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  2. bcuraboy3

    HDMI Audio ALC290 IntelHD5500

    I managed to get it working today. I did a proper patch with Hackintool, and it's now working as it should, even the sound switches instantly to the HDMI. Thanks for your cooperation anyway.
  3. RichieKotzen

    Quale SSD per il mio Notebook???

    Il crucial su Amazon quello in foto va bene? il socket sembra diverso
  4. gengik84

    Quale SSD per il mio Notebook???

    Ciao... un M2
  5. gengik84

    OpenCore Discussion

    Maybe in the future? for now it is always here iMacdiGengik84:~ $ sw_vers ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.15 BuildVersion: 19A536g iMacdiGengik84:~ $ ls /usr/libexec | grep PlistBuddy PlistBuddy
  6. Sono un pò confuso x questo chiedo a voi,che socket è questo in foto? Quale SSD devo prendere?  Avevo visto questo su Amazon
  7. Today
  8. RichieKotzen

    Quale SSD prendere info socket

    avevo visto questo su Amazon ma l'attacco sembra diverso
  9. Sono un pò confuso x questo chiedo a voi,che socket è questo in foto? Quale SSD devo prendere?
  10. Ok, grazie. Nel forum è presente la guida per Mojave? Anche perché dovrò attendere l'arrivo dell'ssd.
  11. Plex1981

    can't get past initial boot from USB

    Hi. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. I'm pulling my hair out.
  12. Hello Everyone ,, I'd like to share with you my experience with Lenovo ThinkPad P50 ( EFI , and Installation Process with some tips ) Hopefully to be useful for anyone who own Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Before start I want to show you my device specs , and I'm sure 99% this will work too with any P50 have different spec. specially Intel i7 CPUs: - Intel Xeon E-3 1535 v5 ( P530 Intel HD Graphics ) - 32 GB RAM - 256 GB SK Hynix Nvme SSD pc401 hfs256gd9tng-62a0a - for Mac OS ( be careful not all nvme ssd are compatible) - 256 GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD - for Windows - 4K Screen - Nvidia Quadro M2000M 4 GB ( Useless - Disabled ) - Intel WiFi Card ( Should be change to a compatible Broadcom one ) BIOS SETUP : I highly recommend this steps before going to BIOS SETUP according to my experience with this Laptop : *( Update your BIOS Firmware to the latest one using windows ) *( Remove Battery , Open the back cover and unplug the small CMOS BATTERY for about 4~5 minutes and put everything back again ) * ( Remove any SSD HDD Nvme disks , USB , DisplayPort , Dock .. etc during installation, keep only the target Disk ) ------------------------------------------- Now Power your PC and Press F1 to enter the BIOS SETUP - Reset BIOS to its defaults - Adjust Date and Time - Config ----> Network ---> Wake Up on Lan ( AC Only ) Network Stack ( Disabled ) - USB ----> USB UEFI support ( Enabled) - Display ------> Total Graphic Memory (256 MB) Graphic Device ( Hybrid) - RAID -----> Disabled - Security -----> Security Chip Selection ( Discrete TPM ) Secure BOOT ( Disabled ) Intel SGX Control ( Software Control ) - Start Up ------>BOOT Priority order ( USB HDD - Mac OS Disk - Windows - and so on ....... with this order ) UEFI/Legacy ( UEFI Only ) CSM Support ( NO ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** F1 to Enter Bios - F12 for Boot Menu *** Delete the EFI Folder in your Installation USB and replace it with the Attached one **** Generate new serial for SMBIOS MacBook Pro 13.1 ***** If your CPU is XEON then go to Config.plist CPU Section and Add 0x05A5 under Type ( Fix for Unknown CPU ) ****** You can delete boot-args "brcmfx=1 & brcmfx-driver=#a" if you want , I used it in my case with 1820A card to fix wifi issue ****** After you successfully installed OS , now Copy the same EFI Folder to your main EFI Boot Disk Partition ******* Now install all the attached KEXTS to "Library / Extensions" using Hackintool.app or by any method and rebuild cache and repair permissions ******** Check and compare the KEXTS in Library/ Extensions and Delete the repeated ones from Clover / Kexts / Others ( Important don't duplicate the same kexts here and there ) FYI : LiluFriend.kext include ( Lilu , WhatEverGreen, AppleALC , AirportBrcmFixup ) All In One You are Done --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is working : - 4K Intel HD P530 2048 MB - AUDIO - CAMERA - ALL USB 3 PORTS , NO THUNDERBOLTS - Keyboard and TouchPad - Battery indicator - Display Brightness - Sleep - DSDT has been patched , USB Ports modified only to MacBookPro 13.1 See the Screen Shot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Hackintosh , Let me know if you have any issue or difficulties during installation or later , I will try to help you EFI.zip kexts.zip
  13. Just for the sake of adding an information, this is not a hackintosh-related problem, I just gave the mouse a try on a late-2011 iMac running High Sierra and the problem is the same. :-)
  14. si, grazie, ma quello che intendevo è che il suo è un 8100 e il mio un 9100F (serie 9 generazione?!?) al di la della grafica, a livello di processore puro come prestazioni quale sarebbe il meglio? il 9100F è per caso diverso perchè è di nona generazione mentre l'8100 di ottava?!? Ci vuole una scheda madre specifica per la nona generazione di cpu intel o basta avere sempre lo stesso socket e basta anche se la scheda madre è uscita qualche anno prima? Dopo aver risentito il mio amico c'è stato un cambio di programma: non gli servono nè wi-fi nè bluetooth perchè userà cavetto USB per Hotspot con smartphone Android (ci sono problemi con macOS mojave e l'hotspot da cellulare android con illiad?) Ricapitolando Lui ha già: Case ATX SSD 250 GB Serie 860 EVO 2.5' ALIMENTATORE EVGA 500B 500W a cui vorrei aggiungere questa nuova configurazione: Che ne pensate? E' un mac nativo? tutto compatibile senza problemi? Non avrò da fare nessun magheggio con kext od altro, nel senso che legge tutto nativamente? Grazie per la disponibilità e qualsiasi chiarimento mi vorreste dare NOTE: ho paura che il processore che ho scelto sia di NONA GENERAZIONE e quindi NON COMPATIBILE con la SCHEDA MADRE Asrock H270 PRO https://www.tomshw.it/hardware/intel-core-di-nona-generazione-stepping-e-motherboard-non-vanno-daccordo/ Dico bene?!?
  15. Hello, I installed a clean version of Mojave 10.14.6. Two questions : - wifi wasn't working. I found a solution by putting AirportBrcmFixup. Is - BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext - BrcmPatchRAM2.kext - FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext - FakePCIID.kext are still necessary? - when charge is on, and I boot my mac, I have before the login page the "Chime" sound like if I just had plugged in the power. Is it normal? - what should be the right value for "hibernationmode"? Thanks
  16. Cyberdevs

