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  2. yes because it was empty, so nothing was there and the zip I've uploaded was my whole EFI folder. I'm already using your config.plist and the ssdt.aml under ACPI/Patched and so far so good no freezes, but as I've stated in my op it was random so I'm not sure if this already fixed my issues
  3. Hervé

    Help with Dell XPS 13 9360

  4. Yes ACPI/patched is under the Clover folder. You had obviously deleted this from the EFI folder you uploaded so I could not see any extracted tables (found in ACPI/origin if extracted through F4 at Clover menu) nor any patched tables you may already use.
  5. arsradu

    Clover General discussion

    Hi guys, Just so you know, downloading GNU gettext via the curl command in buildgettext.sh doesn't seem to work anymore. Probably server issues, probably something else. I only wanted to let you guys know about this issue in case you're encountering it too. Download works fine from their website though. So, as a workaround, I just downloaded the archive manually and placed it inside the src/tools/download folder. Problem solved. :))
  6. I tried to load a small video of the boot process but it is> 10 mb (even compressing it) and it doesn't allow me to do it. What could I do? In the video you can see that after the text output the monitor has a few seconds of signal failure, then the apple logo and the progress bar resume and then the login screen appears
  7. Valtiel

    Help with Dell XPS 13 9360

    So I connect my Dell XPS 13 9360 running Mojave to a monitor and I have my usb devices mouse/keyboard connected via the usb-c hub. My PC doesn't go to sleep. I've tried patching some of the DSDT files and I get this error in attachments. I've tried some of the RehabskillMan laptop fixes but none of them yielded any results. I've also tried editing some of the entries myself with my very limited skill and my PC just hangs at boot. If anyone can help me patch this DSDT I'd appreciate it thank you. origin.zip
  8. Today
  9. replace full efi, reboot, i updated many things. if u have a valid serial, just back old serials in smbios section EFI.zip
  10. Dreamer...

    Insanely HackBeast - Full DSDT patches

    @MaLd0n i removed both and all works natively thank you again for help and patience!
  11. ailitasy

    [SOLVED]El Capitan on AMD 990XA-UD3

    Another important thing to Dafont Showbox FileHippo say is that, in both cases, the installation stuck with USB errors and i've to force shut down holding the button, and this causes RTC resets every time, even if i have RTC Apple patch on S/L/E....
  12. extract files, i'll check --Run_Me RunMe.app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9wmIfGLe3A
  13. Hi Thank you! I know sadly xfx can cause issues but i had this problem since i started using hackintosh with high sierra and with a GTX 970 so that shouldn't be it. I'll try the config plist thank you! Sorry for beeing a n00b... ACPI/patched is in EFI/Clover right? And I just have to copy it there no extra setup needed for it? Sadly for sure i have no CPU power management set up as I have no idea about it...
  14. my computer Main Gigabyte H110M-S2 + CPU Intel core i5 6500 DDR 4 12gb + GTX 1060 DSDT.bin help me make DSDT thanks
  15. It may be possible to mask the CPU to look like Intel. Let me have a look. I did have a topic on this here but I can't find it now. Do you still have the machine with the CPU?
  16. MacPro1,1 is not a supported platform for Mojave; you should opt for a properly supported iMac or MacPro SMBIOS instead. I'm not sure that you have proper CPU power management either. I've generated your CPU-specific SSDT that I would suggest you try out after placing it in ACPI/patched along with the attached revised Clover config. Keep a backup of your current config of course, so that you may recall it easily through Clover options menu if required. ssdt.aml.zip config.plist.zip This being said, XFX cards are known to cause issues in Hackintoshes so it's highly likely that your problems all come from that. Eg: https://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7330 If you can, try another card.
  17. remove it edit it
  18. eSaF

    SSDT GUIDE using HACKINTOOL for USB ports fix

    Thank you - appreciate your input once again
  19. Andrey1970

    OpenCore Discussion

  20. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    boot with oc and run previous command an see..maybe you have a nvram problem with OC have you the same value in both config for Csr-active-config?
  21. obus

    OpenCore Discussion

    No its not solved. When I boot iwith clover and <10000000> in csr-active-config I get this (correct) result: And when I boot with OC with the same value I get this (not correct) result:
  22. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    different command..but if you solved now.It is fine
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