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  2. maybe can be helpful for you
  3. skull141209

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi all i completed my build after 3 years happy to join a great community
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  5. Hi janiethemorris, thank you the patch you referred me to does fixed the problem -- now the computer boots just fine. It is a time to update my signature (10.14.5). osx151212
  6. Hi everyone. Have completed my first successful build. Before I start installing software, (or ideally cloning my user library from a clone), I have a question about something I read on Hackintosher. (Hope posting links from them here is ok?? (Please let me know if not.) Anyway I found the post below that says I can replace my board number with one from a legit Mac. "You can also use one off a valid Mac that you own if you wish." I'm wondering a couple things about this... 1. Would this increase the chance of my icloud being flagged? 2. If I replace my hack's board serial and serial number any chance this will increase my chances of some of my software licenses carrying over, or am I SOL in that department? (I own A LOT of software!) Article below, please let me know if outside links aren't ok! https://hackintosher.com/forums/thread/generate-your-own-hackintosh-serial-number-board-serial-number-uuid-mlb-rom-in-clover.306/
  7. DoZe

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Ok ok i try this, stay tuned.
  8. Mtkhan

    New Nvidia Retail Driver Install Solution

    Any solutions for me, please ?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hi janiethemorris, well I have used my USB to SATA adapter, the update went through just fine and the system can boot through USB adapter. But when I try to boot from same HDD connected to SATA port the boot process ends with line across the circle on black background. I have a few patches already applied and it did work for 10.14.3 just a few hours ago before I went with update on USB adapter. Hmm, I will try to apply the patch you refer to and see what will be the outcome. osx151212
  11. IronManJFF

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    The latest SecurityUpdate for 10.13.6 contained some firmware upgrade ... you can adjust Defaults.plist BiosDate and BIOSVersion. Here is the raw data .. (note : I haven't applied the update yet.. i failed to but this is why) Example iMac13,2 <key>BiosDate</key> <string>04/16/2019</string> <key>BiosVersion</key> <string>IM131.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750</string> EFIPayloads: - IM101.88Z.F000.B00.1812191603 - IM111.88Z.F000.B00.1904242336 - IM112.88Z.F000.B00.1904242318 - IM121.88Z.F000.B00.1904162200 - IM131.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750 - IM141.88Z.F000.B00.1904161911 - IM142.88Z.F000.B00.1904161912 - IM143.88Z.F000.B00.1904161911 - IM144.88Z.F000.B00.1904162148 - IM151.88Z.F000.B00.1904162039 - IM161.88Z.F000.B00.1904111401 - IM162.88Z.F000.B00.1904111603 - IM171.88Z.F000.B00.1904111656 - IM181.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - IM183.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MB101.88Z.F000.B00.1904111408 - MB61.88Z.F000.B00.1812191537 - MB71.88Z.F000.B00.1812191523 - MB81.88Z.F000.B00.1904111604 - MB91.88Z.F000.B00.1904111505 - MBA31.88Z.F000.B00.1812191628 - MBA41.88Z.F000.B00.1904162146 - MBA51.88Z.F000.B00.1904161912 - MBA61.88Z.F000.B00.1904162042 - MBA71.88Z.F000.B00.1904111401 - MBP101.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750 - MBP102.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750 - MBP111.88Z.F000.B00.1904162148 - MBP112.88Z.F000.B00.1904162149 - MBP114.88Z.F000.B00.1904181614 - MBP121.88Z.F000.B00.1904111507 - MBP131.88Z.F000.B00.1904111407 - MBP132.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MBP133.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MBP141.88Z.F000.B00.1904111408 - MBP142.88Z.F000.B00.1904111701 - MBP143.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MBP61.88Z.F000.B00.1904242300 - MBP71.88Z.F000.B00.1812191549 - MBP81.88Z.F000.B00.1904162141 - MBP91.88Z.F000.B00.1904162041 - MM41.88Z.F000.B00.1812191509 - MM51.88Z.F000.B00.1904162037 - MM61.88Z.F000.B00.1904161915 - MM71.88Z.F000.B00.1904111917 - MP61.88Z.F000.B00.1904121119
  12. IronManJFF

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    It has always been BiosDate (unless it has changed with the latest update), it matters when validating firmware .. if the value is below the installer will attempt to update your firmware because it thinks you need it in order to install of upgrade your system.
  13. MaLd0n

    [Help] Correct DSDT msi z170 M5.

