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  2. btwise

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    Yes, the serrated edges are there anyway, it could be a render problem, N.D.K should do some optimizations!
  3. Earlier this week, I discovered that @Slice has his own thread for the Latitude E6430 here. Since I derived the E6410 sleep solution from an E6430 DSDT from the thread here, Slice's E6430 thread may offer clues, too. For example, Slice has his own fork for the VoodooPS2 kext for ALPS trackpad. For those who want to solve the E6410 brightness slider, I believe that looking at solutions for the E6430 (both E6430 threads) may lead to a brightness slider solution for the E6410.
  4. LAbyOne

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    Well maybe i'm going to make a few more try, anyway it does'nt really matter, was just a test to the ndkbootpicker on OC, but i'll probably return to plain text what's really important is the bootloader working as it should...
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  6. Least artifacting i've seen was from Matgen's icons, not sure why square icons have less jagged edges but i think refind/clover do some smoothing/or maybe it's due to alpha not too sure.
  7. Sorry i don´t know what you mean with add c rap for AMD... Do you think that could be get full qe/ci with AMD R9M265X? This is the non integrated graphic card. I read than only can get full qe/ci with intel hd 4600 Thanks for your early reply. Regards.
  8. LAbyOne

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    Hello there, has anyone found yet a solution to reduce icons artifacts ? tried all possible combinations but still looks ugly... as you can see... the same for my clover boot are something else... any hints?
  9. Hi All, Original High Sierra guide for HP Zxxx works Ok 1:1 to Mojave also, no need for new HP Zxxx Mojave guide. Even I, as a beginner (Newbie) in Hackintosh world, managed to install Mojave to my Z820. And IF you have any model of NVidia graphics card, sorry, High Sierra is the highest for you. Apple dropped NVidia support totally in Mojave & Catalina due NVidias own "bad co-operation & problems". You have to buy AMD graphics card! I have RX580 and it has Native support. Mainly my problems were issued to "I didn't read guide carefully from word to word before doing something" - jumping too fast to things without knowing what I was doing got me troubles (as I was from Windows world, but also knowing Linux helped me). Big Thanks to Bilbo, Antonio, others as they helped me to understand things and kindly corrected me where I had done my errors - learned quite much on the way... Getting PM working was actually easy, just stick with the guide. My problem was related to wrong SW version of that ssdtPRGEN - correct version was the "beta" version (latest). I downloaded the older as I thought that it was more "stable". Haven't try the Catalina yet, I will stick with Mojave as it's more Mature. To Antonio: I did bought the 1TB NVMe SSD. As almost every place is selling this Samsung 970 EVO Plus version (over 220 euros, previous 970 EVO versions not available) and you mentioned that Plus version has some problems with Apple NVMe driver I took the risk and bought something else. After reading many tests and reviews I bought A-data XPG SX8200 Pro with 149 euros. +22 euros for PCIe NVMe adapter with heatsink. It's specs are pretty good and is a good competitor for Samsung with 5 years warrant. I have almost the same speed results as you with your Samsung. Reading gives 2800 and writing 2500. It's Ok for me, at least it beats the SATA SSD with 550/520. Interesting was that I tried it first with windows 10. There it gave almost the maximums related the A-data specs. 3500/3000. So it's not the HP Zxx hardware problem, it related to Apple's own driver. BR -Ragimund
  10. @ajanth97 please follow the solution here, https://github.com/sicreative/VoltageShift/issues/34
  11. btwise

    Customized OpenCore with additional features

    After recompiling, it is much better, but if I set a auxiliary entry in the custom entry, after pressing the space bar, the auxiliary entry is sort by first. If I press the space bar again to automatically hide the entry, the auxiliary entry content will still be displayed under the first icon incorrectly!
  12. If you remove the only parameter that is mandatory and add c rap for AMD, don't expect to reach success!
  13. crusher

    Privacy & Private Messages

    I think because you are not in stuff team.
  14. fryysyd


    @vector sigma Please take a look. My motherboard is MSI B360M BAZOOKA PlUS, Clover boot, VirtualSMC.kext and its sensors. Now the name of the motherboard is correctly identified, but each voltage value is wrong. Use AIDA64 to check the sensor model is Nuvoton NCT6797D-M , What should I do to get the correct voltage value and fans value?
  15. AleksandarVacic

    ACPI patches for Sleep

    Ugh...when I returned to default Energy Saver settings and let the macOS go to sleep, it still hangs. So this is a minor improvement over previous state.
  16. @larabee any ideas about this one?
  17. I am going to keep playing with it, I do think that a Genuine Apple Card would be more consistent. I'm not sure if my card issuers being inconsistent or my wifi, I am tempted to upgrade my ariels to a name brand but not sure what DB to get. This picture tells me there has been a improvement
  18. it didnt work, cursor showup then show some message on verbose too fast switching between them i will share my efi xan you make a look to see if it good( cpu fx 8320- GPU R9 390- motherboard asrock 970 extreme4 -16go ram - ssd 128go - hdd 4to - hdd 2.5 500 go for macos. thanks for your help. *mojave 10.14.6*
  19. hardcorehenry

    OpenCore Discussion

    AAPL,ig-platform-id Data <3E980003> EDIT: Sorry, should be: AAPL,ig-platform-id Data <0300983E>
  20. Tiem

    OpenCore Discussion

    Same plist friend
  21. Derty

    Hackintosh MSI GL62 6QF

    no encuentro para catalina de esta maquina. mirate este EFI Archivo comprimido.zip
  22. Hay, I am starting my b2b store to grow my business presence, So i am looking for some effective b2b woocommerce plugins. I have found few plugin please tell me the actual purpose of these plugins. https://woocommerce.com/products/booking-filters-for-woocommerce/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-wishlist/ https://woocommerce.com/products/quick-order-for-woocommerce/
  23. AleksandarVacic

    OpenCore on ASRock AMD X570 ITX/TB3

    I did figure this out eventually and wrote a two-part blog post that would hopefully help others complete their USB map. https://aplus.rs/2020/usb-mapping-why/ There are two issues remaining with this build: - Thunderbolt 3 support in macOS - sleep does not work (it hangs, GPU fans start spinning and only hard reset helps) First is a big issue, not sure it's even properly solvable. Second is something I would like to resolve, but have no idea how to even figure out what hangs the system so severely.
  24. OK thank you my friend. I will google it. Probably good to just shutdown the computer as of now and read it in bed. It's 4 am here EDIT/UPDATE: WOW! Thank you for saving my hardware. I read about it and how it should not be used. That file is removed and i was able to use just the OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi file instead which booted the computer as well. Hopefully this wont cause any problems.
  25. AleksandarVacic

    ACPI patches for Sleep

    Is this only for Intel chipset or would it work for AMD X570 as well..?
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