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  3. Boa noite, Estou tentando fazer atualização do Mojave mas ele baixa rápido até um ponto, após isso o download fica extremamente lento. Não é minha internet, pois ja verifiquei e esta normal. Minha internet é rápida.
  4. WarDoc

    OpenCore Discussion

    thanks for using our guide man that is wicked we out so much hard work into it and if you have any issues jump on the discord we will do our best
  5. Ellybz

    OpenCore Discussion

    I found the issue. Try this SSDT instead for your CPU PM. I was using another one ( based from Piker R. Alpha ) SSDT-PLUG.aml.zip Edit: If you use this SSDT vs yours, you will lose number of Frequency Speed Steps. I have not made the switch, less options in Energy Saver preferences do not bother me.
  6. ludufre

    OpenCore Discussion

  7. Ellybz

    OpenCore Discussion

    I also have less options. OpenCore V005
  8. canyondust

    OpenCore Discussion

    FWIW I have all energy saver options present (0.0.4)
  9. Try this EFI. It should work with your hardware. This is the debug version so if it crash during boot you have a log file in the root of your EFI. You need to put in your own iMacPro1.1 generic platform information in the config.plist EFI.zip
  10. Iwanche

    MSI R9 280X

    Any solution for my problem? Is this ok?
  11. XCLele72

    HS 10.13 Post Install

    Tranquillo non me la prendo. Lo immaginavo ma appunto da rookie ho preferito chiedere EDIT: aggiornamento riuscito. Grazie.
  12. sonicthehedgehog2

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    My Logitech keyboard doesn't have a caps lock light
  13. darkbluecode

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Any one haven't any an idea for fixing this problem ?
  14. Hi obus, I got nearly the same hardware as yours. Just an different CPU. Do I need to change anything for the W-2125 CPU ? Tried your EFI.zip from the post of June, 9. but it crashes during boot, I guess on graphic init. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks, khe91
  15. need drop oem ssdt and put oem edited ssdt drop oem add edited oem
  16. tonyx86

    Mojave on Dell Latitude E6410

    Interesting observation about sleep: I reinstalled Mojave (from scratch) on my Latitude E6410 using the latest info from this thread. I then issued the following command "sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 25" without changing any other sleep settings. With hibernatemode = 25, my E6410 appears to shut down when it sleeps, but when I "wake" it by pressing the power button, it boots normally but then resumes as though it slept normally. This is a method from an old thread referenced earlier in this thread that appears to be a promising sleep compromise for the Latitude E6410 running Mojave. I'd like to know what others find by experimenting with this sleep alternative.
  17. If you go here: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/category/2-kexts/ and click on "submit" you can select a sub category onto which you want to upload.
  18. iCanaro

    HS 10.13 Post Install

    devi cliccare sulla nuova entries per completare l'aggiornamento... ma sei proprio un pivello scherzo eh... non te la prendere
  19. izo1

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    That's fine, enjoy using 1102. It doesn't necessarily mean you're right and I'm wrong. I sit in front of a computer at least 18 hours a day, 6 days a week. For 20+ years. I think I know what I'm talking about.
  20. XCLele72

    HS 10.13 Post Install

    Da app store ho installato l'aggiornamento proposto sembrava andare tutto bene ma dopo il riavvio ho una nuova entries on clover "boot macOS install fromacOS" mentre solitamente cliccavo su "boot macOS from macOS". Che devo fare secondo voi?
  21. Aigors


  22. Hey. I found a repository with modified voodoops2controller kext. Finalized it sysctl and kprinssu and the-darkvoid based on the kext from RehabMan. https://github.com/syscl/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller This kext almost like VoodooPS2Trackpad from acidanthera. https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2 https://applelife.ru/threads/acidanthera-voodoops2trackpad-dlja-synaptics.2944059/ I attach the compiled version. https://vk.com/doc183234383_514349114 P.S. If you try it, then naturally remove other kexts for the touchpad and keyboard and, first install via KextUtility. If it works fine, then remove it from /S/L/E and throw in /kexts/Other VoodooPS2Controller modified syscl.zip P. P. S. I wanted to upload this archive to the forum in the "Downloads" section to where the cupcakes are located, but I didn't see a button to create a theme there. Also I have there is no opportunity to leave comments. Why? It would be nice if someone moved this kext there, too.
  23. IronManJFF

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Yes it could work if you put Lilu and WEG in EFI partition (i have not tested it but I see no reason why not). BIOS tweaks are iGPU=Enabled and Init DisplayFirst=PEG For Lilu/WEG to kick in you need to inject the iGPU id... normally You could do that with Defaults.plist but it did not work for me (probably because it sees the dGPU and does not bother ) that is why I resorted to Devprop.efi to inject a headless id for my iGPU. About OpenCore: I will experiment a bit more for educational purpose... still trying to to get it to present me a boot picker.
  24. Thank you, I know this program, but I want to use this script (FetchMacOS), because it is cross-platform. By the way, I have on 10.14.6 program Get mac OS does not start and crashes. https://pastebin.com/hwpgGvPs P.S. I also found a program "Apple Multi Updates Loader [WineSkin]" that has similar functionality. https://mac-ru.net/viewtopic.php?t=480
  25. ainsleyclark

    Changing from SMBIOS IMacPro1,1 to 18,3

    @AkimoA You absolute legend, thank you so much. I tried this but didn't work for me. One more question: Do you have any idea why my system is picking up a i9 here? I have i7 9700k
  26. ludufre

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    I have been using Parallels 14.1.3 since Beta 1 without problems. I have CENTOS in virtual machine and Windows 10 with Bootcamp (VM created using Windows partition) working perfectly.
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