    --Run_Me RunMe.app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9wmIfGLe3A
  14. blxkspell

    HDD keeps spinning up

    well it doesnt make any difference. I disabled paragon and still the drive spins up every 5-10 min being unmounted
  15. Try one of the High Sierra Ports Limit Patches below: High Sierra 10.13.6: Name*: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI Find* [HEX]: 837D880F 0F83A704 0000 Replace* [HEX]: 837D880F 90909090 9090 Comment: USB 10.13.6+ by PMHeart MatchOS: 10.13.x High Sierra 10.13.5: Name*: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI Find* [HEX]: 837d940f 0f839704 0000 Replace* [HEX]: 837d940f 90909090 9090 Comment: USB 10.13.4+ by PMHeart MatchOS: 10.13.x High Sierra 10.13.4: Name*: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI Find* [HEX]: 837d940f 0f839704 0000 Replace* [HEX]: 837d940f 90909090 9090 Comment: USB 10.13.4+ by PMHeart MatchOS: 10.13.x best!
  16. blackrunnero

    Dual Xeon Gold platform, almost working, help needed

    Also, bare in mind the system drive options if you’re on NVME please check if the drive it’s compatible with macOS mine it’s Samsung 970 EVO and works great BUT I tested with Samsung PM981, unusable on Mojave, partially working on High Sierra with patch I read some forums and seems like the new Samsung EVO Plus series are incompatible I tested also with a Sabrent NVME, doesn’t work Cheers
  17. Sent you message with EFI attached.
  18. chris1111

    HDD keeps spinning up

    Your are using Paragon to Unmount this is the problem because the Drive is use by paragon and all Sh...it stuff.... Dont use paragon to unmount the drive
  19. chris1111

    HDD keeps spinning up

    delete the app use this LoginHook
  20. carlo_67

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    Hi guys trying Mojave 10.14.5 on CPU 8350 with the patch I still have this problem This happened on pre-installed Hdisk and usb created, in 10.14.2 I solved (not having the patch) with one of the Prelinkedkernel, but now using the patch
  21. blxkspell

    HDD keeps spinning up

    Thanks for the detailed explanation but this unfortunately doesnt help me out... The paragon software already unmounts my drives after login. In fact some random apps still try to access them randomly even they are unmounted and dont show up in finder.
  22. Hello guys, I'm reading this thread the beginning to find a way to make work both USB 2 and USB 3 on my hackintosh. I have exactly the same equipment than glasgood, but I'm trying to setup Sierra on it, for compatibility on some softwares. Anyway, my problem is: Only USB2 works when I use this line in Kernel and Kext Patches com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCIPCI -- 83BD74FF FFFF10 -- 83BD74FF FFFF1F If I disable it, only USB3 works. I've seen theres is a conflict with an other line in my config.plist, but I can't find the way to resolve it... I've tried to remove all USB lines and only put USBInjectAll.kext but it's not working. If anybody can give me a new idea or solution? Many thanks !!
  23. yes, my vga card is RX590 sapphire. pciexport.zip config.plist.zip EFI folder : http://www.k-upload.fr/afficher-fichier-2019-05-23-16efed830efi.zip.html
  24. @nelio33 Can you attach your EFI and PCI export plist from Hackintool
  25. broto

    [Help] Correct DSDT msi z170 M5.

    I do not understand much, but if I send EFI the folder is enough?
  26. blackrunnero

    Dual Xeon Gold platform, almost working, help needed

    Hi the translation did not appear, I used G.T. I chose 6142 because of the total price of the build and my available funds. From what I know, you can limit the number of active cores in bios in order to try installing. I tried the TSC adjust kext but I noticed no difference and I’m not using it. But, maybe you’ll need it. Look for an Insanely page called X299 iMac Pro Live the Future (author-KGP) and you will find a section that explains how to create or modify this kext according to you number of total threads(real+virtual). Here’s my EFI for Mojave, maybe will help you. https://mega.nz/#!9V8mwKrD!iKhKs4sXyJmRat5pEKk7b2LSGsBdC_bWHyTATEZn8PU Remember to stay UEFI only in BIOs, VT disabled, all the classic BIoS settings similar to X299 platforms and USE PCIe slot 9 for the GPU I wish you all the best
  27. Unfortunately that didn't work, not to worry I've got a new card arriving tomorrow so I'll see how that goes - Thanks for your input anyway.
  28. gengik84

    Hight Sierra su Gigabyte Z370 K3

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