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  2. with ur rename patches is hard to fix need a full dump
  3. MaLd0n


    use "Screen Resolution" na aba GUI
  4. Ok, then i will try repeat from beginning and now with manually edited CPU data
  5. Today
  6. Hi Hifi33 As far as I am aware, new iMac 19,1 SMBIOS requires a special build of macOS Mojave, hence the unsupported macOS error when using SMBIOS 19,1. In meantime, change "Unknown CPU in About My Mac " see my previous guide link below: Possibly going to be supported in Mojave 10.14.5
  7. dgsga


    Can I propose a new subforum be created for the new OpenCorePkg OpenCore front end being created by vit9696 and others, it is a fantastic piece of work: https://github.com/acidanthera/OpenCorePkg Even at version 0.1 it runs my Mojave 10.14.4 setup very nearly flawlessly. It consists of a 10KB bootstrap BootX64.efi and a 200KB OpenCore.efi OS loader. All configuration is done using a very well documented config.plist
  8. gengik84

    Installazione Bloccata

    mappatura usb se hai difficoltà chiedi pure, e quando hai mappato salva ioreg almeno nel caso lo guardo e ti aiuto
  9. I have been attempting to change this for my i7 9700k, as well, to 19,1 iMac without much luck. The unsupported macOS error. I am a little confused what was meant by use previous EFI in your post. Was that to get past the "unsupported" boot error or was that only to edit the About My Mac section? (The AMM guide worked great. ) I have searched for a solution, and nothing online has been successful for me so far.
  10. Napsi

    Installazione Bloccata

    Certamente, hai qualche guida di riferimento?
  11. gengik84

    Installazione Bloccata

    beh ti capisco..ma basta imparare... tocca a tutti
  12. Napsi

    Installazione Bloccata

    Il problema è che in questi frangent non mi so tanto muovere. Inoltre forse ho un problema di vga perchè ad esempio Netflix dice che non ho i requisiti per i file video.
  13. @yapan4 No, I already know that it is not, but it's giving you the general outline for the way that an CpuPm SSDT is designed, you can easily then change it to be correct. I would prefer that you learned how to do this yourself instead of relying on someone else to do it. Since you should be seeing by this point you must learn a lot to get this to work.
  14. Napsi

    Installazione Bloccata

    Ecco entrambe. HackInfo_Report.zip Antonio’s iMac Pro.ioreg
  15. gengik84

    Installazione Bloccata

    hack_info e ioreg
  16. Ok @hardcorehenry I messed up everything and lost focus. Could you please give it a try again. origin.zip config.plist
  17. I want to go back to ssdPRGen.sh Can we be sure that he is doing his job properly?
  18. Thank's @apianti my bad. It all got messed up. Anyway problem solved. New clean installation macOS 10.14.4 (18E2034) and a new serial.
  19. gengik84

    Installazione Bloccata

    risulta osxaptiofixdrv nella foto allegata ma in EFI non c'è... non è che hai allegato un altra efi?
  20. apianti

    Intermittent panic on wakeup, desperate for help

    Yeah, that's definitely the issue and the solution.
  21. You need to change your serial number now.... I can absolutely read what your serial number is: C02TD4LUMX87, the L may be an E. You need to be more vigilant about censoring unique identifiers. In fact I didn't look but did you post all of your ids in your config.plist? EDIT: Actually, you posted all your ids in your config.plist. You will need to change all of them.
  22. Napsi

    Installazione Bloccata

    Non è cambiato nulla.
  23. Napsi

    Installazione Bloccata

    Ciao a tutti, sto provando ad installare Mojave sul pc in firma, ma si blocca alla seguente schermata. Ecco la EFI
  24. Funny because for the moment I defenetively have the SMBIOS for iMacPro1,1. Earlier today I made a clean install of the new version 18E2034 and afterward I imported my old apps and settings from my second MacPro6,1 disk with help of migration assistant. I will do a new clean install.
  25. iCanaro

    Boot Loader sparito

    devi seguire questa guida e memorizzare il sito... perché al 90% se non si passa noi... qui ti appendi
  26. It's so much going on now so I think I catch the demential to, only 66 years old. Have to check that @apianti I have been using the MacPro6,1 SMBIOS before.
  27. Idk what is going on with config someone else gave you. You had fine config from what I saw, you just needed to fix your SSDT. The one thing I see is that at the bottom it says you have MacPro (i386) vs iMac Pro (x86_64) on the original.... I wonder if there is a problem with the SMBIOS. EDIT: Also you fakeid'd so the IOCPUID is going to be different because of that, it's some value that apple uses to determine features probably. It doesn't appear to correlate with the actual cpuid. EDIT2: Actually that is the address of a class that holds information about the cpu.
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