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    Heeey!!!! Welcome back, Cyber! Many thanks for the test, man! Highly appreciated!
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    I confirm that there is no flashing on my end either.
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    Clover General discussion

    Zenith your 100% correct my path was wrong i dropped my efi into the blank efi folder /Volumes/EFI/EFI/ instead of replacing the one on root of the NVME drive. LOL i guess old dogs can still wet the floors. thanks for your reply.
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    For now you mean. Wait for it!!!!!! clear out your nvram via clover or OC at the very least bud
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    This seems relatively easy to achieve!Like my example, just add an install.icns icon file! switch (Type) { case OcBootWindows: if (StrStr (Name, L"10") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_win10.icns"; } else { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_win.icns"; } break; case OcBootApple: if (Ext == TRUE) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\install.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Cata") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_cata.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Moja") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_moja.icns"; }else { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_mac.icns"; } break; case OcBootAppleRecovery: FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_recovery.icns"; break; case OcBootCustom: if (StrStr (Name, L"Free") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_freebsd.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Linux") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_linux.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Redhat") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_redhat.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Ubuntu") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_ubuntu.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Fedora") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_fedora.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"Shell") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\tool_shell.icns"; } else if (StrStr (Name, L"10") != NULL) { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_win10.icns"; } else { FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_custom.icns"; } break; case OcBootSystem: FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\func_resetnvram.icns"; break; case OcBootUnknown: FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_unknown.icns"; break; default: FilePath = L"EFI\\OC\\Icons\\os_unknown.icns"; break; }
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    You are not reading the changes on this fork thoroughly, you can use custom entry to override the name from system and can set it be hidden as well. I like to keep it as simple as possible. This GUI picker is only an extra, like bios menu to me, I hardly have to see it, since I can switch Oses using just the Hotkeys. It uses the system fonts, so not changeable.
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    If you're having trouble calculating the slide, one workaround is to copy the `AllocFix.efi` file to `EFI/CLOVER/drivers/UEFI`. You could probably set the `slide` to `0` in that case. It's not the ideal, but it might work until you figure it out the correct slide number. You'll find the `AllocFix.efi` file in the project folder: `DellXPS15-9550-OSX/10.15/CLOVER/drivers/UEFI/other`
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    I got my hand full with other stuffs, these are low priority. I am sure the whole GUI boot picker are wrapped up in that one single file pretty simple enough, if someone want to add something useful, feel free to post and I will not ignore suggestion.
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    Yeah man! I think this is it. I think is for real. I could not be happier! This has bothered me since forever!!! And now it looks like it's finally fixed. What OS version are you currently on? You could try the Beta on a separate partition, if you want. But yeah... I cannot believe it! @unixb0y I think you might wanna give it a try, man. This is awesome.
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    macOS Catalina (10.15) versões beta

    olá beta 1 de 10.15.4 bom hack
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