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    OpenCore Discussion

    vit9696 already invented the logo concept, but I have no right to disclose a detail.
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    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    Some users claim that using VoodooHDA they hear loud bump at system start and sound in system comes with noise. Although this can be repaired with existing drivers I propose a version that do this automatically. It started silently and have very clear output. The file is compiled as 32/64 and works from 10.6 up to 10.12. VoodooHDA.kext-289.zip The sources is in my signature. There is a VoodooHDA,prefPane compatible with Sierra VoodooHDA.prefPane-289.zip Now there is a version 2.9.0 by Zenith432. It can work with multichannel sound and play it on 5.1 analog system. VoodooHDA.kext-2.9.0d8.zip 27.04.2017 d10 - Fix issues involving AudioControls VoodooHDA.kext-2.9.0d10.zip 20.11.2018 Fix issue with scratch on slow CPU VoodooHDA.kext-291SSE.zip 04.05.2019 More checks for memory allocation. More clear sound anyway. VoodooHDA.kext-292.zip IOAudioFamily.kext.zip
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    Hackintool v2.7.6

    Hackintool v2.4.1 Released - Chinese language update Hackintool v2.4.2 Released - Changed Framebuffer Info to Selected / Current Framebuffer Info for easier comparison
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    Mc Jacej

    Hackintool v2.7.6

    thnx headkaze your tool is very useful,,
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    Nuova installazione

    WD mio prossimo acquisto... il 2TB appena cala un po' certo se dovesse risultare incompatibile, puoi restituirlo e cambiarlo con altro, ma mi sento abbastanza tranquillo, ho visto ad esempio che è stato aggiunto tra quelli supportati anche nella mia Z97, quindi pare molto compatibile anche con hardware meno recente
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    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @goodguess did you remove the HD3000 kexts before you tried to update to 10.14.4? -- take at look at the post about this. remove HD 3000 kexts update to 10.14.4 put 10.14.3 frames in place put HD 3000 kexts back in place. as far as a replacement - there seems to be plenty of options. i was really happy with T460 and will buy one for my son soon. @davidian the most recent zip on works with mojave, highsierra and sierra. i use the same Clover ( config and kexts) in the ESP to triple boot all 3 OS.
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    workstation 2x x5650

    Sì, vale la pena. Ne ho già fatte due come quella del Link e vanno benissimo, molto potenti e affidabili.
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    OpenCore Discussion

    Yeah, not even close to a rebranding of clover. Clover is monolithic, and a bunch of old projects (~2011) stitched together and made to work in UEFI. There should be a huge difference in performance in everything. Also, did you notice the part where I said because it is modular the GUI would not be a requirement? Some people want their machine to behave exactly like a mac would which means the ability for a GUI boot selector. EDIT: Also maybe some people just have an easier time with GUIs, it would make sense because why bother having a GUI and not just go back to DOS or UNIX?
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    The flashing is still there even with OpenCore boorloader
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    Is this what you mean? Cause I've got the exact same issue ever since I bought the RX 580. Things I've noticed so far: 1. it doesn't always happen. But it does happen A LOT! 2. I'm not sure if it's from the monitor or something else (maybe FreeSync...though it seems unlikely), but it doesn't seem to happen to other people with RX 580! So I'm not sure it's the card either! 3. It's unrelated to WEG and such. update: also, this occurs with HDMI/DVI/DP. This is driving me crazy! IMG_0649.MOV
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