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  2. Dell Inspiron 5567

    visto questa? https://www.macos86.it/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=38 per la scheda wifi che deve arrivare sicuramente è uguale alla mia... bluetooth con bcrmpatchram e wifi con toleda arp https://www.macos86.it/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=66
  3. Nvidia Web Driver updates for macOS High Sierra (UPDATE 03/06/2018)

    bài viết về coder web rất hay và hữu ích, xin cảm ơn tác giả tôi làm một cái nhà là xác định gắn bó với nó một thời gian dài, có người là cả phần đời còn lại, thậm chí đôi khi cả đời con đời cháu, nên đừng tiếc thời gian ngồi lại với người thi công cải tạo nhà, kể cho họ nghe câu chuyện của đời mình, nói cho họ biết thói quen, sở thích, tính cách của các thành viên - tốt cũng được, chưa tốt cũng được. Kể cho họ nghe ước mơ của mỗi người về căn nhà, về không gian họ sống, về con thú, nhành cây họ yêu thậm chí là cả ước mơ xa xôi từ thủa bé. Cũng đừng ngần ngại chia sẻ quan điểm sống, những điều bạn quan tâm, trăn trở - dù là nhỏ nhất bởi chúng sẽ giúp rất nhiều cho người làm dịch vụ sửa chữa nhà trọn gói như chúng tôi và biết đâu chính những điều đó sẽ làm cho ngôi nhà của bạn trở nên thú vị và độc đáo.
  4. Dell Inspiron 5567

    Buongiorno, sono riuscito a far funzionare audio (ALC256), video (HD620, disattivando la AMD R7 + patch DVMT), Ethernet (driver RTL8100 2.0.0), WiFi attendo l'arrivo della scheda da sostituire. Quello che non riesco a risolvere è un problema con il monitor. Nel momento in cui tolgo l'alimentazione e vado con la batteria, dopo qualche minuto, lo schermo vá in standby e al "risveglio" metá schermo è glitchato. Ho seguito alcune guide per cercare di gestire l' EDID ma non sono riuscito... Vi allego i report come da guida, Grazie HackInfo_Report.zip IORegistry.zip
  5. Laptop with i3

    I don't know whats happened but when i booting my usb once again, installation was starting. First step of preparing hard drive and installing system goes perfect. After the reboot I choosing installation with HDD and i think its stuck. Installator guid shows 34 minutes and stops at 11 minutes. On the whole process of installation it doesn't work my keyboard and touchpad but when i plugged in external mouse its work. I already installed kext to PS2 but its still not works internals peripherals.
  6. MalD0n, Do you only have integrated graphics installed or do you also have a nVidia discrete in your system? In the acX Video Converter Pro.app I see behind graphics: nVidia GTX1080Ti and I do see hardware encoding supported: yes. Does this mean that video encoding is done with the nVidia card or does it mean the intel is doing the job? (In older version you could explicit turn off encoding platforms to enforce another platform to be used if I'm correct). Cheers
  7. important parameters for XCPM are set to 1 so it is good now you can try to test your system and refine your config plist and kext according to it
  8. Today
  9. Laptop with i3

    Hello ricoc90, here is my config.plist https://pastebin.com/LxkTyQ3e
  10. are you using now this config? If so Are you using Nvidia web driver? then take a look at attached pictures of your config.plist you can decide in clover bootmenu to enable or disable things before booting and with some patience and some tries you find which are mandatory parameters for your rig I will always start during this steps with -v option to see if system hangs where it stops IE you can try to enable npci=0x2000 and disable fakecpuid and see Combinations are multiple but there only you could test Then If I see where you were started from a bad ++++++++++ KP Now you have a booting system..and maybe first Xeon w mackintosh running
  11. Can't install HighSierra - Aptio error

