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  2. Thanks, that works a lot better! My speedtest went from 3-5mbps up and down to 130mbps down/180mbps up on 5Ghz. Just noticed in the sys info pane under Network : Wifi : interfaces, the country code shows X0. Not sure if that effects anything, but I think it should be CA for my locale.
  3. GoggoneXCV

    Modifica Config.plist da Windows

    sisi scusa l'ho fatto mentre postavo ahaha tranquillo. Sembra che adesso i glitch non ci siano più grazie, ne approfitto per chiederti se posso aggiornare /come dato che non si avvia dopo il riavvio per installarlo
  4. iCanaro

    Modifica Config.plist da Windows

    si ma a volte vi perdete in un bicchiere d'acqua.. fai l'aggiornamento automatico all'interno di clover configurator e vedrai che dopo avrai macmini8,1 e altri SMBIOS NON usare 19,1 e 19,2 che sono supportati da mojave 10.14.5 che tu ora non hai
  5. use Mount ESP to Mount EFI Mount ESP Mount ESP.zip
  6. How can I mount the EFI partition on my desk? All kexts were installed in /L/E
  7. Remove previous install kext Try to using this kext in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/BCM5722D.kext reboot the laptop and see if the network is connect ? Use DCPIManager to view all device in PCI List /Infos on your machine Post a picture of PCI List like the below pics BCM5722D.kext.zip DPCIManager.zip
  8. @fabiosun, just found the source for the problem of irresponsive Windows and macOS functionality, which was not at all related with populating the 3rd EATX onbaord connector but related with a BIOS feature I changed in parallel. Apparently, with Above 4G enabled, Frist VGA 4G Decode must be set to Auto, as else with Frist VGA 4G Decode set to Above 4G, Windows and macOS behave irresponsive after system boot.
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  10. GoggoneXCV

    Modifica Config.plist da Windows

    Come faccio ad abilitare il WEG? Oppure se mi guidi alla configurazione manuale
  11. Hi guys, yesterday I installed high Sierra 10.13 on my eMachines E730G. I’ve installed Fakepciid for my Broadcomm LAN Card (together with Kext for the card). Unfortunately it’s not working... when I connect cable my laptop it doesn’t recognize connection. I’ve also tried a lot of Kext for my Atheros (ARB597) WiFi card and its not working. I don’t know what can I do more to connect to internet. I use latest version of clover.
  12. hardcorehenry

    Broken Power Management in 10.14.5r2 (Beta)?

    The same smbios a "little bit" different processor ig platform 0x0412000B. I read somewhere on russian forum that with headles framebuffer it is normal constant frequency for IGPU. I'm not 100% sure about it. Mine stuck as you see at 1100 GHz, whether I watch movies or quick sync it looks like this. Things are different when I look at HWMonitor, when no movies or quick sync CPU GFX show "-" when watching movies jumping 0,12-0,18 W. The highest utilization when converting. As for processor high frequencies pretty much simmilar situation, but in my case I observed it from first Betas. Every update IPG looked almost the same, with high freq until final releases which made normal again, I mean when idle 800-1200GHz. So I'm guessing final release of 10.14.5 will bring my processor back to normal. Frequencies thou improved when I reinstalled 10.14.4 and updated to Beta. Hope that helped a bit.
  13. Thanks for this, great information and certainly makes things more understandable.
  14. Try temporary removing the network entries from System Information PCI and see if it persist, Good to know everything else is satisfactory! Will look into this soon.
  15. Hervé

    Asus Rampage IV Formula X79 no usb

    and the ACPI + kexts folders? Clover config had some invalid/inappropriate boot options (like GraphicsEnabler=Yes from Chameleon!) and other incorrect settings (like cpus=1). Try this revised version. config.plist.zip
  16. iCanaro

    Modifica Config.plist da Windows

    devi fare delle prove, lasciando fare tutto a WEG oppure disabilitarlo o toglierlo e testare device/fakeID e ig-platform-id diversi, vedi lista: Gen 8: Coffee Lake (Intel UHD Graphics 630) - S/L/E/AppleIntelCFLGraphicsFramebuffer.kext - Support started with macOS 10.13.6 (17G2112) / 10.14 beta 4 (18A336e) - device-id: 0x3E9B 0x3EA5 0x3E92 0x3E91 - AAPL,ig-platform-id (desktop): 0x3EA50000 (default), 0x3E9B0007 (recommended) - AAPL,ig-platform-id (laptop): 0x3EA50009 (default) ----------------------- Intel UHD Graphics 630 (Coffee Lake processors) Supported since macOS 10.14 CFL framebuffer list: — 0x3E9B0007 (desktop, 3 connectors, no fbmem, 58 MB) — 0x3E920003 (desktop, 0 connectors, no fbmem, 1 MB) — 0x3E910003 (desktop, 0 connectors, no fbmem, 1 MB) — 0x3E980003 (desktop, 0 connectors, no fbmem, 1 MB) Spoiler: CFL connectors Recommended framebuffers: for desktop - 0x3EA50000 (default), 0x3E9B0007 (recommended); for laptop - 0x3EA50009 (default). ------------------------- NB: senza WEG occorre mettere nei boot arguments disablegfxfirmware
  17. @macibsane MB: GB Z370N WIFI (BIOS F10) CPU: i7-8700 GPU: SAPPHIRE RX 580 8GB PULSE RAM: CRUCIAL BALLISTIX SPORT LT (32GB (2x16GB) 2666MHz DDR4) SSD: SANDISK PLUS 240 GB The above hardware is compatible with?: CLOVER_Mojave_Final.zip Edited October 4, 2018 by macinsane Thank you very much.
  18. USB 3.0: https://www.amazon.com/Inateck-Express-Controller-Internal-Connector/dp/B00JFR2H64/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=fl1100&qid=1555849149&s=electronics&sr=1-3#customerReviews This should be natively supported since it uses Fresco Logic FL1100, the same chip used in the trash can Mac Pro. Ethernet: https://www.amazon.com/Ethernet-Realtek-Standard-Brackets-SD-PEX24041/dp/B004M18EEC/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=rtl8111&qid=1555849429&s=electronics&sr=1-2&th=1 You'll need RealtekRTL8111.kext by Mieze, available in the downloads page here at InsanelyMac.
  19. GoggoneXCV

