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  2. Prova a mettere i file su Dropbox o simile...e postarne il link propio come ho fatto io, così non hai problemi. Inviato dal mio A0001 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Hi I'm having a bit of trouble getting the ASUS XG-C100C to work in my hackintosh. I'm running 10.13.3 and it seems the card has successfully been patched as it's showing as an Apple AQC107-AFW, but the card has a bogus MAC of 01:00:01:ff:00:00 and only gets a self-assigned IP. Assigning an IP doesn't help. However, it negotiates the speed correctly... What am I missing?
  4. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    FakeID 0x12345678 dev aggiungerlo alla Gui di clover opzioni grafica intel
  5. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Non vorrei aver modificato tutto e dimenticato il FakeID. Me lo puoi postare che appena riesco controllo? Inviato dal mio ONEPLUS A5000 utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. can this work with asus hero vi this guide my parts are intel i7 4790k 16 ram corsair ddr3 asus maximus VI hero 660 gtx evga ssd 940 evo os installer 1tb hardrive storage's
  7. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    lo so....è avast....puoi disattivarlo?
  8. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    In realtà quello che vedo per ora è questo Non mi fiderei tanto E' quello che avevo trovato su google e leggevo di Malware possibili e l'ho passato.. C'è un'altro programma ?
  9. is this good enough

    Follow this guide: [Guide] Sierra / High Sierra on Intel 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and x99 Chipset Series / Nehalem, SandyBridge, IvyBridge, Haswell, Broadwell And this hardware it's very good. You'll use it for a long time.
  10. ThunderBolt Drivers

    There should be... it should be something really small since the Thunderbolt Card used in the Designare is the Thunderbolt solution which is used in the new iMac Pro.
  11. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    nessuna modifica...scarica questo programma...puoi avere due schermate tipo la pagina di windows gestione dispositivi...postale entrambe https://sourceforge.net/projects/dpcimanager/
  12. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    Emh non faccio modifiche da un po' visto che non mi dà tanti problemi eccetto ogni tanto si freeza totalmente quando tocco le porte USB, quindi mi ricordi come lo scarico magari mi posti il link ? O meglio se mi dici dove vedere su windows perché dalle info della chiavetta di Windows 10 ci sono molte info, magari mi dici cosa devo leggere e cerco un po'
  13. is this good enough

    i want to make hackingtosh i see there 10.13 not sure how good is haswell on modern build and how many things do i need are 3 usb enough for this my parts are intel i7 4790k 16 ram corsair ddr3 asus maximus VI hero 660 gtx evga ssd 940 evo os installer 1tb hardrive storages
  14. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    no...troppo poco....vedi da osx trova qualche informazione con dcpi manager...schermate states e pcilist
  15. Increase vram - hd 3000

    my values: name: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB find: c745d000000020 replace: c745d000000060 1.5gb, this is working here. are you using a vanilla AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB? You may also need to patch the infoPlist of the kext, there are more infos in this thread. i have not tried that yet
  16. Hi D-an-W, yes, the current build is 4418
  17. i do it all weekend and i'm desperate .... i like to give 20USD gift for help :-( for functional hackintosh on my pc
  18. Today
  19. Evening folks, can I just check the latest build is 4418?
  20. You need know which settings are the proper for your hardware. Read more here: https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/pages/Configuration/
  21. Has anyone figured out a method to update from 10.13.1 to 10.13.3 using incremental updates w/o having to reinstall from the macOS app store
  22. i use View attachment h170n-wifi-nvidia-config.plist
  23. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Hi, I have added all kext files to enable the acceleration into S/L/E and used kext utility to repair and rebuild cache. I still don't get full acceleration. What Am I missing Baio77
  24. HWSensors3

    -Support for dual gpu -Fun speed showing good value -better support for temp sensor.
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