    Press Cmd-Alt-Esc or go to the Apple menu and choose Force Quit. Select the App Store app and confirm you want to force quit. Re-launch the App Store and try downloading again. use these steps to resolve this issues Xbox customer service
  12. Hi In my opinion with a Xeon Cpu some things are different also for sleep/wake related issue and maybe he can not have the same problem people have with X cpu series also I don't know if for him is useful or not tscsynch kext Regarding XCPM other useful marker is frequency vector count so you can try to run from terminal this command and see all data like this one sysctl machdep.xcpm fabios-iMac-Pro:~ fabio$ sysctl machdep.xcpm machdep.xcpm.mode: 1 machdep.xcpm.hard_plimit_max_100mhz_ratio: 37 machdep.xcpm.hard_plimit_min_100mhz_ratio: 8 machdep.xcpm.soft_plimit_max_100mhz_ratio: 37 machdep.xcpm.soft_plimit_min_100mhz_ratio: 8 machdep.xcpm.tuib_plimit_max_100mhz_ratio: 37 machdep.xcpm.tuib_plimit_min_100mhz_ratio: 8 machdep.xcpm.tuib_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.power_source: 0 machdep.xcpm.bootplim: 0 machdep.xcpm.bootpst: 37 machdep.xcpm.tuib_ns: 0 machdep.xcpm.vectors_loaded_count: 1 machdep.xcpm.ratio_change_ratelimit_ns: 500000 machdep.xcpm.ratio_changes_total: 79873 machdep.xcpm.maxbusdelay: 0 machdep.xcpm.maxintdelay: 0 machdep.xcpm.mbd_mode: 1 machdep.xcpm.mbd_applications: 0 machdep.xcpm.mbd_relaxations: 0 machdep.xcpm.forced_idle_ratio: 100 machdep.xcpm.forced_idle_period: 30000000 machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_log: 0 machdep.xcpm.qos_txfr: 1 machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_count: 0 machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_last_stats: n/a machdep.xcpm.deep_idle_total_stats: n/a machdep.xcpm.cpu_thermal_level: 0 machdep.xcpm.gpu_thermal_level: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_thermal_level: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_control_engages: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_control_disengages: 1 machdep.xcpm.io_filtered_reads: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_cst_control_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.ring_boost_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.io_epp_boost_enabled: 0 machdep.xcpm.epp_override: 0 fabios-iMac-Pro:~ fabio$ but for Xeon is always a different story because IE in my case with all parameters set to 1 or to 0 I have same behavior and performance and stability
  13. Clover Themes

    Thanks mate. Good work. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk Pro
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  16. Yeah 4.7.9 seems to be working fine Thanks for the fix
  17. Some Mac-Services identify itself by the Mac(-Address) The wifi driver has been reported as unstable in the past, which resulted in en0 been absent - so no mac address. obviously it will boot without fake ethernet, but you can run into issues with the AppStore. So it's just more failsafe to use fake ethernet.
  18. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    se non hai programmi importanti e un disco di ricambio proverei a fare una nuova installazione...vedo cartelle di precedenti bootloader e kext mai visti...chissa che c'è in s\l\e... che ne pensi?
  19. Test, just a test

    Hello. And Bye.
  20. because i wrote in the tutorial - at the very beginning: i dont include jump statements in a 3 page document for people who mistake a tutorial for a bash script. also i want to hint to: your issue is not even a specific issue for this computer. You cant get Clover to boot. This is pre- driver and pre- configuration. It's like: "i cant get my nuclear reactor to work. need help with how to open the front door". We know it's not a clover issue, because the preconfigured stick works. So if you cant configure the EFI to boot from your internal SSD, how will you fix the real issues?
  21. Home page login not working

    Same to me. On PC (FF, Chrome), and on MacOS (FF, Chrome, Safari).
  22. I was wondering if there is such functionality in svn. Thanks for the tip!
  23. I can also report that the NVidia WebDrivers .161 working flowesly now with HS 13.3.3 like old time
  24. Home page login not working

    Same for me too...
  25. Clover Themes

    Here's "os_xubuntu.icns" as requested for "Neon" theme. Not really sure when I'll push changes to my uploaded themes on the repo till this issue resolved. Thanks. os_xubuntu.icns.zip
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