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    Looks the same in v 2.4.4
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  4. uzmi

    Vista Previa en Mojave

    A buenas horas mangas verdes. Lo siento thebig. Imposible solucionarlo. NoVPAJpeg.kext he leido y creo entender que no es para integrada, sino para dedicada. Mi solución? Acabo de ponerle en este momento una 650Ti (eso si con NoVPAJpeg.kext pero cuidado, tiene que ser el que se corresponda con Lilu) y ahí va tirando. Al menos ahora vista previa no se traba. El resto ya ire viendo si funciona o no.
  5. hardcorehenry

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    Non-metal Radeon-ALIVE confirmed . Hardware acceleration comes from my amazing IGPU
  6. iCanaro

    Mojave su pc in firma

    togli AptiomemoryFix e al suo posto metti questi 2 driver OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000+Emu.zip
  7. maxneko

    All USB ports are unresponsive

    Resolved by reflashing the BIOS and doing a clean installation to a different drive. I guess the more we mess around with a startup partition, the more likely something like this becomes.
  8. Devices -> Arbitrary is mostly cosmetic for PCI content in System Information. So not really necessary, but when populating Arbitrary with a correct Pci Address for specific devices, then System Information will report if driver is installed for those devices and output other info such as Vendor ID and Device ID. If you have same motherboard you should be able to use most of the values. See below, how to update or replace values for different devices. Arbitrary information can also be added into DSDT or SSDT Same as In the image above my Hackintosh has a Broadcom BCM4331 on PciAddr* 04:00.0 so if perhaps using a different WiFi card, you need to determine the Pci Address for any replacement WiFi/Bluetooth device using >> lspci.zip << lspci output example from my Aorus Z390, highlighting some of the devices, notice PciAddr* 04:00.0 is for BCM4331 and you will notice the other familiar Pci addresses found in Arbitrary in config.plist Next, you would just then replace the STRING value type --> "Broadcom BCM4331 Wireless Network Adapter" to match name of your replacement Wifi device, in theory that String value type ( model ) name can be anything. Sometimes adding devices to Arbitrary can cause problems. As an example, I originally placed the Realtek ALC1120 device in Arbitrary and upon reboot the device was seen in PCI information but my sound became disabled. So the workaround solution was to enter that information in Properties as seen below. Properties tab is different, it is a mixture of cosmetic and functional properties. The STRING value type is cosmetic, so that Intel UHD 630 is seen in System Information PCI view. The DATA value type fixes Frame-buffer and HDMI audio and is functional. I'm far from an expert on all this, my knowledge is growing lot of trial and error! Best to read as much as you can, i find you can mine something useful from 99% of the guides even if the guide is for a different system. The Aorus Pro Z390 is the best Hack I have built to date with no nagging issues. Best!
  9. so im trying to install El Capitan on my old laptop but im having mouse issues i tried all the kext and looked online this is TUT i followed https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8645-dell-latitude-d630-with-core2duo-and-nvidia-quadro-nvs-135m-el-capitansierra/ ASUS K50IN T6500
  10. ONCE AGAIN, NO Turing Cards are supported in MacOS. The GTX-1660 IS A Turing Card! [EDIT:] The 10x0 Line ARE Pascal Cards; NOTE - the 1[6]60 IS NOT a 10x0 Card. It is in a class ALL by itself. It was created to serve as a gap between the 10x0 and 20x0 Cards in Price Point, and as a "cheap" Turing Card. It has GREAT capabilities, and is an EXCELLENT Card, BUT in NO WAY was it EVER released as a 10x0 - Pascal Model Card.
  11. C.Frio

