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    Dynamic Wallpaper - Moon2

    You're most welcome @Cyberdevs
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    Clover Builder.app

    Latest CB ver 1.2.4. Welcome.
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    Pin Configurator

    Pin Configurator v2.1.7 Released - Updated audio codecs
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    Pin Configurator

    any way to be able to compare 2 or more codecs or merge. like compare my own dump to an existing config maybe with the option to merge them to create a new codec. or maybe just allow 2 instances of your app to run so we can see the differences between them. currently if you click on your app it just focuses on your already opened app not a new instance of it
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    Pin Configurator

    I removed the sorting as I didn't see the benefit of it. I can add it back in the next release if it matters.
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    Pin Configurator

    Hi Bug pinconfig.kext selection only works from Desktop if kext is in a folder it won't allow to select folder for NSOpenPanel set canChooseDirectories to true Also export Pincofig.kext doesn't work , it doesn't overwrite new changes
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    thanks a lot BugsB happy new Year :-)
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    @MaLd0n a from YOU weighs 1k fold - obrigado amigo Do you (or @dimosgmx etc.?) happen to have any idea which files(s) from Sierra might be needed to revive the file window functions? If we manage to figure that one/ these out, we'll again have a full-fledged DU for High Sierra (and hopefully beyond). Also: can you test my built on Mojave?
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    wern apfel


    You can try this until Denicio updates the app. Move Denicios QuickESP app to the Downloads folder and run this script. StartQuickESP.zip
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    Nice.. thanks
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