst others, which may eventually lead to a more harmonious look when mixing/customising icons. The idea is that eventually there will be a large 'pick and mix' range of icons where the user can choose which ever ones they like whilst knowing they will all look like they're meant to be together. Of course, I could never come up with every permutation that someone could imagine so there will always be icons missing from the range, but over time I hope to grow the collection(s). git Repository https://github.com/blackosx/OpenCanopyIcons There is now also an Icon Pack Repository for icon packs created from these icons https://github.com/blackosx/OpenCanopyIconPacks
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    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    Latest OpenCore commit is able to boot the installer and pre-existing installed macOS 11 Big Sur with kext injection without using prelinkedkernel nvram variables. It is now able to boot both with the new kernel collections method.
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    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur in VMWare

    @fantomas, let me be crystal clear about it. AppleLife is not an unknown blog but one of the locations Acidanthera team and related people are located. It is a local Russian community, so if anything, the userbase is not intersecting in the first place. Yet, even if it was not, when team members post links to authorised instructions (e.g. my posts), you can treat it similar to github.com/acidanthera. If understanding all that you believe that links to developer resources are improper on insanelymac, we may have to cease all kind of interaction with insanelymac community.
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    Anyone wanting to boot an existing Big Sur install with Clover can do it now. Necessary files have been published and it got a little easier: https://www.hackintosh-forum.de/forum/thread/49311-macos-11-bigsur-dev-beta-clover-patch/?postID=619527#post619527 Make sure you have Big Sur already installed on your drive (Installer not working yet!) Use the Clover build attached to the post linked above Paste the kernel patches inside your config.plist Use latest OcQuirks, otherwise it won't boot If you don't know how to use that stuff, it isn't for you.
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    [READ] - InsanelyMac Forum Rules

