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  2. Allan

    Toshiba p50t b- 112 No FULL QE/CI only 31mb

    This is not reason to flood the Forum. Read and respect the Rules.
  3. headkaze

    Hackintool v2.5.4

    Hackintool 2.5.4 Released - Will now output mounting errors
  4. Andrey1970

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    You should not add anything except layout-id Device-Properties or boot-arg is better to use, and not to use ACPI.
  5. Today
  6. fabiosun

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi No OC related problem..nvidia Pascal does not allow SIP enabled with web drivers installed in my case..Maxwell nvidia card allows SIP enabled thanks @foskvsand @iCanaro for testing in their systems
  7. Ancora1975

    Toshiba p50t b- 112 No FULL QE/CI only 31mb

    Because i didn´t received answer to solve it...
  8. Hervé

    Toshiba p50t b- 112 No FULL QE/CI only 31mb

    Why do you post a 3rd time about this and in the DSDT section on this occasion ?
  9. You're in the wrong thread (Sierra) and there are no nVidia Web Driver for Miojave, so...
  10. Hello, I had that Adobe problem which can't use the CUDA GPU Acceleration which led me to the official Nvidia site where I installed an app that should check my drivers to be up to date. Now the app it's showing they are not, but it doesn't let me to install anything - like the photo I attached. So I found this site where the latest update should work. Only that my mac has been updated too - I'm using Mohave 10.14.5 - and when I try to install the latest driver update from your site it says "Mac OS X version is not compatible". Should I wait for a new update from Mac or a driver update for this Mac version?...
  11. Good morning, I have this laptop 4k Toshiba p50t b 112. The features are as follows: Processor: Haswell 4th generation IntelCore i7-4710HQ IntelTurbo Boost Technology 2.0 clock speed : 2.50 / 3.50 Turbo GHz 3rd level cache : 6 MB Ram: 16,384 (8,192 + 8,192) MB Hard disc: Crucial SSD 512gb/interface : Serial ATA Blu-ray Disc Graphic: (15.6”)/ internal resolution : 3,840 x 2,160 AMD Radeon R9 M265X : 2GB dedicated VRAM /GDDR5 Video RAM and intel HD 4600 1 × external microphone supporting Sleep-and-Music 1 × HDMI-out supporting Ultra HD 4K format and 3D feature 1 × Multi-Card Reader 1 × RJ-45 4 × USB 3.0 (one supporting USB Sleep-and-Charge with Auto mode detection) 1 × integrated HD Web Camera with built-in stereo microphone Wireless: IntelDual Band Wireless-AC 3160/02.11ac, a/b/g/n Wired communication: Gigabit Ethernet LAN /speed : 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T I can not get full QE/CI neither HD 4600 nor R9 M265X i can only get 31 mb (vram 31mb hd 4600) or only 8x pcie (Ati R9M265X). I need one of them. I tried with: Haswell HD4200/HD4400/HD4600: Must inject device-id=0x0412. Config.plist/Devices/FakeID/IntelGFX=0x04128086 and ig-platform-id=0x0a260006 but not works. I tried too with: Change DVMT-Prealloc values without bios (because my bios have no options to change DVMt but not works.. I would be grateful if you could help me. You can find attached the Aida report and other info to help you to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. Aida html report.rar
  12. @Charles375 Try different SMBIOS, maybe iMac 18,3 for High Sierra. I never tested my Aorus Pro Z390 Hackintosh build with macOS High Sierra, so unfortunately I'm not going to be able to advise.
  13. I've put a note on the guide, cheers !
  14. Absolutely!!!! - Apart from the useless builtin wifi on the board for OS X, your Guide is absolutely Golden I couldn't do it without your expertise - Thanks again buddy
  15. ammoune78

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    @MacPeet Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all for macOS versions (S/HS/M), but instead it does for old Mac OS X versions i meant! Here's the screenshot:
  16. iCanaro

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    mmm con il BT intel pure a me in passato andava e non andava... se usi veramente il BT mio consiglio sostituzione con uno nativo, sia PCIe o M2 e non ci pensi più perché secondo me lo scherzetto che và e viene te lo farà ancora e la patch cucù per il BT non esiste... NB: nel caso che non fosse chiaro... la patch è una battuta eh
  17. I already use them, I use the same kexts as yours... May I join you both config.plist (USB2 only and USB3 only)... config USB2 only.plist config USB3 only.plist
  18. wolfmannight

    macOS Mojave 10.14.5 public release now!!

    Download and create full installer of any version of macOS using this script directly from Apple CDN. Latest build on their serves is
  19. CMMChris

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    @PPC If you use Whatevergreen they are indeed not necessary but you don't need Whatevergreen for your Radeon VII. @foskvs They are not useless but necessary to get hardware acceleration for video on AMD cards. In general I prefer to add all graphics renames (HECI / MEI to IMEI, GFX0 to IGPU and PEGP to GFX0 in exactly this order) regardless if IGPU is active or not. Doesn't hurt and makes things a little easier if for whatever reason I have to enable IGPU one day. In addition, I already did see boards where GFX0 isn't removed from DSDT if IGPU is disabled. This could potentially cause issues if you only rename PEGP to GFX0 since you then have two GFX0 devices.
  20. AFAIK HDMI is not hot plug interface.
  21. Hervé

    Replacing board serial with my real Mac Pro 5,1's?

    You can but, personally speaking, I've never ever needed to do so; things have always worked OOB with numbers generated from Clover Configurator app: 1) SMBIOS tab: Board serial number + SMUUID number 2) System Parameters: Custom UUID number 3) RT Variables: ROM number (using MacAddr0) from SMBIOS 4) RT Variables: Copy generated MLB number and paste it in MLB field
  22. I'm sure I remember reading something about having to disable bluetooth on HS14 on the Gigabyte Z390 boards with Intel CNVi . So on your Aorus Pro Z390 WiFi did you include HS14 inside your SSDT-UIAC.aml ? It's the Pro version that I bought, mainly because the intel wifi was unsupported in macOS. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will update guide so other's are aware. Should not impede any other function.
  23. eSaF

    Clover for Windows NVMe

    Definitely kudos to all the Clover developers
  24. Just figured out why I couldn't toggle Bluetooth off/on, the Builtin wifi version of this board is useless for OS X you're better off buying just the Pro version without wifi. I had to add this line uia_exclude=HS14 in Clover Configurator under Boot Arguments and it solved the problem. I will have to investigate if by adding that if it impedes any other function - Your thoughts please @ glasgood.
  25. gengik84

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    le acpi le avevo già postate? perché non le trovo, quindi in caso nella gui di clover premi F4,aspetta 30 secondi e poi avvia allega la cartella origin
  26. gengik84

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    capisco ma sei fortunato... perchè di fatto wifi e BT intel non sono compatibili
  27. fantomas1

    Introduce yourself.

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