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  2. iCanaro

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    mmm con il BT intel pure a me in passato andava e non andava... se usi veramente il BT mio consiglio sostituzione con uno nativo, sia PCIe o M2 e non ci pensi più perché secondo me lo scherzetto che và e viene te lo farà ancora e la patch cucù per il BT non esiste... NB: nel caso che non fosse chiaro... la patch è una battuta eh
  3. I already use them, I use the same kexts as yours... May I join you both config.plist (USB2 only and USB3 only)... config USB2 only.plist config USB3 only.plist
  4. wolfmannight

    macOS Mojave 10.14.5 public release now!!

    Download and create full installer of any version of macOS using this script directly from Apple CDN. Latest build on their serves is
  5. Today
  6. CMMChris

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    @PPC If you use Whatevergreen they are indeed not necessary but you don't need Whatevergreen for your Radeon VII. @foskvs They are not useless but necessary to get hardware acceleration for video on AMD cards. In general I prefer to add all graphics renames (HECI / MEI to IMEI, GFX0 to IGPU and PEGP to GFX0 in exactly this order) regardless if IGPU is active or not. Doesn't hurt and makes things a little easier if for whatever reason I have to enable IGPU one day. In addition, I already did see boards where GFX0 isn't removed from DSDT if IGPU is disabled. This could potentially cause issues if you only rename PEGP to GFX0 since you then have two GFX0 devices.
  7. AFAIK HDMI is not hot plug interface.
  8. Cong ty Co phan Hong Tam Phat tu hao la cong ty dich vu ve sinh cong nghiep voi cac giai phap chuyen nghiep va cao cap. Chung toi mong muon tao ra moi truong song xanh sach, dam bao suc khoe, gop phan tang nang suat lao dong, tang chat luong cuoc song.

    Cong Ty CP Hong Tam Phat

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  9. Hervé

    Replacing board serial with my real Mac Pro 5,1's?

    You can but, personally speaking, I've never ever needed to do so; things have always worked OOB with numbers generated from Clover Configurator app: 1) SMBIOS tab: Board serial number + SMUUID number 2) System Parameters: Custom UUID number 3) RT Variables: ROM number (using MacAddr0) from SMBIOS 4) RT Variables: Copy generated MLB number and paste it in MLB field
  10. I'm sure I remember reading something about having to disable bluetooth on HS14 on the Gigabyte Z390 boards with Intel CNVi . So on your Aorus Pro Z390 WiFi did you include HS14 inside your SSDT-UIAC.aml ? It's the Pro version that I bought, mainly because the intel wifi was unsupported in macOS. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will update guide so other's are aware. Should not impede any other function.
  11. eSaF

    Clover for Windows NVMe

    Definitely kudos to all the Clover developers
  12. Just figured out why I couldn't toggle Bluetooth off/on, the Builtin wifi version of this board is useless for OS X you're better off buying just the Pro version without wifi. I had to add this line uia_exclude=HS14 in Clover Configurator under Boot Arguments and it solved the problem. I will have to investigate if by adding that if it impedes any other function - Your thoughts please @ glasgood.
  13. gengik84

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    le acpi le avevo già postate? perché non le trovo, quindi in caso nella gui di clover premi F4,aspetta 30 secondi e poi avvia allega la cartella origin
  14. gengik84

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    capisco ma sei fortunato... perchè di fatto wifi e BT intel non sono compatibili
  15. fantomas1

    Introduce yourself.

  16. bubbleg5

    Z370 HD3 si blocca durante il boot BIOS F12

    Si esatto! mettila come USB2. Non chiedermi come mai, ma dopo 2gg il bluetooth ha ripreso a funzionare da solo. Cmq ti allego le specifiche. Ho una MB Giga Aorus Gaming 5 Z370 con chip wireless integrato, mi va solo il BT niente wifi ma non è un problema
  17. @Charles375 Try using XHCI-unsupported.kext , use it with USBInjectAll.kext
  18. MacPeet

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    @ammoune78 If the codec in AppleALC worked with Sierra and HS then it should work with Mojave too. Did you try the Inject in the DSDT / HDEF? ... "alc-layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x07, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, ...
  19. maybe can be helpful for you
  20. skull141209

