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  2. Let me get this right: If you install the 10.13.4 beta and you find that the Aquantia card is not recognized, you are saying that all you need to do is boot into Windows, install and/or re-install the boot camp Aquantia drivers, get it to work and be recognized there in Windows, then boot into the Mac side, and it will work? Have I got that right? As I recall from another forum, you have a Gigabyte X299 Designaire motherboard. Is that what you tested this on?
  3. Off-topic?? I have the exact same problem as the topic starter, but just didn't understand what to do with your answer exactly, so I asked if you could clarify that a little bit. But whatever man, if you feel too good for that. Although I wonder why you took all the effort to "answer" my question in the first place.. I'll check if I find in some Apple guide then.. I just installed through the usual App store update process so you'd expect that it would go fine automatically, or otherwise show some message before install that something special should happen.
  4. Anti-Jailbreak

    ask infopulse guys
  5. How to develop app like Ola?

    i recommend infopulse company
  6. Device work fine however did not checked HDMI audio...maybe it is a cosmetic thing
  7. Oh well if you still don’t get It... you have to install it again in windows and afterwards it will work with the newest beta aswell...
  8. Laptop with i3

    what kind of wifi card do you have?
  9. Today
  10. Hi Maldon, the uploader don't work for me so I upload file to dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/cv1t3lbqk9wuei7/Send me MacPro.zip?dl=0 thank you! by the way I posted long time ago regarding NVME orange icons can you also take a look at that? Thanks!!!!
  11. Laptop with i3

    Almost everything works perfect except wifi and bluetooth. Anyone have idea how to make it ?
  12. I solved it by myself. Instead of any predefined config or a guide I did everything by myself and downloaded the needed kexts from here: http://hackintosher.com/kexts/ After configuring everything by myself nearly everything works fine. There are only two things not working fine: macOS is only detecting 16gb of ram, while I have 32gb installed. Also after waking my Hackintosh from standby, my sound is very quiet. To solve this, I just disabled the sleep mode. I don't care about it, because I don't need it.
  13. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Prova,sostituisci la cartella Clover riavvia, fai ioreg e postalo
  14. El MB te falla por que los certificados para esta versión caducaron, cambia la fecha a 2017 y vuelve a intentarlo, el command del audio por lo menos el que use hace unos días necesita conexión a internet ya que busca los apropiados en un repositorio. Solo llevo unos días en este mundillo.
  15. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    ioreg: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vos4C2_CsAMjB9zRav7h1OtCNWaTUY-u/view?usp=sharing clover attuale: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dGJ8_L0H1bX2iKaG0a96ZuhBAf_zgfOJ
  16. Hi. obus Please share the results on the network controller Thank you
  17. Hackintosh su Asus H97m-e

    Nulla da fare.
  18. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Mi serve nuovo, come ti dissi ieri, dopo aver sostituito la cartella clover che ti avevo allegato
  19. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Quella che c'è nei post precedenti non va bene' forse ti serve aggiornata?Ho un problemino ad avviare, ho provato ad installare windows con bootcamp e non si avvia clover, provo un attimo a ripristinare
  20. Hello MaLd0n, firstly i want to say thank you for your great support. It’s a good feeling to know there exist a guy with the knowledge that you have and that this guy can help me maybe. I hope that your knowledge can help me now. Sorry for my bad English... Since High Sierra I have some trouble with my secondary integrated two HDDs. Its one WDC with 1 TB and a Hitachi with 2 TB. I see the disks in DU and Term with diskutil list but I can't initialise them cause (According to the error message) there is no partition table. But it is and when i replace the DSDT with a clover patched but wrong one I can see the disks. The Problem is This DSDT don't work for me in case of some software that won't start anymore or crash after replace. It seems that my SATA Ports are limited maybe, I don't know and I need help to fix it... With patching a DSDT i am very inexperienced. Please help me. What you need?
  21. Hackintosh su Asus H97m-e

    prova un reset del bios
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