    Rules Our goal is ensure that the forum remains a helpful & friendly place to learn about how to run Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, and of course other general banter. We want you to be able to discuss anything and everything here, and to do so we ask that you check out these guidelines for forum use. Do not upload anywhere else files when developers specifically ask not to. We take this matter very seriously, as developers are the very heart of our community. No Flaming. This includes racism, threatening, personal attacks, victimization or hateful content. Retaliation will not be tolerated either; if a member has broken a rule, please use the report feature on the forum and the staff will deal with the situation appropriately. No posting of direct or indirect links to warez or pirated pieces of software, this includes cracks, serials and torrents. Do not publicly argue the decision of a moderator. If you disagree with a moderator take it up with them in private via PM. Only one (1) login is allowed per member. Duplicate accounts will be banned or deleted. Bumping of posts is not permitted. Other than being less annoying it also keeps the posts more informative. Meaningless and useless posts may be removed at Moderator's discretion. Only post your post once (1). This keeps the forum cleaner and makes it easier to find what you are looking for. No advertising or business offers of any kind. No posting of copyrighted material. This includes copying and pasting news articles from news websites. Attached materials must come with clear descriptions of what they are and what they do, linking to this information elsewhere is not sufficient. Materials derived from Open Source must include source code, as well as an explanation of what has been done to it. Discussion of P2P, torrent sites, or similar download sites of any kind will not be tolerated. We do not want to know your illegal downloading habits. Do not post spyware or any other malware. This includes linking to other sites which may contain it. Posting just to promote another site, product, or service (spamming) is not allowed. This site is not here for you to promote your own or anyone else's material. Discussion of commercial spin-offs of the OSx86 scene is allowed if it’s to understand their existence, but no discussion of how to use them, nor any support for these commercial spin-offs are allowed as they are not in the spirit of the OSx86 scene. Example of commercial spin-off: tonymacx86. Why InsanelyMac does not support tonymacx86 VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ! (ABOUT TONYMACX86 AND iATKOS M / Y / EC / SR) Posting Guidelines If you have a question please do your best to use the search feature and search the forum before creating a new topic. Post in the correct forum and read the forum description. This will make sure that your post will not be removed. Pick an appropriate title and tags (if any) for your post. A good title makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Using informative tags allows for improved searching of related topics. All posts must be clearly written and easy to read. For example, if you have long blocks of text, use the Code option, etc. Limit "empty lines" as much as possible, use punctuation where you can and be concise. Posts may be edited for this reasons by InsanelyMac staff at their discretion. Please remember that you are in a public forum, a bit of courtesy is always welcome. It's always nice to start by saying "Hi" or "Hello" before asking a question or seeking help. Also a "thank you" would be appreciated, especially if the help you get is effective. Your topic does not deserve any more attention than others seeking help hence topic titles must reflect their content, and topic titles containing things like: 'please help' 'look here' 'cash reward' 'urgent' or other inaccurate descriptions will be removed. This includes all-caps titles. Give your hardware specs when necessary (asking for support) and any other time where it may be beneficial to have them listed. Watch this video to guide you how to do that: [Video] How to add a signature. Signatures, Avatars and Nicks Keep your signature/avatar clean and tidy - should you receive a PM from the staff regarding your signature/avatar, please make the requested alterations or it may be removed/shortened appropriately. To keep pages loading fast for everyone, we request that your signatures and avatars contain no animations or high-definition graphics of any kind. Signatures should be no more than 6 lines of text using a regular font. If you can't fit all of your system specs in that you'd like, why not create a small graphic to contain the information? They should also contain no referral or affiliate program graphics. Avatars should be in "good taste," a qualification that is broad enough to let us determine what is and isn't. Goth-devil-child-wild-eyed-in-the-violent-blackness probably qualifies as being in bad taste. Nothing offensive, pornographic, or vulgar. Nicknames must be readable by the system (without question marks). This will ensure that your nickname can be searched, and that other users can contact you. They should also not contain staff member groups (administrator, moderator, developer, etc.) to prevent confusion. Nicknames should also show respect to the community, thus nothing containing offensive language. Email addresses must be real (nothing like bugmenot or similar). Accounts not in line with the last two rules will be edited or deleted without warning. Policing Do not publicly discuss the decision of a moderator. If there is any issue with a decision of a staff member PM them or contact an admin. Moderators have the ability to suspend or impose posting restrictions upon accounts based on the user's history. Records are kept to keep track of user's behavior and point out repeat offenders. Attempts to circumvent posting restrictions will lead to your account being banned, and any other accounts affiliated with your account being banned also. These rules cover a broad spectrum and are set up to preserve a free and open (and fun) place for discussion. They, in conjunction with common sense and good judgment, should steer you in the right direction. We're all human and we know that people make mistakes... but that's also not an excuse. More rules are subject to appear on this board as we see fit, so please check back from time to time for your own benefit. Thanks for joining our community and helping make it the best it can be. In case the rules localizations should differ, the English rules are the standard.
