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    This is what worked for me in Catalina final- - Disable SIP from recovery - Get Hackintool - Unlock it (Bottom left corner) - In Tools tab, run Disable Gatekeeper (Home icon on the bottom) - Run the installer by Cyberdevs
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    I have no problem at all. Just wanted to report my experience. And You are right - setup was done on real Mac, not hackintosh. On real Mac SIP is also no problem at all, can be disabled from recovery. I hoped that Catalina HFS+ would be ok on real Mac, cause of compatibility with older systems and various tools I use, but it seems not to be so, well ok , not a problem. I just wanted to avoid APFS. My hackintosh is happily running on HFS+ High Sierra.
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    I have the same problem on Catalina 10.15.4. Is there any solution?
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    I used both of the original kexts from your original installer on Catalina (AirPortAtheros40.kext and IO80211Family.kext)
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    I used the IO802Family kext included on this app (Atheros Installer for mojave and catalina)
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    Do you added only IO80211Family.kext or also AirpotAtheros40? I had to add both because just loading IO8011Family wasn't doing nothing. I had to add IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirportAtheros40.kext and that made it work. Cheers!
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    JennyDavid El Capitan can be downloaded from this link. https://go.redirectingat.com/?id=803X112722&xcust=41-3629363-11-0000000&sref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.macworld.co.uk%2Fhow-to%2Fmac-software%2Fdownload-old-os-x-3629363%2F&xs=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fupdates-http.cdn-apple.com%2F2019%2Fcert%2F061-41424-20191024-218af9ec-cf50-4516-9011-228c78eda3d2%2FInstallMacOSX.dmg Yosemite is available here. https://go.redirectingat.com/?id=803X112722&xcust=41-3629363-11-0000000&sref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.macworld.co.uk%2Fhow-to%2Fmac-software%2Fdownload-old-os-x-3629363%2F&xs=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fupdates-http.cdn-apple.com%2F2019%2Fcert%2F061-41343-20191023-02465f92-3ab5-4c92-bfe2-b725447a070d%2FInstallMacOSX.dmg How To Download Old Mac OS X & macOS_ Mojave, El Capitan, Sierra, & More - Macworld UK.pdf
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    PCI Info V2020-2-16.zip

    does not work on Catalina, I ban the app
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    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Ok, but now having issues with Clover - memory SLIDE allocation - sometimes not boot, slow to load... no mouse or no high res vid on boot..(in clover)... I guess I have to dig into Clover now and see what is different... V 1503 Clover .. fun!
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    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Got Catalina installed properly with the 2 containers... os & data.... the problem I had was actually a bad USB drive... so was causing corruption of clover... finally tried another USB and all went well... even fixed audio issues....so we have proper Catalina now....thanks for patience and comments.. Dans
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    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Oh I see, two containers, OS and data... ok will try that now that I have this figured out - thanks
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    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Ok.... I didn't realize easyMBR was just for HFS+ ... I will use createinstallmedia for APFS then... I will try that way. Thank you Dans
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    this app is amazing! miles ahead of any other EFI mount tools. cant live without it now. thanks Denicio!
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    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Hi, crazybirdy: Thanks a lot for your great job! macOS Catalina 10.15.3 19D76 test passed on my hackintosh build: i5-6400 + MSI B250M G1 Gamer + Samsumg PM951 256G m.2 SSD ! Intel HD530 Graphic , ALC892 audio, Realtek8111 ethernet works fine, except sleep wake. But there is a bug, the icon of my system volume (testOS) is a folder icon. It takes long time before get into desktop for the first time.
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    It worked perfectly on Atheros AR9280, Catalina 10.15.2. Got some errors when using the app v2, so instead "open" it and copied the kexts from inside to Clover v.5100 "other" folder, and restarted. That´s all. Thanks a lot for making those kexts!
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    I've been running High Sierra (and therefore 10.13.6) on my old Legacy BIOS laptops on HFS partitions with Enoch (r2908 or, more recently, r2922) for several years... You build or update your High Sierra installation with Clover and can boot it with Enoch without issues as long as: 1) you install your add-on kexts from /L/E (or /E/E if you boot without cache with KernelBooter_kexts=Yes -f options) 2) you repair kexts permissions and rebuild your cache (essential point of action)
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    Boot Catalina? Yeah!
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    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Update Enoch-r2922-10.15-v3.
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    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    I can confirm @crazybirdy's method works perfectly to clean install Catalina DP2 into either an HFS+ or apfs target partition, and avoids creating a separate apfs--Data volume. Pictures below are from my tests in a VMware virtual machine... Great work @crazybirdy
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    Find --> 40600200 Replace --> 00000000 AppleAHCIPort This ALPM Patch for AppleAHCIPort.kext works very well also on macOS Catalina beta I can use my internal Ahci Sata Disk. now ...
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    The app crashes again due to invalid code-signing: Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Reason: Namespace CODESIGNING, Code 0x1
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    Not working in macOS Sierra 10.12.6 kxld[com.insanelymac.RealtekRTL8100]: The super class vtable 'vtable for IOEthernetController' for vtable 'vtable for RTL8100' is out of date. Make sure your kext has been built against the correct headers. Link failed (error code 5). Prelink failed for com.insanelymac.RealtekRTL8100; omitting from prelinked kernel.
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    I have had the same reason.
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    gurupal singh

    (1st Gen) Intel HD Graphics Kexts

    I have successfully installed Mavericks 10.9 . I install your given graphics kexts , all works fine but i can't found TRANSLUCENT menu bar option under Desktop/Screensaver preference. Please help me out
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    it didn't work for me for some reason i dont know ! and showing me some localizable strings in AR9565 and here is error made when installing IO80211Family.kext on catalina
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