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    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Here is a first development build of version 2.3.0d5 which is now based on Realtek's Linux driver version 8.047.04. As I rewrote a lot of code there are several things to test: Support for new family members including the Killer E2600 (yes, it's based on Realtek silicon now). Link change detection and sleep/wake have been rewritten from scratch. Requires Mojave but should also work under Sierra or High Sierra, provided you build from source. When giving feedback, in particular in case of a bug report, please include kernel logs as it's very important for me to know which chip version you are using (not the brand name because this is marketing stuff and useless for me). Also keep in mind that this is a development build. Although I haven't got any kernel panics during my tests, you should be prepared to recover from a kernel panic before installing this driver. Use log show --predicate "processID == 0" --debug | grep Realtek to collect the kernel logs including everything I might need. Good luck testing! Mieze RealtekRTL8111-V2.3.0d5.kext.zip
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    OpenCore Discussion

    it's not really good to have AppleacpiEC and AppleBusPowerController in in the same device and when we can its better to disable AppleAcpiEC Rename EC0 to EC does this in many cases Device EC |- AppleACPIEC |- AppleBusPowerController https://github.com/acidanthera/OpenCorePkg/blob/master/Docs/AcpiSamples/SSDT-EC.dsl
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    Clover General discussion

    Caused by update to Ukrainian translation name commit r5038. Fixed by renaming /CloverPackage/package/po/uk_UA.po to shorter form - either uk.po (like before the commit) or ua.po
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    Here's a tool that makes it easy to change the Apple Update branch (Developer Seed, Customer Seed, Public Seed). In addition, you have the opportunity to download a macOS installer application directly from the Apple server. Access to the App Store or an AppleID is therefore not necessary. A sparseimage is created in which the install application is generated. Furthermore, it is possible to create a USB installer with it. And before the question comes up: Is such a download legal? Why not? It is directly from the Apple server. For everyone publicly available. The idea for the tool has emerged from this: https://github.com/maxschlapfer/MacAdminHelpers/tree/master/AppStoreExtract Since the Apple servers are sometimes stingy with the bandwidth per download, I have a program integrated (aria2) which allows several parallel downloads (more than 5 allow Apple's server, however, not) per file. Therefore, only 5 are preset. But 20MB/sec should be possible at any time. And now have fun with the little helper. It is still in early beta. So suggestions and criticism are welcome. PS: I still need someone with good design skills to give the tool the right program icon. Unfortunately I have more left hands in the field. If you are interested in creating, you are welcome to contact me. The one will then also be mentioned in the credits (if desired). You can get it here: https://bitbucket.org/profdrluigi/treeswitcher/downloads/
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    vector sigma

    Clover General discussion

    We should understand firstly what is in use by the user, infact there's a uk (Ukrainian) and uk_UA (Ukrainian from Ukraine). http://www.lingoes.net/en/translator/langcode.htm one of the two probably make the package show up in english if doesn't match the current OS language identifier EDIT taking both uk and uk_UA for the moment
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    Could you take a look at Build_clover that I use? Build_Clover.command
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    I think you don't understand the purpose of AptioMemoryFix and what this driver do. It just fixes memory map in your motherboard firmware. If it works for your mobo now it will work on this mobo forever. Unless AMI changes something in new firmware and you'll update it. So use it as long as you want. And be aware of BIOS updating. As the old Russian proverb states: "If it works - don't touch it"
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    AptioMemoryFix is now deprecated. For Clover users there is latest release R27. FwRuntimeServices.efi is only for OpenCore. It will not work with Clover.
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    Not that I want to put down your efforts but, by far and large, this is inappropriate for most people and inapplicable to most laptops... It's a non-standard and very specific installation for your own laptop (for which you've not detailed any hardware specifications, we just see that it's an older Ivy Bridge platform) and, to top it all, your setup is incomplete/incorrect (eg: CPU power management, Clover config, etc.). There's been a standard method to make up a USB Installer for some time (using the Apple's "createinstallmedia" line command), including Clover installation and that method is a lot more different that what you've chosen to follow and post without much in terms of explanations. By that, I mean the non-standard things you did such as: creating a dedicated MBR/FAT32 EFI partition for Clover on your USB key for the onset (not required/mandatory) creating an MBR-specific USB installer using a specific scripting tool, the origin of which you've not even specified setting nVidia to VESA (not applicable on any laptop unless it has an nVidia GPU and even then...) installing Catalina on an HFS+ formatted SSD (when standard macOS installation since High Sierra formats target disk APFS) script of some sort to retrieve private user data single-user boot to complete installation etc. Most people will follow the well-known standard method, rightly so. You'd be well advised to rename that thread to "how to install macOS Catalina on XYZ laptop (make & model) with an MBR-partitioned USB key on an HFS+ disk" because it's everything but generic/standard and for any given laptop...
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    OpenCore Discussion

    hello , i find one issue related to "About this Mac" -> Memory tab missing... Asus X299 Deluxe II i9-9920X iMacPro 1,1 if PlatformInfo set to "NO", then Memory tab will disappear from "About this Mac". not sure what caused this issue.
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