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    I have put together this simple little guide for anybody wanting to use a Patched DSDT EFI with the same configuration as me. This is also a thread to discuss everything Z390 Pro and try and help where we can and maybe make things a little better for you. A huge massive thank you to @glasgood @MaLd0n @larabee These three guys have helped me and talked me so much and are as helpful as you could ever get, Without them I wouldn't have a perfect working build like I do or be putting up this Guide & Discussion Thread sharing the hard work and countless hours that we have all put in to this. This EFI and Patched DSDT have been created to work with a Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro, 9900k with a Vega 56 but has also been tested and verified fully working with the following Hardware using Catalina 10.15.7 CPU's 8600K, 8700, 8700K, 9400K, 9600K, 9700K, 9900K, 9900KS (All KF Models work but use SMBios iMacPro1,1 instead) GPU's RX 560, 570, 580, 590, Vega 56, Vega 64, Radion VII, RX 5500, 5500 XT, 5600, 5600 XT, 5700, 5700 XT (If you have success with any different CPU or GPU's then please do let me know) @glasgood Has kindly put together a new simple Catalina install guide so Just Follow He's Guide For a Perfect Install. HARDWARE USED • Intel I9 9900k • Gigabyte AORUS Z390 PRO • Sapphire Nitro+ SE Vega56 (connected to monitor with DisplayPort) • Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 16GB @3200mhz (2 x 8GB) • Corsair RM850x 80 Plus Gold Power Supply Unit. • CoolerMaster MASTERLIQUID ML360R RGB CPU Cooler • Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVMe SSD macOS Catalina 10.15.3 • Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD (2.5) Windows 10 Pro • ABWB BCM94360CS2 802.11AC WI-FI With Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-Express (PCI-E) • Lian Li PC-O11DW Dynamic ATX Case WORKING • Sound • Ethernet Port • WiFi • SSD Trim • USB 3.0 & 2.0 (All ports Open Natively) • AirDrop • iCloud • Hardware Acceleration • iMessages • Facetime • Sleep & Wake • Sleep and Shutdown via the Power Button • Handoff • Netflix on Safari browser • Continuity • Sidecar CLOVER & OPENCORE EFIs Current EFI Change-Log Updated 02/11/2020 Clover EFI Update - 04/08/2020 - Use with Bios revision F12K (F12J Pro Wifi) Only or Replace with the older F11 DSDT if you don't want to update the bios Clover Z390 Pro Navi Vega EFI 040820.zip - Vega, Navi (5700, 5700XT etc), Radeon VII DSDT EFI Clover Z390 Pro Polaris EFI 040820.zip - RX500 Polaris Series (RX590, 580, 570 etc) DSDT EFI Note - If your not using a 5700 XT or any other Navi GPU then remove agdpmod=pikera from the boot arguments. Please Note - I have now set KernelPM to No as standard so if you don’t have a unlocked MSR or not using my MSR Unlocked Bios Profile then go into the Clover Config.plist and set KernelPM to Yes or you won’t be able to boot up. An even better fix would be to unlock your MSR using my profile method. OpenCore v0.6.3 EFI Major Update - 02/11/2020 (Big Sur 11.0.1 Ready) I have now created a OpenCore EFI done the way the OpenCore Devs intended it to be made, There is no DSDT in use so you can use this EFI on any supported GPU and the SSDTs have been made so they will not be used in any other Operating System apart from MacOS. OC 063 Z390 Pro 19,1 EFI 021120.zip - OpenCore v0.6.3, SMBios iMac19,1 OC 063 Z390 Pro 1,1 EFI 021120.zip - OpenCore v0.6.3, SMBios iMacPro1,1 (IGPU Disabled) Note - If your not using a 5700 XT or any other Navi GPU then remove agdpmod=pikera from the boot arguments. Note 2 - Do not try to carry across your old OpenCore Config.plist to the new EFI as to many changes have occurred in 0.6.0. Use the new Config.plist instead. PlistEdit Pro.zip - PlistEdit Pro (use to edit OpenCore) For OpenCore Using PlistEdit Pro add your details by modifying the following PLEASE NOTE - These EFIs are setup to be used with your msr Unlocked but if for any reason you can not unlock MSR then just modify following in the OpenCore config.plist :  PLEASE NOTE - Please flash your motherboard bios to revision F12K (F12J Pro Wifi) to use my current Clover EFI. It’s a major rework of the bios and vital changes have been made to the layout and power tables. New DSDTs have been created and installed into the new EFI’s but will not work correctly with any other bios revision. Latest Gigabyte Z390 PRO/Pro Wifi BIOS Firmwares mb_bios_z390-aorus-pro_f12k.zip - Aorus Z390 Pro Bios Firmware F112K mb_bios_z390-aorus-pro-wifi_f12j.zip - Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Bios Firmware F112J CFG Unlock (MSR) F12K (F12J Pro WIFI) BIOS Profile - The Easy Way Highly recommended if your using a Vega 56/64, Radeon VII or Navi GPU DSDT's FOR CLOVER ONLY (A big thanks to @MaLd0n for compiling these DSDT's) To Create Your Own Patched DSDT Message @MaLd0n using the link bellow https://www.olarila.com/forum/17-dsdt-patch-requests/ (If you want a perfect setup then getting your own patched DSDT made would be the best thing to do, Mine will work perfectly fine but different hardware no matter how small a change it is can tend to have some sort of effect on the DSDT and your setup) If Your Not Using File Vault Then Please Disable Hibernate disablehibernate.command ADDITONAL DOWNLOADS Clover Clover Configurator Kext Updater OPTIONAL DOWNLOADS BroadcomFix.zip (Use these kexts if your Broadcom bluetooth/Wifi isn't working properly) FakeSMC (Can be used instead of VirtualSMC) Hackintool IORegistryExplorer Native Display Brightness with MonitorControl BIOS SETTINGS (Bios Revision F12k & F12j Pro Wifi) • Enter BIOS -> Press Delete -> Enter Setup • Save & Exit -> Load Optimized Defaults • Boot -> CFG Lock -> Disabled • Boot -> Windows 8/10 Features -> Win 8/10 WHQL • Boot -> CSM Support -> Disabled (Can be set to Enabled if need be but try to have it set to Disabled first) • Favourites -> Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.) -> Profile1 • Favourites -> VT-d -> Disabled (Can be set to Enabled or Disabled, Your choice) • Settings -> IO Ports -> Internal Display Output -> PCIe 1 Slot • Settings -> IO Ports -> Internal Graphics -> Enabled (Disabled If Using SMBios 1,1) • Settings -> IO Ports -> DVMT Pre-Allocated -> 64M • Settings -> IO Ports -> DVMT Total GFX0-Allocated -> 256M • Settings -> IO Ports -> Aperture Size -> 256MB • Settings -> IO Ports -> Wifi -> Disabled (Z390 Pro Wifi Only) • Settings -> IO Ports -> Audio Controller -> Enabled • Settings -> IO Ports -> Above 4G Decoding -> Enabled • Settings -> IO Ports -> USB Configuration -> Legacy USB Support -> Auto • Settings -> IO Ports -> USB Configuration -> XHCI Hands-off -> Enabled • Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Software Guard Extensions (SGX) -> Disabled • Settings -> Platform Power -> Platform Power Management -> Enabled • Settings -> Platform Power -> ErP -> Enabled • Settings -> Platform Power -> RC6(Render Standby) -> Enabled • Save & Exit → Save & Exit Setup SCREENSHOTS
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    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur in VMWare