    Modifica Config.plist da Windows

    Provato ma non è cambiato nulla Si esatto, al momento non ho una scheda grafica oltre a quella integrata
  20. Simple... 1st of all PCIe bridge numbering and IOReg addresses all start at 0, not 1. Now, looking at your IOReg info, we can see the following: PCI0 is PCIe root bridge @00:00.0. Since it's the root bridge, it appears as bridge #0. GIGE@1F,6 is directly under PCIe root bridge PCI0, itself a@00:00.0 on the PCIe bus; as such, LAN device shows on the PCIe bridge @00:31:6 (31=1F in hex). RP08@1C,7 is a PCIe bridge @00:28.7 (28=1C in hex) on the PCIe bus; it is listed as bridge #4. Hence the notation 4:4 next to its actual IOReg address. RP08.PXSX@0 is directly under that PCIe bridge #4. IN IOReg, it will register @1C,7 (0x001C0007 exactly) but in PCIe notation, it'll appear as 04:00.0 because it's the 1st device @0 under that PCIe bridge. PEG0@1 is a PCIe bridge @00:01.00 on the PCIe bus; it is listed as bridge #1. Hence the notation 1:1 next to its actual IOReg address. PEG0.GFX0@0 is directly under that PCIe bridge #1. In IOreg, it will register @1 (@0x00010000 exactly) but in the PCIe notation, it'll appear as 01:00.0 because it's the 1st device @0 under that PCIe bridge #4. PEG0.HDAU@1 is directly under that same PCIe bridge #1. In IOReg, it will register @1,1 (0x00010001) but in PCie notation, it'll appear as 01:00.1 because it's the 2nd device @1 under that PCIe bridge #4. and so on for other PCie bridges RP09 and RP17...
  21. While making some final touches to an SMBIOS switch I noticed strange behavior with the CPU clocks. I'm moving from iMac14,2 to 15,1. Build is 4790K (Overclocked 4.6Ghz), Vega 56, 32GB RAM. I'm on the beta release because of a bug in 10.14.4 that doesn't spin down the Vega fans after they spin up under load. 1. Either Intel Power Gadget or power management is broken. According to IPG the clocks almost never fall below the nominal 4 Ghz. At the same time, HWSensors show that the clocks do in fact fall to the idle 800 Mhz clocks. AppleIntelInfo shows that all P- and C-states have been injected and observed by the kext. This leaves two possibilities: IPG is misreading the clocks, or there is in fact something that's artificially keeping the clocks at 4 Ghz while idle. 2. IPG utilization percentage is bugged. A ton. HWSensors also has a bug where clock speeds occasionally peak at 2^31 Hz (2147.48 THz). 3. The headless framebuffer for Intel HD 4600, 0x0b001204, gets the IGPU stuck at full clock. Only by fully enabling IGPU with 0x0300220d is IGPU stepping properly enabled. I don't know if a real iMac15,1, which uses the 0x0b001204 framebuffer natively, shows the same behavior. I'm not very certain about the IGPU since I only recently tried out the headless framebuffer, but I do know for sure that IPG properly read idle clocks in 10.13 with the same config, more or less. I'm wondering whether this is a beta thing or other people have seen the same behavior elsewhere. AppleIntelInfo.log config.plist
  22. BTW.. there is another Boost of approx. 6000 in Skylake-X Geekbench scores either related with 10.14.5 Public Betas or recent modifications within the latest Geekbench software distribution.
  23. deadferro

    Installazione Mojave si blocca a " End RandomSeed"

    Ciao,alla fine il problema era presubimilmente una chiavetta USB del mouse wireless che avevo lasciato inserita e che provocava l'errore all'avvio. Grazie comunque, ho preparato la chiavetta usando [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] senza modificare niente ed è andato.
  24. Maybe some other PCIe slot I did not populate but you did is using PCIe lanes assigned to the two USB 3.1 back panel connectors? I don't think that the two USB 3.1 back panel connectors are using PCH lanes assigned to Slot-2, when using any x4 TB adapter in this latter slot. I would be also surprised if the else quite sophisticated PCIe/PCH lane management of the Sage would have conflicting lanes assigned twice to two respective devices. My problem is now how to get the silver contact plate actually blocking my USB3.1 Type-A connector in its place without removing everything incl. water blocking
  25. millusions

    Hi all. Greetings from Poland...

    czesc i know. the admin on hamac.pl is a total fkn idiot. the forum would be ok if he got run over by a bus. sorry to say so
  26. All 4 back panel USB3.0 are working well for me also..I have no working USB3.1 type a and C if TB card is inserted in slot 2 I have no working motherboard USB3.1 Gen1 type a and C I(left ethernet rj connector placed) Without TB card they are fine...Maybe Titan Ridge card has a better management..I don't know for now thank you for your confirmation
  27. millusions

    Poland / Polish subforum :-)

    ja tez mam hamak. w ogrodzie, spie na nim czasami. pozdrawiam z australii a kogo masz tam zdjecie
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