    ati hd7850 gray screen in Mojave 10.14.6

    Yeah modification method can work too but it was used long before Lilu and WEG which there were no other alternative. this is how to modify AMD FrameBuffer (this is an old topic and might not work under Mojave)
  17. Hello I have a ThinkPad T420s (i5, 6GB, 60GB SSD) I'm stuck on "Intalling maOS" I've followed everything up to where you plug the USB to the ThinkPad and boot up. The apple logo displays just fine but just nearing completion, it totally blacks out and stays that way indefinitely. BIOS settings do match, I'm on 1.46 (max it can go), and I've tried everything. No my USB is not 3.0. I'm trying to Install HS. I'm also using the files from August 13 on GitHub.
  18. Quipper

    OpenCore Discussion

    @gengik84 Thank you its working now.
  19. AlGrey

    OpenCore Discussion

    If I want to MatchKernel version 17. and 18. can I do it in a single patch or do I have to duplicate the patch and write 17. for one and 18. for the other ?
  20. Slice

    Can't find AMD 8000 Controller.kext

    Same answer. You don't need to search the kext.
  21. guitar201

    Trouble with igpu in 10.14.2

    Hackintosh post Hi Everyone. I really need some help. My GPU just went out so, I'm replacing my Vega 64 with a 5700 XT and was planning on using my iGPU until the when/if the 5700XT is supported in a mackintosh. I've currently got a GB Z390 M Gaming with an 8700K. 16GB Ram. Running Mojave 10.14.2. Right now everything is working perfectly (except I have to pull my Vega 64 to get the water block looked at - the pump was making weird noises this morning, but is still working at the moment as I use this sparingly). The hack boots. [Intel GPU shows up in system report](https://imgur.com/a/rwhDbSM) but the problem I'm facing is there is no output to it. Does anyone know what I've got going wrong here? I appreciate any help and will make a donation to a charity to celebrate when I get this figured out. I've been working on this on and off all dang day. [I've got my Bios set correctly per multiple posts on reddit/hackintosher/tonyosx.](https://imgur.com/a/IX9kKVK) [EFI Folder](https://pastebin.com/XDMAJ77c) [Config.plist](https://pastebin.com/31QbSPQ3)
  22. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    Seems they replaced PlistBuddy with plutil.
  23. Back in the days I was running Mavericks and Yosemite on a FX 8120 in combination with a XFX Radeon HD 7850 and it wouldn't work without a patched framebuffer because the personalities in the 7000controller kext did not match with my card, thus I would always have a black screen. I need to admit that I don't know how that's done using WhateverGreen but all I did back then was changing the port layout (I can't really remember what I did exactly because it's 5 years ago, but I believe the framebuffer had a hdmi connector on port 1 whereas my card had a DVI connector on that port so I changed that)
  24. jsl2000

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Please try this GPU at 10.14.5 instead of 10.14.6 brcause it's working in Intel CPU hackintosh (you may google by AMD Vega VII hackintosh to find the link for your reference.)
  25. ricoc90

    NEWS FLASH: Apple switching away from Intel

    Wait, what?! They do that?!?! Damn it, I really should start reading EULA's before agreeing ... South Park has teached me nothing!
  26. capitanbelico

    Experimental.Ozmosis bios for a Gigabyte z390 UD

    i have this same board Z390UD, i loocked for this file many days ago. i m ancious to try it, but i will doit maybe next weeked. so, would be better if any other user can advice about.
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