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    New CUDA ver 410.130 is out! https://us.download.nvidia.com/Mac/cuda_410/cudadriver_410.130_macos.dmg
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    Sisi, nessun problema utilizzo APFS. Grazie di tutto allora
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    Puoi aggiornare.. ricorda però che se adesso usi HFS aggiornando il disco sarà convertito inoltre aggiorna clover e relativi kext all'ultima versione disponibile prima di effettuare l'update
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    Ciao Gengis ho provato come mi hai detto ed ha funzionato Volevo chiederti un'altra piccola cosa: per aggiornare da High Sierra a Mojave come dovrò fare? Posso aggiornare come faccio normalmente da una versione di High Sierra all'altra?
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    The Fv2 drivers are selected as default, even if they are not installed they are still checked to install on the next clover update. This is where the issue is. Maybe clover can be made to detect FV2 and check them or if no FV2 then uncheck them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @fusion71au Thanks i ll try, but 4658 is working with these drivers. [mention=1135927]vit9696[/mention] Yeah, but clover should not add problematic drivers by default The default should be needed things to boot on most pcs, you can always add more drivers if you need them... Anyway we will know when i try again
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    Amazing work man, this is definitely a revolution, well done! I just installed it and it works like a charm! Feels absolutely native!ely going to keep it! --- EDIT AFTER 1 DAY OF USE -- It still have issues with palm detection, but works flawlessly for the rest. I'm definit
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    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Hey @telepati, I don't know if you already told this, or if someone already asked you, but...do you have the last UEFI/BIOS version?
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    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I suppose there are some options: 1.) Sell the drive and get a SATA type NVME SSD to replace it. (Your EVO is PCI-e type) This way you will not have the issue nagging at you. 2.) If you have an empty PCIe slot, get an adapter and go that route. These are not terribly expensive, but you might have to skip buying lunch for a few days. This also frees up your M.2 slot. 3.) Get a new motherboard that has M.2 connectors that are PCI-e based instead of SATA based. 4.) Shrug and just live with it as is, and do not let it bother you late at night. I am trying not to dump salt into a wound, but this is the score I get using the test suite Pavo is using on a Gigabyte Z370 series motherboard with i5 cpu and pci-e based M.2 connectors: edit: p.s. For what it is worth, I read somewhere that if your motherboard's temperature sensors are not acting right and are reading hot, the mother board will throttle the NVME drives to keep the temperature cooler. I do not know how to replace those very easily if they are malfunctioning.
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    post installazione Asus

    Confermo di tutte le modifiche suggerite non funziona nessuna è il boot è sempre fermo allo stesso punto della verbose Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
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