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    OpenCore Development

    OpenCorePkg / Documentation / Configuration Template / Bugtracker Discussion and installation should be done in a separate thread! This thread is for development only! Current status as of April 2019: Support for UEFI and DuetPkg (legacy) booting APFS and HFS+ compatibility ACPI patcher (adding, dropping, binary patching, relocation) Apple-compatible bless implementation DeviceProperties injection DataHub and SMBIOS generation Symbolic kext and kernel patcher Direct kext injection/patching/blocking within prelinkedkernel Installation/Recovery/FileVault 2 support Configuration in config.plist with open documentation Simple boot picker for quick launch Direct boot from dmg images Known defects (for 02.05.2019): Custom memory configuration is unsupported, and provided as is. Full secure boot compatibility is in progress. Hibernation support is missing. For those, who are not familiar with the history, OpenCore is a project initially born in HermitCrabs Lab that unfortunately almost died before its birth. This release is both a rebirth and a complete rewrite of OpenCore, which brings a number of new ideas, and tries to preserve the smart moves incorporated by iNDi and his team. Other than that, I wish to express my deepest words of gratitude to Acidanthera and WWHC members: your participation was and remains the key for project success, and you are simply the best.
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    Clover Change Explanations

    Rev 4719 Added prelang kbd option if want to keep language when updating macOS with native NVRAM. - This is the key to fixing macOS language problems when using native NVRAM. - This is macOS bug for long time ago. - When using only AptioMemoryFix or OsxAptioFixV3 without emuvariableuefi.efi - When using a language other than English - can fix issues blow if use this key. <key>GUI</key> <dict> <key>KbdPrevLang</key> <true/> <key>Language</key> <string>ru:0</string> <----- you want language </dict> 1. mixed language in restart popup after updating macOS. 2. always keep english when updating macOS in recovery despite to user already use other language in macOS.
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    APFS support is coming!

    Hi guys, I was really frustrated when Mojave got released, since the installer did not let us the possibility to control the APFS conversion... ...so I started to google around and found out that: 1. Apple finally released some kind of high-level APFS specification for read-only access (https://developer.apple.com/go/?id=apfs-file-format-spec) 2. An APFS driver for FUSE was already available on github (https://github.com/sgan81/apfs-fuse) Using both, I was able to write a pre-alpha-unstable-whatever APFS driver that is: - able to parse the first non-encrypted volume of an APFS container - supports ASCII path lookup Basically, a driver that is able to boot (at the moment) macOS High Sierra installed inside an AFPS container. I still need to clean my code, but I will publish a patch for Enoch pretty soon.... Stay tuned! M.
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    Version 2.4


    This is a tool for cleaning the NVRAM and Kext Caches and rebuilding the PrelinkedKernel. Please do not post/upload or redistribute this app to other sites or forums.
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    Clover Change Explanations

    Rev 4540 New driver developed by savvas https://github.com/acidanthera/ApfsSupportPkg/ You may exclude private apfs.efi from drivers64UEFI folder and place here the driver ApfsDriverLoader.efi. It performs loading the driver from APFS container by DiskIO protocol. The driver is open source but located not in Clover repository and at link above. It contains macbuild.tool for those who want to compile by himself.
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    Clover Change Explanations

    Rev 4450 A data leak issue was identified in the hibernation code, allowing hibernation encryption key to be passed to the system through RTC and preserved till the next hibernation without a subsequent erase. More details could be found in this message. To workaround this issue a new option enabling RTC memory erase upon waking from hibernation was added: Boot → RtcHibernateAware = YES (BOOLEAN, off by default) This option relies on a poorly documented (or rather undocumented) RTC memory access, and unspecified RTC memory layout, which is implementation-specific. While it is extremely recommended to be turned on if you rely on hibernation, it may not work on your hardware (should be fine on Ivy Bridge and newer at least), and is thus optional and disabled by default. Note, that AppleRTC or FixRTC patches effectively break hibernation by reducing the available RTC memory and avoiding encryption key preservation. You should DISABLE them if you have no issues with BIOS preferences afterwards or use HibernationFixup. However, if RtcHibernateAware does not work for you, enabling AppleRTC patch and using HibernationFixup may be a safer workaround.
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    Clover Change Explanations

