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    Different sensors projects

    FakeSMC with sensors is different from VirtualSMC with sensors. They provide different info for system. It is not my affair why VirtualSMC shows nothing.
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    Thanks, gonna test for some time.
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    OpenCore Discussion

    If do not enable the CPU Emulate or Patch _xcpm_bootstrap © Pike R. Alpha, the system will not boot. Сan enable PMDrvr.text instead. How right? Архив.zip
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    OpenCore Discussion

    C3060300 for Haswell D4060300 for Broadwell Found on the Internet
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    Hello and great work getting all stuff together, but I need some help. Me SLEEP is not working - dark screen - after a minute PC shuts down and at awake it crashes to restart and apple error about your device was improperly rebooted or something like that. Any idea where is an issue? I followed your BIOS settings and proper EFI, but I haven't unlocked CFG/MSR bios. Do I need to unlock and how does it helps anyway? Here is my settings: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master (BIOS F10) - i7 9700K - 32Go RAM 4100Mhz Team Catalina - PCI1-GTX780 - 970 EVO Plus NVMW 256Gb Win10 - PCI2-2080Ti Strix - 970 Evo Plus 1tb Custom water-cool loop PG348Q 34'' Display
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    Different sensors projects

    VSMC sensors do not create SMC keys so they arent compatible with other software, voltages must be read from IOReg, not from SMC Keys there is no "standard" software for Mac, and there is no "standard" software for Hackintosh, each developer uses his own keys some of them are from real Mac, some of them are different PS even FakeSMC plugins by Slice and FakeSMC by Kozlek use partially incompatible keys
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    Nvidia 9800GT HDMI El Capitan

    Inject Nvidia must be enabled
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    @bdv Nice! I'm so glad to hear this. To be honest, I never expected this thread to have such a big impact on users. I thought it would be buried under other threads, few weeks after launch. I'm really happy to see people still finding it useful and being able to fix this annoying issue using this thread.
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    I have done multiple exercises on Multiple SMBIOS's and EFIs for our builds as I had a Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB and I just bought a Radeon Vega 56 two days ago. To save you all some time (and keep @AudioGod from having to answer multiple times about DRMGate) I am posting the report: The Verdict for macOS Catalina (10.15.2) with latest Lilu (1.4.1) + WhateverGreen (1.3.6 - latest commit 79398ee) pulled from the master branch is: Polaris Cards (e.g. Radeon RX580): The only thing you can get is Apple TV(+). Netflix and Prime Video as well as other DRM protected content does not work on Safari. You can try other browsers like Chrome or Firefox where you will be able to watch, but the resolution is not Full HD. To get Apple TV(+) you need SMBIOS iMac19,1 (@AudioGod's latest RX Polaris EFI is perfect) and instead of shikigva=80 use: shikigva=32 shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 You will have Apple TV(+) working and NO CRASHES when trying to play DRM content on Safari. It will just not play, it won't crash. Navi & Vega Cards (e.g. RX 5700XT, Vega 56, Vega 64): There are two different routes you can go: Use SMBIOS iMac19,1 (the latest and greatest by @AudioGod is perfect) and leave shikigva=80 boot argument as is. This way you'll have Apple TV(+) AND Netflix on Safari. Amazon Prime does not work (the webpage reloads on a loop saying there was a problem) nor other DRM test streams (e.g. the BitMovin) which is a bummer but WEG development is in a good way and I think our patience and the developer's hard work will give fruits sooner or later. Use SMBIOS iMacPro1,1 (the last iMacPro1,1 EFI by @AudioGod is perfect even if it is not using ocQuirks but you can also get @AudioGod's latest iMac19,1 EFI and change the SMBIOS information and remove the shikigva boot flags using Clover Configurator) and disable your iGPU. You will have Apple TV(+), Netflix and Amazon Prime Video working on Safari in HD, but: SMBIOS iMacPro1,1 is not the Perfect match for our hardware and Power Management is not close to Coffee Lake CPU as the iMacPro1,1 is packing a XEON You lose SideCar (which might not be that big of a deal, but it is noteworthy) Other DRM test streams still not work (e.g. BitMovin Demo or EzDRM) which means it is not as perfect as it seems.
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