    Guys... last warning!!! I would not want this to sound like censoring, but I already told you to not posting about your experience with macOS Big Sur on your real macs in hackintosh section, that we already have a dedicated place for such discussion. This community is based on real work/research from our developers and when they have something concrete, they will tell us. To recap, here are the links for these dedicated sections Apple VM BR fantomas
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    -OpenCore Vanilla TUTORIAL- -USB Port Mapping TUTORIAL- 1 -Create a USB bootable Create your usb installer, use this tool and download Catalina or Big Sur from Apple servers Catalina installScript_allfullapp.zip Big Sur installScript_1016fullapp.zip Credits: crazybirdy Copy Catalina / Big Sur installer to Applications folder, open terminal and run Catalina Big Sur If you want check one step by step, check here -Opencore Vanilla Tutorial https://tinyurl.com/ycvcnp8h 2- EFI folder USB installation -EFI OpenCore Folder Desktop 10th Intel Processors Paste this EFI folder in EFI partition in your USB STICK https://tinyurl.com/ybwr9kq3 -EFI Clover Folder Desktop 10th Intel Processors Paste this EFI folder in EFI partition in your USB STICK https://tinyurl.com/y6avuxsv 3- EFI folder SSD -EFI OpenCore Folder Desktop 10th Intel Processors Paste this EFI folder in EFI partition SSD https://tinyurl.com/ybwr9kq3 -EFI Clover Folder Desktop 10th Intel Processors Paste this EFI folder in EFI partition SSD https://tinyurl.com/y6avuxsv 4- Start Fine Tune Run this app and post full dump here for full ACPI solution RunMe.app https://tinyurl.com/y9562hz7 If you like a SSDT way, here we go SSDT-OLARILA.aml.zip 5- USB Solution USB INTEL SERIE 400.zip Use these kexts, enable XHCI port limit patch and follow this tutorial for remap USB ports --DSDT PATCHES-- -FIX ERRORS AND WARNINGS -FIX ACPI ERRORS -REMOVE UNUSED SCOPES / DEVICES -HIGH PRECISION EVENT TIMER -SATA SERIE ID -DMAC -REMOVE LINES, PROBLEMATIC and UNUSED -FIX K.P in REBOOT -NVRAM -REAL TIME CLOCK -SLPB -DARWIN / WINDOWS -XHCI -PLUGIN TYPE -HDEF -ARTC -IPIC -TIMR -SBUS -BUS1 -MCHC -ALS0 -SHUTDOWN -UAR1 -LAN -FWHD -USBX -PMCR -PPMC -XSPI -kUSBCompanionIndex -io-device-location -IMEI -EC -PNLF -ARPT -GFX0 -NVME -ACPI-WAKE-GPE -DTGP -HDMI / HDAU --SCREENSHOTS-- -If you want to buy me a beer - Donations with PayPalhttps://tinyurl.com/r2bvzm7 Big Thanks to XLR and your Badass Motherboard, Ultrafast CPU, Coolest Heatsink, Huge Graphics Card, Tonnes of RAM, Gigantic Hard Drive, Lightspeed Disk Burner, Professional Sound Card, Massive LCD Display. -Credits and thanks to the old and new people in the community who developed patches, kexts and bootloaders! Slice, Kabyl, usr-sse2, jadran, Blackosx, dmazar, STLVNUB, pcj, apianti, JrCs, pene, FrodoKenny, skoczy, ycr.ru, Oscar09, xsmile, SoThOr, RehabMan, Download-Fritz, Zenit432, cecekpawon, Intel, Apple, Oracle, Chameleon Team, crazybirdy, Mieze, Mirone, Oldnapalm, netkas, Elconiglio, artut-pt, ErmaC, Pavo, Toleda, Master Chief and family, bcc9, The King, PMheart, Sherlocks, Micky1979, vit9696, vandroiy2013, Voodoo Team, Pike R. Alpha, lvs1974, Austere.J, CVad and many, many, many others! We're all here to have fun and learn from each other!
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    First beta... build 20A4299v Useful information: macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.dmg.zip How to install macOS Big Sur on PC | Macintosh | Hackintosh
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    Clover joined the game. Same method as with OpenCore. Just needs a fresh OcQuirks build. Edit: Removed Kernel Patcher mod files as per request of the author.
  14. 13 points

