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  2. Slice

    Clover General discussion

    Sorry, still no. This moment Clover is not able to start BigSur recovery. @all Switching from Clover 5119 to 5127 requires inspecting your KextToPatch list. Kext name must be full as I show It can't be just AMDSupport because kext's patches now made by OC which is not able to drive short name vs old Clover.
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  4. mophugwdbhuo


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  5. I have been able to install Big Sur and make everything work but the wifi/Bluetooth. But now I need to change the output of the sound otherwise I have to plug in one port for Windows and another for Mac OS. Sound works on both OSes but in different output ports. I believe it would be easier to change in Big Sur than Windows. Below is the port in red I need to move my sound output to in macOS. Any ideas on how to move to that port? TIA.
  6. V2020.12.05 1. Revised some Chinese translations 2. Improve the fault tolerance mechanism of the program
  7. ameenjuz

    Clover General discussion

    i don't get and appear Recovery partition from boot menu in big sur 11.0.1 anyone tell me m i something missing in config clover version Release v5.1 r5127 config.plist
  8. AlfredoM

    OpenCore Discussion

    No Schema how can I make the error messages "No Schema" .... always visible? These (there are probably about 6 messages) go away within 1 second and then the boot menu comes up, so that I can't read where the individual errors for "No Schema" are. Is there an option when booting with Open Core 0.6.3? Thanks for tips.
  9. YES you need a GPT. Partition. but what I have found happen more than once. is that windows installer sees the EFIpartion on the Mac drive. and will not create. its own Efi partition. so you don't see the window drive because noe EFI partition
  10. WhenMusicAttacks

    How to improve Mac Performance

  11. I have a weird problem on ALC255 on a Dell 7352 Broadwell- the sound would load with Clover 4920 with Mojave but won't load with the new V5127 and OpenCore 0.6.4. Everything else works great except the sound, used all available layout-ids and it wouldn't load. Did anyone hear about this problem? I got Clover 5127 loaded with most of my Laptops: Skylake and Kabylake, Broadwell loaded today except this Audio problem. This Dell laptop has bios locked which I can't turn off the Virtualization, USB Emulation and PowerShare. Cheers, Louis
  12. Yesterday
  13. I was finally able to install Windows 10 on my Nvme drive, the problem was that the installer created using the balenaEtcher was no good, I used Rufus to create a new USB installer for Windows and set the partition on Rufus to GPT and was able to install Windows 10, now I have dual boot.
  14. kasprowy

    Descargar y probar....

    Ya lo solucione.. se cambia el disco de aranque en el OSX directamente.. Saludos ;-)
  15. chris1111

    Clover General discussion

    Great to ear that Old laptop not dead with Powerfull Clover OC Integration
  16. PG7

    Clover General discussion

    HP DV6 2140ef intel i5 M430 Nvidia GeForce GT 320M (only graphics on this laptop) atheros ar9285 IDT 92HD75BX (AppleHDA made by @Mirone) CLOVER r5127 with Quirks - I was having trouble updating the Clover since r5116 because if you update and use the config.plist of the higher versions, you enter the system but have a dark screen !!! if you use the r5116 version config.plist you could use up to r5119 and it worked ... but I wanted to pass the new version and I had this problem - so yesterday with @Chris1111 to whom I say THANK YOU he had activated with the GT210 and I asked to be able to check his EFI and found my error! * I even the version that works and even with the steps I indicated before I did NOT use Quirks as everyone knows it did not yet exist in Clover inside the BIOS folder because my bios does NOT support UEFI! - so I used OpenRuntime.efi that was in the UEFI folder and tried to activate it there I already had a signal after doing NVRAM RESET several times (because HP are quite boring to download) I managed to get to the system with 100% full QE / CI - I took advantage and upgraded from Catalina 10.15.5 to 10.15.7 and activated it using the ke11 (PKG Video Legacy) version of Chris1111 which I have been using for a long time due to the ease of complete installation! - I had already apprehended this problem to Jieff, where I now thank him also for everything he has done without forgetting all the others who work together to make all this possible - I leave here some prints to be able to admire this already very old laptop but it is still possible to do a little things and even watch videos in 1080p that he manages perfectly! Google traductor!
  17. This is slightly off-topic, but I think that hurdle has already been cleared. I've used Device (USBX) to add USB power properties on old platforms no longer officially supported in IOUSBHostFamily.kext (e.g. to run Catalina on a MacBookPro6,2). It seemed to me to be an easy way to inject the missing power properties. Anything wrong with using USBX in this way?
  18. Anyone who is looking to buy a WiFi/Bluetooth card. I just installed this card and it is amazing. Works OOB, no kexts whatsoever. Great price too.
  19. plsh2me

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @aww A little learning is a dangerous thing ; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring : There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again.
  20. OpenCoe is much better than clover ? There's a lot of talk about opencore that's can update without concern, and is near for a a real Mac, don1t know the differences. I saw I boot on YouTube with OpenCore I didn't like the interface, clover have themes high resolutions...
  21. One really good thing for testing: BootloaderChooser. With this you can easily choose between your bootloaders at boot. (for example if you have OpenCore, Clover, Clover backup, or any other Clover or OpenCore versions). I use this for testing most of the time, if something goes wrong you I just can boot from "CLOVER_BAK/CLOVERX64.efi" for example.
  22. I have backup of my wholy nvme, I really like to use only one system per disk, is much easier to make backups, restore and minimize risks. I got your point and agree, is not a good idea update kext if they have no issues.If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
  23. Foxy Gekkerson

    How to improve Mac Performance

    I wholeheartedly endordse turning off unnecessary startup items. That can be a real drain on resources, especially on low and mid level computers. To get there, open System preferences > Users & Groups > [your account] > Login Items. From there, just remove from the list any items you don't need.
  24. Moorre

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @Mieze Hi! Please, take a look more deep at Medium section because of... it still have problems with detecting 1000/100/10 MBps. The last 2.3.0d7 works perf and then all goes so bad. Though 2.4.0d5 has problems with AppStore and other connections. You have to check not only 1000 MBps but the other speed. PS. I have 100 MBps connection from my router and 1000 from provider. 100 and 10 MBps has to be autodetected; but cannot, so have no connection. 1000 MBps is working OOB (2.3.0)
  25. Which of these patches are replacing AppleXcpmExtraMsrs in OpenCore?
  26. Laptop: Asus UX430UQ i7 7500U (UX3430UQ-GV010T) RAM: 16GB LPDDR4 HDD: 1TB SSD M.2 Graphics: Intel HD 620 & GeForce 940MX Bootloader OC - Big Sur 11.0.1 I have some Problems 1. with sleep - just the screen stays black... 2. the keyboard light doesn´t work some one with this laptop and a solution? Send me Alex-HackBook-Pro-2.fritz.box.zip
  27. tonyx86

    Clover General discussion

    To emulate the behavior of a real Mac. I've usually found that emulating a real Mac is the best way to ensure optimal performance of a hack. My suggestion to add a CLOVER option "DeleteHPET" was only to emulate a real Mac. I didn't think it was unlike many other CLOVER options.
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