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    hi... no success to run on a AMD..black screen..after configure it to an g210 as previous posts.. c.frio
  12. Hey! I am using pretty much the same hardware, and my system is running well except for a few nagging issues (hanging on reboot, color static when bringing my main display back from sleep). I was looking over your config.plist and was hoping you could explain why you fill out all the information in the DEVICES->Arbitrary section. I haven't seen that before and was curious what it does/ if it is necessary. And if I have the same motherboard, can I populate the same values? Thanks for all the thorough work on the guide, these are so useful for not only getting systems up and running but actually understanding how things work underneath the hood.
  13. OK, here is maybe a weird question, with background: I want to build a new computer with more graphics capability (upgrade from GTX 1050 TI OC). Would love to install a GTX 1660 TI but don't know enough yet. I would keep High Sierra as my Mac OS (obviously). Question: Will the nVidia Web Driver 387. which works fine with Mac OS 10.13.6.(Build 17G6030) work with a GTX 1660 TI? It's in the 10xx series numerically but uses a TU116 core. Makes a huge difference on my upcoming build. Thanks for reading!
  14. MaLd0n

    Help! Patch DSDT MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming

  15. I'm really puzzled by your post! Have you read any of the other posts here? Apple and Nvidia are both acting like jerks. There are no Web Drivers for Mojave and no Turing Drivers for any Mac OS. This is widely known by most folks committed to the Mac. Articles have been written about it, Forums have many posts about it, petitions have been submitted concerning the issues. But, the lack of information by either company is deafening in it's non-existence. Lou
  16. thank you my card nvidia gt 610
  17. hardcorehenry

    Fan and hdd keep running during sleep

    I guess the problem lays somewhere in your dsdt, the best option would be to to ask @MaLd0n for help he masters the best dsdt available.
  18. C.Frio

    macOS 10.14 Mojave Betas (DP's)

    ola... para dizer que o Mojave 10.14.5 b2 esta rodando com uma g210..em msi z170 via um hd externo pasando o app do chris1111, mas pode ser feito manualmente..nao sei se funcionaria em outras placas com Tesla, mas.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12CoxybAs3F3qux52wZPQ1JmQ8AhaxwQp/view c.frio
  19. 38nic

    Mojave su pc in firma

    Grazie Icanaro, stasera provo e ti aggiorno... Grazie ancora...gentilissimo.. Nic
  20. check here https://github.com/acidanthera/WhateverGreen/commit/8a8362078da90d4ec70aacd70adf1a853ac1d870
  21. brokenbracelet

    HP Elite 8000...advice?

    The link is not working anymore. Too bad it's not even one month old....
  22. I Have Full and meta display, I can't control display. debug_27160.zip
  23. 38nic

    Mojave su pc in firma

    ...mille grazie, speriamo...preciso pero' che LILU e' presente.... Grazie
  24. iCanaro

    Mojave su pc in firma

    guardando la EFI diciamo che hai fatto meno cappelle di tanti altri... o perlomeno clover e kext sono aggiornati ma ci stanno 2 cose che proprio non vanno bene... SMBIOS hai messo quello di un notebook, l'altra è che non è presente drivers64UEFI poi quando si installa i sensor meglio non metterli... come ti ho scritto prima, a parer mio per installare puoi usare la EFI linkata... intanto aggiusto questa, ma saranno molto simili alla fine
  25. C.Frio

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    hi... the doubt was about the Nvidia and AMD..not specifically on rx460...but I will test and give a feed back... c.frio
  26. hardcorehenry

    Fan and hdd keep running during sleep

    Send screenshot of your folder with kexts in clover. You using whatevergreen so you should uncheck fix display in ACPI section in your config.plist. You have many fixes in config and they repeat in your dsdt. When next boot enter clover options and uncheck fixes you already have in your dsdt. I would also try different value with darkwake boot flag. And finally you could try HibernationFixup.kext.
  27. Ade866

    Fan and hdd keep running during sleep

    hi and thanks for your interest: well I changed smbios in macbook pro 8.2 and I generated a new ssdt but when I put the laptop into sleep now the screen turns off and the fans keep running without stopping I can't even wake him up if not by restarting him. SSDT.aml Andrea’s iMac 2.zip config.plist
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