    Clover Change Explanations

    Rev 5119 commit 620401d Included OcQuirks and OpenRuntime into Clover repository. The drivers will be built at Clover compilation. Further they will be improved and included into package.
  15. 13 points

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur in VMWare

    Guys, There is no point in posting your "real macs" installation of the macOS Big Sur in hackintosh section. I understand that everyone is waiting to be able to test it, as each year. But if you really insist on doing so, we have a section for real macs here. BR fantomas
  16. 12 points
    For all of those that have been playing along, I have condensed down this post and collapsed the beta data. Simple install of Big Sur download Big Sur create bootable USB stick (google it) download EFI folder from this thread, copy the EFI folder to the EFI partition on USB stick install Big Sur, make sure you hit F9 to boot off the USB between reboots Copy EFI folder to Bug Sur disk you installed on (for mounting EFO partitions, you can use Clover Configurator and select Mount on the left Side menus) Enjoy Big Sur Beta notes Older versions NOTE" VGA will not work, you will need to use the display port for your monitor, if you have a video card installed, check to make sure its compatible with OS X, top tip: install first without a video card, if all good, then install it. Not working 4k does not work in OS X, I only tested video using the DP port Some USB ports may not work, USB3 use lower blue in the back. TVApp is not working but I have not spent a lot of time on it. Sidecar not working, resolution in progress. NOTE: this zip file may contain older versions of Kext's, make sure you are using the latest before rebooting. HP_800_G1_OC063.zip
  17. 12 points

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    First beta... build 20A4299v Useful information: macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.dmg.zip OpenCore is now able to boot the installer and pre-existing installed macOS 11 Big Sur macOS Big Sur beta 8 build (20A5374i) New! VMware alternative topic installScript_1016fullapp
  18. 12 points

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    Here. Folder for Skylake+. in some cases need change things in Booter Quirks EFI BigSur Skylake+.zip Some observations Boot from USB / Disable booter-fileset-kernel and booter-fileset-basesystem Boot from SSD / Enable these options if need Work in beta 2 too Create your USB stick with createinstallmedia and paste this EFI folder into EFI partition, reboot, Reset Nvram
  19. 11 points

    CFGLock - unlock (MSR 0xE2)

    Some boards do not have a visible option for CFG Lock. For those cases the Bootloaders offer options to not write to the MSR. An other way is to disable CFG Lock in the BIOS despite the fact that there is no option available in the user interface. One way to do so is to use UEFITool, ifrextract and a patched Grub. Which is not only cumbersome, also it will work only, if the storage used for CFG Lock is in a certain varstore. Generally speaking CFGLock.efi does what those tools do, but the only user interaction needed is to confirm that you want to toggle the CFG Lock value (on to off/off to on) and it works regardless where the CFG Lock option resides, as long as the BIOS has a CFG Lock option - hidden or not - in their HiiDatabase. It is an EFI Application. Install it in the Tools folder of your OpenCore EFI and enter it under Misc->Tools in the config.plist. The EFI must not be able to boot MacOS, it must just be able to show the picker. It should also run as an application from the UEFI shell, but I haven't tested this. CFGLock.efi.zip
  20. 11 points


