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    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Update to (18A384a). just reinstalled patched sound kext
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    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Backlight display slider works native? I was a little bit annoyed when I installed Mojave Beta 1 on my laptop and the brightness slider function broke. And I decided to troubleshoot by first blocking the backlightinjector kext and its clover patch on Beta 10. Lo and behold, the brightness slider works! NATIVE! Unbelievable! Edit: Except still require PNLF ssdt for slider to appear. Stoked nonetheless.. Edit2: Work in High Sierra 10.13.6 without kext and clover patch as well
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    @Shaneee @Gigamaxx AMD.10.13.3.Kernel[1.1.0]0809 CINEBENCH_R15 + Geekbench 4.2.3 sysctl -a sysctl -a 0809
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    This is a nice guide. Thank you very much.
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    New version macOS 10.13-10.14 compatibility 10.13 and up.zip
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    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    My brain must look like a swiss cheese… I totally forgot that I need to use your script because of your Mojave MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch 10.14.x, which I used (GUID HFS+ Journaled mode)! Terribly sorry for the confusion and noise my mistake produced here. Everything went smoothly from then on. Your updater script says 2577M size for the macOSUpdCombo10.14.pkg, Finder says 2,7 GB. I managed to archive the macOSUpdCombo10.14.pkg from /tmp. Quick question about that: Could I now reinstall this appearantly yet unpatched macOSUpdCombo10.14.pkg with Installer.app without breaking anything? Sadly 18A384a still does not fix my Exposé/Mission Control. I've reported that to Apple first in 10.13.3 (or was it 10.13.1 already?). Other than that, Mojave runs really nice over here. Edit 1: Ahhh, I did not know this, thanks for clarifying! I'm excited to see what Apple will decide to happen with the first official combo update (Edit 2: Or rather all of the release combo updates instead of just the first one… /Edit 2). Will it works on HFS+ Journaled without patching anything? I do hope so.
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    2018.0821 AMD ThreadRipper 2990WX is hackintosh succes Thanks @Shaneee, Bronya~
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    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Messages works because of working nvram, not FakeSMC or VirtualSMC.
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    Finally some updates, i am working on tinu 2.1 and on my new app EFI Partition Mounter (which is the new efi partition mounter sub tool i am introducing in tinu 2.1, but as a standalone tool) and starting from today it has been 1 year since i started working on TINU, in fact the first code file i have made, the InfoviewController.swift file is dated august 24th 2017, so to celebrate that i have an announcement, i have finally managed to use system apis to do the authentication for tinu and for my new tool as well, i found a way to implement this easily by using apple script, but the problem now is that there is some code to re-work and also it may require to ask the password different times during the install media creation process, if you know any way to keep the authentication with multiple apple scripts let me know. and also for the clover part i have collected all the info i need to write the code and make it to work, inluding automatic download of the latest version of the clover installer, which is then used to install clover automatically by the app, using the settings choosen by the user to install clover. But TINU 2.1 is almost ready and it's a whole reorganizement of the clode, making it more simple, efficient and modular, (this allowed me to pull out just what i need to make the EFI partition mounter available also as a standalone tool), and tinu also recived a lot of improvements and bug fixes too, including some UI modifications to improve the usability of the app. That's all for now, just a post to update you and celebrate 1 year of tinu development.
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    Intel WIFI Driver

    Hi guys, I've been working on this topic for quite a while. Currently I have 2 projects related to this: 1. https://github.com/rpeshkov/IntelWifi - Main repo with code, ported from Linux. Current state is that it's able to initialize device, upload microcode into it and do basic setup. Currently it works only with DVM cards (old one) and able to display beacon frames of nearby WiFi networks in console. 2. https://github.com/rpeshkov/black80211 - Repo for reverse-engineering 80211 stack of MacOS. Currently I'm working on a third project that should help me with those 2 above - I'm implementing KDP support in Mieze's kext for Realtek ethernet. Recently I've received MacBook from one guy that decided to help with the project and implementing KDP is vital for the project because without it I'm not able to do kernel debugging. Everyone who wants to join the project - feel free to drop me a message. I will provide you with all the necessary information.
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