    Rev 4847-4852 There is interface in Clover GUI to tune startup sound parameters Computer will play a sound before enter Clover GUI. To do this you have to 1. Use CloverX64.efi revision 4852 or up. 2. Place AudioDxe-64.efi into drivers64 and drivers64UEFI. Playing is possible in both legacy and UEFI modes. AudioDxe.efi is included into Clover project and will be differ from original by Goldfish64 but almost compatible. 3. Place sound.wav and may be sound_night.wav into your theme folder, for example /EFI/CLOVER/theme/Clovy/. The sound must be 16bit, and 44100 or 48000Hz. But I also made conversion on the fly so 8000Hz is also supported. 4. Tune sound output in Clover GUI as on screen above. The settings will be stored in NVRAM and used next restart. With legacy Clover or systems without nvram you have to use EmuVariableUefi.efi and rc.scripts to save nvram.plist. For very new systems like Z370 where nvram is not working in macOS there is a chance that the nvram is working on Clover level and so all will works. SIC! Legacy Clover saved Variables only with Apple guid so why it will not work. After some discussing I may rebuild the system to use AppleBootGuid. In this case the system will not be compatible with the original driver but will work with legacy systems. No more needs in BootChimeCfg and BootChimeDxe while the compatibility still remains.
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    Version 1.0.6


    Get a seed updates for macOS 10.8-10.14 without first having to sign up for Apple programs. (Completely replaces macOS*BetaAccessUtilities.) Enjoy... Feel free to "Rate File"
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    Clover SVG Theme Builder

    Vector themes for Clover are new and currently still under development. Setting out to re-create my BGM theme to vector I realised there was some learning needed in order to create a theme.svg file for Clover to use. As SVG files are text based, I quickly realised that they could be manipulated from the command line and looking at the Clovy theme I decided to break it down in to parts for creating other themes. As a result, I've been working on Clover SVG Theme Builder https://bitbucket.org/blackosx/cloversvgthemebuilder Current Version: 0.3.2 Latest Updates: - Allow just two checkboxes, instead of expecting night icons also. - Include Selection Indicator. - Can now process multiple themes from Themes directory. - Improved logging. Overview The idea is to allow a theme designer to work on individual images and not worry about the required overall file structure which Clover expects. The designer can populate a Theme directory with a settings file and individual .svg files and let the script generate a final theme.svg file for using with Clover. I've created a basic sample theme to help demonstrate the script. https://bitbucket.org/blackosx/cloversvgthemebuilder/downloads/Theme.zip The Theme directory contains Adobe Illustrator and SVG files for each image in the required folder structure for the script. Using this sample theme, the script will generate this theme from the files. The idea is these can be used to build new themes and I'm currently using it to build my BGM_SVG theme. I can imagine far more complicated themes will be generated in the future, but for now I hope this may serve to help kickstart basic vector theme development. Notes: • Clover's SVG theme development is still underway and things are likely to change so this script and it's supporting template file will need to change with Clover. • I've only tested this using SVG files saved from Adobe Illustrator using the following settings, for files from other apps may need added support. • For the script to correctly inject SVG code in to the template, each SVG image must contain a group of elements. • Font files are currently not included in the final theme file but this can be an option. • In time, maybe other templates can be added which have different layouts?? These are early days, so I'll update this post when necessary.
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    Unlocker Next Steps

    So I have now become semi-retired and have more time to go back to looking at the unlocker code. My plans are to start a 3.0 version which includes: Specifically for Workstation 14 and Fusion 10 ESXi support 6.0-6.7 if possible Remove the non-Server check for versions 10.5 (Leopard) & 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Tools download needs to get 2 ISOs depending on the version of macOS running in the guest A simple way to bootstrap a new macOS High Sierra VM directly from Apple software download repos AMD for recent CPUs using CPUID masking techniques (will need volunteers with Ryzen systems) Now this is not going to happen overnight as I am enjoying some freedom after 30+ years in the software industry and I have other projects both IT and non-IT related that will also take my attention. Do you, the great InsanelyMac community, have any suggestions that I can look into for the future?
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