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  2. headkaze

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Check out Hackintool v2.3.1. Right-click on a PCI device and select "Copy IOReg Path". Launch IORegistryExplorer and select Go->Go to Path... menu option. Paste in the path and click the "Go to Path" button.
  3. artdevjs

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    cool, one of the most frequently used hackintosh app for me. for that! as @telepati already asked above, it would be cool to add release notes to the update alert. since you are already using the Sparkle framework, it's probably not difficult to do. many will be very grateful! also, I'm not sure if this is possible.it would be useful to add a separate button or right click menu on a pci device path for "reveal in IORegistryExplorer/IOJones"
  4. Today
  5. After a reboot after sudden power failure my previously working bluetooth is not available. Wifi works. I have been working of fixing this for the last few days so I have tried a lot of options but am willing to try anything again. Send me.zip
  6. That Guy —>

    macOS Mojave on Lenovo ideapad 110 15ACL

    Hi all, just got a Lenovo ideapad 110. Want to install macOS on it.
  7. chris1111

    Compatible PCIE Ethernet card

    Here a good solution not PCI but USB is ORICO 3-Port HUB with RJ45 10/100/1000 Gigabit Lan work OOB on Mac and Hackintosh and also Bonus 3 USB 3.0 port
  8. Yesterday
  9. iCanaro

    Installazzione Mojave bloccata a 2 minuti rimanenti

    mi pare tutto a posto.. ho aggiunto una patch introdotta di recente... prova, se ancora non risolve aggiungi nei boot arguments slide=128 config.plist.zip se ancora problemi, togli tutti i sensor dalla EFI come pure FakeSMC ed usa questo FakeSMC.kext.zip
  10. Sorry but i don't know what to use hackintool? I suposed that with only put dsdt file in patched directory was enought or you mean to do something else? Hackintool to get full graphics?
  11. tommasoconti98

    Installazzione Mojave bloccata a 2 minuti rimanenti

    Grazie mille....e buona pasqua EFI.zip
  12. Webdrivers atualizados, boot arg corretos?
  13. Allan

    Audio Displayport GTX 1060

    Veja isso: https://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=9788
  14. Do you have update your UEFI/Bios to the last version? If not, do this, and extract your DSDT (F4 in Clover GUI) and run this app: RunMe, and upload the file result here.
  15. @FabioSan, I tried now to also use 3rd EATX connector as you recommended, but my system gets irresponsive after system boot and login under Windows and macOS with such configuration.
  16. iCanaro

    Modifica Config.plist da Windows

    PS: scusami, fai il punto della situazione, stai usando la integrata per mojave... giusto
  17. GoggoneXCV

    Modifica Config.plist da Windows

    ok riavviando mi ha riconosciuto il 2K, ma sfarfalla tutta l'interfaccia, non sono proprio glitch grafici
  18. cwestpha

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    Vega VII is almost solid now, seems to be some issues with the power curve in beta 2. Seems to not ramp the fan gracefully causing stutters when doing a lot of 3D work. For example under Tropico 6 beta [2k res @ max settings] you can run it for a half hour but then need to close it and let things cool down. Less intensive games are fine. So something is off when it comes to fan, voltage, clocks and balancing thermals Luxmark 3.1 /w luxball using Radeon VII only: 49907
  19. I used vanilla hackintosh, https://hackintosh.gitbook.io/-r-hackintosh-vanilla-desktop-guide/ I added your config to my plist, still not working
  20. Also, if you need help with the test kernels for SL / L / ML, you can post on this thread, I'm sure there are people ready to help you with your errors.
  21. With IORegistryExplorer, you need to look at the pci-debug info for the parent device. Values are in decimal. But lspci command will also list each add-on hardware component's own pci-debug info under their own PCI bridge. Usually, built-in components are directly under PCIe root bridge/point 0 and register as such. Add-on cards/components usually a attach to separate PCIe points, hence what may be (erroneously) considered as discrepancies... This is why you would see a wireless card listed in lspci info as attached to 2/0/0 for instance. This would simply be because that would be the 1st device @0 under PCIe point #2 which could be located at anything like, say, XX,YY. Eg: my DW1820 wireless card registers attached to PCIe point 02:00.0 in lspci info and, in IOReg, attached to RP03@1C,2 (which shows pci-debug=0:28:2(2:2)) -> PXSX@0 my RTS525s SD card reader registers attached to PCIe point 01:00.0 in lspci info and, in IOReg, attached to RP01@1C (which shows pci-debug=0:28:0(1:1)) -> PXSX@0
  22. shadowblack3

    Resolução 2500x1600 Monitor LG 29UM69G

    Da a impressão que esta meio achatado.
  23. shadowblack3

    Audio Displayport GTX 1060

    Não, sou meio leigo nisso.
  24. Hi Hervé, I was unaware of IOJones thanks, it's very similar to IORegistry. Is there a way to identify PciAddr* as 04:00.0 but not 4:0:0 when using IORegistryExplorer? Was using lspci as it provides the PciAddr* that can be directly used in Arbitrary. Updated and mentioned _DSM method in guide.
  25. Thanks sir. Now i only need to put this file in Efi/Clover/acpi/patched and restart? Or i have to make some changes in config.plist? I attached my config.list and if you can suggest any idea to make Ati or Intel Hd4600 to get full graphics….i tried with different options (ig platform id with 0x0d220003 and 0a260006 and devices 0x04168086 and with 0x04128086...inject edid, load vios…) but nothing changes….I think that with your DSDT.aml i can´t fix this issue.. If i can fix this full graphics issue i supose this Will be an Optimus notebook because is a 4k laptop and faster. Thanks for your early reply.
  26. Hervé

    Asus Rampage IV Formula X79 no usb

    On a desktop computer such as yours, you should use an iMac SMBIOS or that of MacPro5,1/MacPro6,1, especially as you wish to run Mojave GeForce GTX670 is Kepler and should therefore be supported OOB as long as you either inject nVidia in your Clover config or inject/install kexts such as Lilu + WEG. A USB Keyboard and mouse will not require any specific kexts but, in order to obtain all USB ports working, add the EHCx to EH0x device renaming in Clover (ACPI section) and inject or install Rehabman's USBInjectAll kext.
  27. Good tuto... Property injection is probably far better than Arbitrary since you have next to zero risk of targeting the wrong IOReg address. Re: DSDT/SSDT patches, you forgot to specify this is done through a _DSM method. Not a trivial detail.... To identify devices in IOreg, IORegistryExplorer is a kinda de-facto standard by far and large. But there are several other tools such as good old DPCIManager. IOJones may even still work too.
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