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    OpenCore Discussion

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    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    Yes, this beta4 (18F127a) fixed green screen issue at Firefox in my Z370 & Z87 hackintoshs.
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    OpenCore Discussion

    AptioFixPkg: CleanNvram.efi
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    Hackintool v2.5.3

    Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed in v2.3.9.
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    OpenCore Discussion

    Amazing video! Thank you for your contribution
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    Someone confirmed on a French Hackintosh forum that this beta fixed it.
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    So just so I understand: You have updated your Mobo firmware to f8? You successfully installed Clover UEFI with this board? That's great news if so - gives me hope I can get there. I'll give it another go tomorrow. Thanks for the quick reply
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    OpenCore Discussion

    Take a look at sample ssdt in /doc/AcpiSamples directory, compil SSDT-PLUG.dsl and add it to injection and drop what you want. You can try first without dropping all SSDT this example is just to show you howto use those options. Fred
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    Hi Hifi33 As far as I am aware, new iMac 19,1 SMBIOS requires a special build of macOS Mojave, hence the unsupported macOS error when using SMBIOS 19,1. In meantime, change "Unknown CPU in About My Mac " see my previous guide link below: Update SMBIOS support for 19,1 in Mojave 10.14.5 beta.
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