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  2. HWSensors3

    No problem. Anyway I commited those changes. Bad for the ssd, good for HWMonitor.
  3. HWSensors3

    @vector sigma I am on weekend now and have no access to those computer so I can check only on monday evening. Thank you for the efforts. Concerning MacBookPro it really has dead SSD. The HWMonitor is right.
  4. Use the seach box: Making a bootable High Sierra USB Installer Entirely From Scratch in Windows or Linux Mint (without access to Mac or App Store Installer.app)
  5. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Awesome news, SwitchMode works perfectly too, thanks. Here's a spec sheet of my system(pre-built SFF Fujitsu) http://www.fujitsu.com/be/Images/prel-ds-ESPRIMO-E910-E90.pdf As far as outputs go, it's all smooth sailing. Regarding inputs, nothing changed with the new kext. The pink microphone input in the back and the mic input in the front still don't work(just the blue line-in does).
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  7. This is information from PCI in system report if you need it to look, I send you 2 same pictures with memory prewiusly. Sorry
  8. Would love to get a nice DSDT for my hack. Here are the Runme files ! Sleep is not working... USB is weird sometimes too... Thanks for your help ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8kfdj4kg6393yeq/Send me Hackintosh.zip?dl=0
  9. I think that i dont using well the forum, must be reading the rules.... going to do after... i recompile my info about this setup. and looking for resolve the problem with finalcut. I'm going to try again with sssierra 10.12 to see if I get better performance with finalcut. MaLd0n can I use the dsdt and the clover in sierra that you made for me in highsierra? thnks by the way you do some beautiful photos MaLd0n
  10. hello g4600 is unsupportable cpu .. maybe if u fake ur cpu with clover and disable the onboard graphics if any are present in bios example : https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/forums/topic/303755-how-to-intel-pentium-g3xxx-and-celeron-g1xxx-haswell-works-with-speedstep-yosemite-1010-and-mavericks-109/ good hack
  11. hello take a good read here https://support.hp.com/hr-en/document/c00042629 good luck
  12. So how to upgrade then? Only windows, only hardcore?
  13. Thanks, but the guid is for those who allready got system. Im on win right now. How to get it work ? Will this work with G4600 or i better buy i5 ?
  14. This happened to me in a Desktop. I did the steps twice.
  15. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    @jin2k9 and @junoir for both - try this: Trial_CX20641_and_CX20642_LayoutID11_(0B)_and LayoutID13_(0D).zip LayoutID 11 (0B) - ManualMode as before LayoutID 13 (0D) - SwitchMode In ManualMode both devices (LineOut and Headphones) are visible in the sound settings. You have to choose manually. In SwitchMode, LineOut (back green) is configured as internal speaker. This allows automatic detection and switching if you plug in the headphones at the front. This trial version is not in the AppleALC release yet. For the release I need exact information. Which computers do you have exactly? ManualMode: LineOut back and headphones work in front? Input's? SwitchMode: IntSpeaker (LineOut back) works and the automatic switching works when headphones are plugged in? Input's? Input's you can also test with iPhone or other phone via jack to jack cable, if you do not have a mic. Quote @junoir: Great thanks, gonna give it a try and report back. One thing I don't get though, don't I have to also figure out a correct path map for each node for this to work? Or are there preconfigured correct layout ids that make this unnecessary? You do not have to patch anything anymore. I did everything. The pictures and nodes were for your information. @ammoune78 Codecs for IDT92HD91BXX already available in the AppleALC release. LayoutID 3, 12, 13, 33 and 84 all codecs tried? Is your audio not working? I can watch the dump if you have no sound. I do not quite understand. You would like to create a translation of my tutorial? With indication of the source no problem. My english is not perfect, sorry. The tutorial is older, for patch AppleHDA. Many steps are no longer necessary for AppleALC. Much easier with AppleALC.
  16. Hello Allan, I'm trying to upgrade via USB as well but no luck. Here are my steps: 1) Downloaded HP BIOS Update UEFI, and created bootable USB 2) Added mod F.48 BIOS onto "F:\Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\New" 3) Tried to flash but nothing happens... Tried it but no luck. I've placed my modded files in folder F:\Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\New
  17. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Ok I can confirm that the blue Line In port in the back is working(used a 3,5mm cable connected to my phone playing music, which gets picked up properly in Audacity and the VU meter in the settings). The front mic port, for whatever reason doesn't pick up any sounds at all. Any ideas what's wrong? Although, to be fair, microphone/line-in is not a priority for me. If I happen to need to do some recordings, I would use a USB mic anyway. So it would be nice to have all the inputs working just in case some other user with the same codec would need it sometime in the future...
  18. Hi, and welcome to InsanelyMac. Look: [Guide] Sierra / High Sierra on mobos Serie 100 / 200 / 300 / SkyLake / KabyLake / CoffeeLake DSDT
  19. You could extract the BIOS installer (With 7z for example) and place the BIOS file(s) on a USB stick. Then upon boot, choose "Firmware management" or "Bios Management". There you can navigate to the BIOS files and update.
  20. Problemas com trackpad e teclado

    Tenta resetar o SMC e PRAM
  21. everything is going pretty well, it does not give me as good performance as in sierra but it is quite fine. cinebench reports 103-106 in gpu. with sierra I see 114-120. The only thing I notice that sometimes happens is that the cursor does not appear when mounting the desktop, if I click and drag or if I do command-tab then it appears. thnks so much. after testing all the principal issue is finalcut. whe is open the system goes slow and laggy.... i'm reding many things about this but i cant find the solution.
  22. Hi, and welcome to InsanelyMac. You used a app.exe to upgrade your BIOS? The BIOS doesn't offer a possibility to upgrade via USB?
  23. Are you using lilu and whatevergreen kexts? Have you tried enabled iGPU?
  24. Hello guys, Some times ago I flashed my BIOS to bypass whitelist, and everything was fine until it was disassembled (HDD, CMOS battery were removed). Now I can't enter BIOS. Yes I press correct keys, but nothing happens, OS booting after I turn it on. So the question is - how to fix this? How to update BIOS to F.48 (latest) from F.35 (current modded) if I'm using Hackintosh (HFS+, GPT)? I can't run InsydeFlash.exe.... Laptop: HP G62 b73SR BIOS (current): modded F.35
  25. Hello everyone! Im trying to install 10.13 on my spec but im getting boot loop. Can someone send me to correct installation guide? Maybe i should change my cpu to u5? If yes to wich one? Using Gtx970 4Gb.
  26. Hey man, I completely understand your point (even though I disagree with some of what you said about the license and the iOS Jailbreak community, but that is off-topic...). However I do want to clarify that when I released the binary of the native branch my only intention was to bring awareness of the future capabilities of VoodooI2C. Even though I have to agree that it was wrong of me to put a beta label on it when it was not even close to a minimum stable version. Anyway thank you for all the work you have done on it and I hope it get's event better in the future.
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