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  3. Hi, the following article has helped to resolve the issue. It is sufficient to patch through Clover bootloader DTGP and FakeLPC. Currently the computer runs with multiplier x6 (2.0GHz) and CPU temperature is 63C,56C,59C,57C Best wishes, osx151212
  4. Hello, I have P5KLP-CM mainboard, the BIOS was modified to support Xeon CPUs, Xeon X3363 CPU has been installed, SMBIOS iMac13,2/iMac10,1, Clover bootloader. The system boots into 'High Sierra' (10.13.6) fine and works ok. I found that CPU multiplier runs at maximum x8.5 (2.83 GHz) all the time and CPUs temperature hit high numbers (81C, 77C, 76C, 73C) for just running OSX and no any applications started. If I boot into BIOS settings and run Hardware monitor then it indicates CPU temperature at around 65C. Is there any remedy to this situation? Thank you, osx151212
  5. Allan

    Hack PRO - i9 9900k

    Vai sim, isso q é maquina
  6. peaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

    track pad and keyboard not working on dell ins pron n5110

    ok well how do i get to IO reg or online doc this is my first mac experience on a real pc
  7. Well, that leaves you the Dell's online/driver's documentation... You may also look for the devices in IOReg. Don't hesitate to post a zipped copy of a saved IORegistryExplorer output. NB: No need to quote every single message you directly reply to.
  8. Guest

    uetente spratico

    salve possiedo un pc Quad Core Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2833 MHz (8.5 x 333) ed una scheda video, aMD Radeon (TM) R9 295 una scheda madre gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G ed 8gb di ram ddr2 cosa ci potrei istallare su? (chiedo scusa se non è la sezione giusta) grazie
  9. peaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

    track pad and keyboard not working on dell ins pron n5110

    um i kinda am on i kinda am on a mac now so i cant go back to windows and check on the machine is there a mac to see the devices on a mac
  10. gengik84

    Controllo su PC Specialist Recoil II

    ma il BT è compatibile?
  11. AleeeX

    Controllo su PC Specialist Recoil II

    Grazie ancora ps:anche il bluetooth è presente nell about this mac ma non è visibile da altri device neanche il contrario non è qualcosa inerente alle USB? a presto...fai pure quando puoi senza impegno io proseguo Alessandro’s MacBook Pro.zip CLOVER.zip HackInfo_Report.zip
  12. Dell's online documentation/driver set, PCI ids shown in Windows Device Manager, etc.
  13. peaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

    track pad and keyboard not working on dell ins pron n5110

    i dont know how do i check
  14. carlo_67

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    Thanks friend and thanks to XLCN great work
  15. loyn007


    Salve a tutti, piacere tutto mio di far parte di questo forum veramente interessante.
  16. carlo_67

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    @Shaneee the instalation in kext/clover or in S/L/E
  17. carlo_67

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    Thanks friend, I try as soon as possible
  18. blackrunnero

    Dual Xeon Gold platform, almost working, help needed

    Than you Rockey12 but I don’t see any word or character in your reply.
  19. gengik84

    Controllo su PC Specialist Recoil II

    ok posta IOReg,hack_info, attuale cartella clover domani cerco di controllare nuovamente
  20. AntarcticP

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    Hi Carlo_67 I'm having exactly the same problem. My USB2 ports are not working, USB3 is. Managed to install 10.14.4 by switching the USB installer from USB2 to USB3 during the boot. But I do have reboot after accepting the Licence agreement. Due to the USB errors that keep scrolling over the screen, I cannot make it to save boot (using -s) to follow these instructions: https://forum.amd-osx.com/viewtopic.php?t=5902 I'm stuck ... no mojave so far ...
  21. AleeeX

    Controllo su PC Specialist Recoil II

    Ciao gengik... Audio finalmente ok Ma per il Trackpad nulla da fare... Ho provato kext di diversi pad senza successo Windows me lo da come HID I2C Sono ad un passo... Un altra cosa... Il boot time si é allungato mostruosamente... Ci penserò poi
  22. jaymac. Is Mac OS X 10.14.5 your only HD into your Z400? Do you experience random boot failures? (stuck at Apple logo and forced restart)
  23. An excellent piece of kit every Tosher should have in his bag of tricks - I could have done with this back in my Snow Leopard days, back then I had more crashes than Ayrton Senna
  24. so recently i made mac OS Mojave work on my dell ins pron n5110 but there's one small problem the track pad and key broad built in dose not work I HAVE TO plug in a USB mouse and keyboard and it sucks please help me ive tried almost everything By the way im using clover to boot up the thing
  25. Allan

    Toshiba p50t b- 112 No FULL QE/CI only 31mb

    This is not reason to flood the Forum. Read and respect the Rules.
  26. headkaze

    Hackintool v2.5.5

    Hackintool 2.5.4 Released - Will now output mounting errors Hackintool 2.5.5 Released - Added ASRock DeskMini 310 system config
  27. Andrey1970

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    You should not add anything except layout-id Device-Properties or boot-arg is better to use, and not to use ACPI.
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