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi all i completed my build after 3 years happy to join a great community
  21. Hi janiethemorris, thank you the patch you referred me to does fixed the problem -- now the computer boots just fine. It is a time to update my signature (10.14.5). osx151212
  22. Hi everyone. Have completed my first successful build. Before I start installing software, (or ideally cloning my user library from a clone), I have a question about something I read on Hackintosher. (Hope posting links from them here is ok?? (Please let me know if not.) Anyway I found the post below that says I can replace my board number with one from a legit Mac. "You can also use one off a valid Mac that you own if you wish." I'm wondering a couple things about this... 1. Would this increase the chance of my icloud being flagged? 2. If I replace my hack's board serial and serial number with my MP's any chance this will increase my chances of some of my software licenses carrying over? Or am I SOL in that department and expect to re-authorize everything? (I own A LOT of software! Authorization takes at least 3 days, often longer o_O) Article below, please let me know if outside links aren't ok! https://hackintosher.com/forums/thread/generate-your-own-hackintosh-serial-number-board-serial-number-uuid-mlb-rom-in-clover.306/
  23. DoZe

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Ok ok i try this, stay tuned.
  24. Mtkhan

    New Nvidia Retail Driver Install Solution

    Any solutions for me, please ?
  25. Yesterday
  26. Hi janiethemorris, well I have used my USB to SATA adapter, the update went through just fine and the system can boot through USB adapter. But when I try to boot from same HDD connected to SATA port the boot process ends with line across the circle on black background. I have a few patches already applied and it did work for 10.14.3 just a few hours ago before I went with update on USB adapter. Hmm, I will try to apply the patch you refer to and see what will be the outcome. osx151212
  27. IronManJFF

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    The latest SecurityUpdate for 10.13.6 contained some firmware upgrade ... you can adjust Defaults.plist BiosDate and BIOSVersion. Here is the raw data .. (note : I haven't applied the update yet.. i failed to but this is why) Example iMac13,2 <key>BiosDate</key> <string>04/16/2019</string> <key>BiosVersion</key> <string>IM131.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750</string> EFIPayloads: - IM101.88Z.F000.B00.1812191603 - IM111.88Z.F000.B00.1904242336 - IM112.88Z.F000.B00.1904242318 - IM121.88Z.F000.B00.1904162200 - IM131.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750 - IM141.88Z.F000.B00.1904161911 - IM142.88Z.F000.B00.1904161912 - IM143.88Z.F000.B00.1904161911 - IM144.88Z.F000.B00.1904162148 - IM151.88Z.F000.B00.1904162039 - IM161.88Z.F000.B00.1904111401 - IM162.88Z.F000.B00.1904111603 - IM171.88Z.F000.B00.1904111656 - IM181.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - IM183.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MB101.88Z.F000.B00.1904111408 - MB61.88Z.F000.B00.1812191537 - MB71.88Z.F000.B00.1812191523 - MB81.88Z.F000.B00.1904111604 - MB91.88Z.F000.B00.1904111505 - MBA31.88Z.F000.B00.1812191628 - MBA41.88Z.F000.B00.1904162146 - MBA51.88Z.F000.B00.1904161912 - MBA61.88Z.F000.B00.1904162042 - MBA71.88Z.F000.B00.1904111401 - MBP101.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750 - MBP102.88Z.F000.B00.1904161750 - MBP111.88Z.F000.B00.1904162148 - MBP112.88Z.F000.B00.1904162149 - MBP114.88Z.F000.B00.1904181614 - MBP121.88Z.F000.B00.1904111507 - MBP131.88Z.F000.B00.1904111407 - MBP132.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MBP133.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MBP141.88Z.F000.B00.1904111408 - MBP142.88Z.F000.B00.1904111701 - MBP143.88Z.F000.B00.1904111521 - MBP61.88Z.F000.B00.1904242300 - MBP71.88Z.F000.B00.1812191549 - MBP81.88Z.F000.B00.1904162141 - MBP91.88Z.F000.B00.1904162041 - MM41.88Z.F000.B00.1812191509 - MM51.88Z.F000.B00.1904162037 - MM61.88Z.F000.B00.1904161915 - MM71.88Z.F000.B00.1904111917 - MP61.88Z.F000.B00.1904121119
  28. IronManJFF

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    It has always been BiosDate (unless it has changed with the latest update), it matters when validating firmware .. if the value is below the installer will attempt to update your firmware because it thinks you need it in order to install of upgrade your system.
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