    Today we are publishing NVMeFix, a set of patches for IONVMeController. It currently only improves power management of non-Apple NVMe SSDs, but we will also be willing to fix other SSD incompatibility issues. If you observe a third-party SSD misbehaving, feel free to provide as much information as you can at our bugtracker https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/. APST is short for Autonomous Power State Transition, a feature found in many modern SSDs. It allows the SSD to significantly reduce the power consumption when it detects the device has been idle for some time. Apple NVM driver, IONVMeFamily, does support third-party SSDs, but only uses PCI power management for them, so power is not conserved unless the computer sleeps or hibernates. For Apple SSD controllers, IONVMeFamily uses a vendor-specific command to switch to low-power mode. NVMeFix attempts to auto-detect APST support and configure the controller accordingly. Unfortunately, some SSDs have broken APST support; in this case NVMeFix will try to disable it. You may inject 8 byte property ps-max-latency-us=0 to the parent PCI device IODeviceTree entry in order to force disable APST. NVMeFix reports APST status via "apst" property of the IONVMeController in the IOService plane. Additionally, DEBUG configuration of the kext will log the used APST tables. The source code is available at https://github.com/acidanthera/NVMeFix. There is currently no builds available, as NVMeFix is only compatible with the latest, unreleased version of Lilu. Note that besides APST and PCI power management, NVMe also supports host-managed power setting, which should decrease power usage even more. Unfortunately, we could not yet get it to work reliably yet: if you're interested in technical details, let us know in the bugtracker. You may also find this on real Macs if you are using a third-party SSD. The kext should be compatible with stock bootloader -- just install it and Lilu to /Library/Extensions. Unfortunately, on Macs with the old NVMHCI DXE driver hibernation cannot be fixed from kernel side, as the bootloader hangs before it gets to the OS. This was at least the case in my tests with full-disk encryption on; I don't know if boot gets any farther without encryption.
  21. 11 points

    Site Issues

    Hello again, Insanelymac I was contacted by @Allan and @fantomas to see if there is something i could do for the site. So here i am, but i don't have the same time i had back when i started here. As you might or might not know, i'm not the owner of the site but i can administer it. As @Poco mentioned several other times, the work to do here is much and our resources are limited. Administering a site this big is no joke and, as you noticed, requires constant supervision to make sure things don't fall apart. As i work full time, i'm not sure i can provide the attention and time this site needs with my own forces. With this said, i looked at the current issues. The actual issue is that the search is having problems, and it affects backround tasks. With background tasks not running properly, indices are not kept updated and the site became slower I didn't fix the original issue with the search but i adjusted the configuration so that it can produce some results and not block backgound indexing tasks. It will take some time for the operation to complete, but then the site should feel and perform a bit faster If there are other issues that i can resolve in reasonable time and without too much disruption, i can take a peek No promises tho Have a good day
  22. 11 points

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    Three LOUD CHEERS for the hard working OC Devs Vit, Mr Fritz and the whole team to get us this far with Big Sur and for the Supervisors and Admins for putting up with all the garbage we littered the site with on the subject, although we have fallouts and heated discussions along the way, I am sure we are all in agreement THAT we do appreciate what you do for the community
  23. 11 points

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur in VMWare

    To whom it may concern. I updated my guide to install Big Sur by creating your own installation using a virtual machine as installer. (With pictures) So you don't have to use ready-made DMG/DD. If you already have your Catalina working perfectly with OpenCore, it will theoretically work...
  24. 11 points

    SSL Certificate Expired

    I PM'd fubra support early today and they gently replied - They checked and updated things where necessary and it seems that that did the trick... finally. The general forum performances, broken search indexer and other things should also be treating very quickly... hopefully.
  25. 11 points

    [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.4

    @everybody please report.! here is fix file. EFI-FIX.zip
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