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    Mojave - Clover e i7-7700K

    Si scusa, intendevo lo sleep Però non è importante per ora, vedo nel weekend di sperimentare un pochino Intanto grazie mille ancora
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    Mojave - Clover e i7-7700K

    Ciao in base alla ultima Clover di Gengik84 ho fatto alcune modifiche come in immagini prova il mio configplist , inserisci il Layout x audio se avvia fai Ioregistryexplorer , sono modifiche a livello funzionale , aggiunto altre varie FIX puoi confrontare tu stesso se apri con Clover Configurator config.plist.zip
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    Ok, well this guide shows that AptioFix2-free2000 (such a bad driver...) and EmuVar work which means you can see if this panic happens still or if it is related to only the prevention of the relocation of runtime code regions.
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    Check if work DSDT.aml.zip
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    Vector Themes

    I couldn’t get the Manjaro icon to appear using the old method as it looks for icons in the images folder and I can see svg themes don’t have an images folder. Usually it’s something like Images\os_manjaro.png Besides setting the theme BGM_SVG are there any other settings needed to activate the day / night option? Or is it default? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    interesting read. are you saying AMD cards work better in OSX? what problems exactly have you had with web drivers? because i've never had. well, until Mojave that's a joke right now lol i've ran benchmarks on native Nvidia cards with OSX drivers and Web drivers - there was no difference in performance. FCPX is optimised for AMD while Nvidia is better for Adobe Premiere AFAIK
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    While this theory does sound interesting, I am afraid it is not correct. UEFI Memory map does include both shims and and other areas, so it is not correct to assume that the virtual address is unmapped, as it is reserved by XNU. The panic literally means that one of the cores stalled within UEFI runtime, and while the rest of the system reached userspace unmapping, the UEFI runtime thread still did not finish its job. Most likely it is infinitely waiting for SMI.
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    have you tried "sudo log erase --all " ?
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    macOS Mojave 10.14.2 Released !

    new toy with new update
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    I don't think so, Mac's don't have VGA ports
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