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  2. I must do something wrong. I strictly followed your instructions, installing Clover as you said (picture)in esp . I always get a boot0 error and I'm forced to boot from usb. I don't know why. Actually I can say that everything works but bluetooth and wifi (of course) and that I can't adjust brightness though I installed Native display. Buttons work (shift F1 and F2) but nothing changes but this thing it's a p.i.t.a. I would like to boot from laptop. Thanks for your help as usual.
  3. Theme seems to be broken again :/ (firefox, safari) Can't see editor when trying to create a new topic No problem with IPS Default theme
  4. Help Patch DSDT Asus S551LB

  5. Z370 Mainboards for High Sierra

    All models work good, i like avoid ASRock for little problems with sleep
  6. ThunderBolt Drivers

    @Matthew82 I noticed something that maybe could help us. Your SSDT partly works with me, I explain: Without your SSDT the UAD App to manage my devices crashes if I turn off one (the last in the chain). With your SSDT, if I connect to port 1 of my PCI card and turn off one of the connected devices (the last one in the chain), the UAD application does not crash and continues to show me the devices that remained turned on. If I connect to port 2 instead, and I do the same, the app crashes. You say your SSDT works on Asus pci Thunderbolt cards. The Asus ThunderboltEX card has a single Thunderbolt 3 port, while other manufacturers such as Gigabyte and ASRock have two. And if the problem is this? Now your SSDT is in the system. Here's what IOReg shows when I'm connected to Thunderbolt port 1: Lele’s iMac Thunderbolt port 1.zip This however, when I use the Thunderbolt port 2: Lele’s iMac Thunderbolt port 2.zip Is it possible to concentrate the SSDT so that it loads only one Thunderbolt Port?
  7. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    clicca su clover configurator....sulla sinistra clicca su mount efi.....poi check partition...evidenzi in tuo disco....poi mount efi...ti trovi la efi visibile sul desktop o in "computer"... apri la efi e vai in clover\kext\10.10... comunque dai una letta alla guide dell'ottimo gengik...impari un sacco di cose https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306828-guida-installazione-mac_os-_x-101x-clover-usb/#entry2148378
  8. send me new dump with new files this way is: we need a x86platform, but if u have kp with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement...is wrong, need a patches to kernel, like x99, etc, procs without a native support i think ur GPU loose suppoort in new systems, buy other, check a cost benefit for sierra and high sierra
  9. replace full folder, reboot, send me new dumps CLOVER.zip extract new files, i patched for u
  10. the problem is: we need some time, removed devices, reboot, test check my DSDT DSDT.MaLd0n serie 300.zip U need check log, see erros and rape table
  11. Today
  12. ThunderBolt Drivers

    I have GA-Z170X-Gaming_7 with i7 6700. I integrated TB 3. I do not have a TB 3 device. I connected the iPhone to this port. Can you create an SSDT on this basis? How can I create an SSDT? Can anyone help me with this? Please. Thanks.
  13. Laptop with i3

    Boot with -v to see what's happening
  14. Hi guys, please if anoyne know how to fix. recently I succesfully insaled HS on my desktop using @MaLd0n guide Everything works, except my system freezes after playing Youtube/Facebook videos, no metter what browser I'm using (FF, Chrome, Safari). Strange is that occurs only if I'm fast forwarding on certain video, skiping, it just freezes, keyboard don't work, mouse works, but can't on anything. I have fully hardware acceleration (checked with some program, forgot the name, VODsomething) Other thing I noticed, that my PC won't POST sometimes, but when I unplug the SSD wich contains HS on it, it boots normaly, then I recconect my drive and aagin I can boot back in HS.
  15. Hi, I can't open up spoilers. Also some menus in the editor won't open, like the emoticons
  16. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    Aahhaha pardon te l'ho detto che sono proprio parole da niubbo le mie queste sono le prime gaffe , Mi diresti dov'è la cartella kext 10.10 ? E come rendo la efi visibile sul desktop da quel pacchetto scaricato ? Magari se mi scrivi i passaggi che faccio che leggo passo per passo
  17. @morpheousman If I look at my sytems... Optiplex 755 Optiplex 790 But pushing an older system, like the 755, 760 and 780 to it's limits has its charms. The 755 still runs very well on High Sierra, albeit a little slower than the 790 (obviously)
  18. Please help add hdef into my dsdt

    Thanks, i will try and post the result later
  19. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Prova, sostituisci la cartella clover Stesso procedimento, comando sul terminale, e poi riavvia senza fakeid
  20. TINU: The macOS install media creation tool - Mac app

    the process is not finished, the progress bar is in an indeterminate state, bacause it's waiting for the actual creation process to finish, and also there is a notification at the end of the process, but yes that progress bar lloks to similar to a full progressbar, so i am considering doing something else, because when it goas into an indetermante state, i have no data to determinate the % of completetion of the process, so i have to use a system which indicates that something is going on but, not at which % it is
  21. Restore keeps rebooting?

    I did an upgrade from OS X 10.10.5 to OS X 10.11 on iMac late 2012 and experienced same issue as yours. Then I did an Erase, Format and install of OS X 10.11 (from USB Installer Disc) - all worked fine for 2 weeks and then the same problem reappeared. I solve my problem going back to to Yosemite and will remain there until 10.11.1 or maybe 10.11.2 is released Information given from- https://bitmann.org/ Regards Cryptoman
  22. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Con il DSDT non riesco ad avviare, con o senza FakeID Questa è la configurazione attuale https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hb2HhzIRw8GW2UjUkwRjeMwHTQKvpvpx/view?usp=drivesdk
  23. Hi all

  24. Many thanks, It works, not really quite but it's working. I had to download again HSierra, created a new stick, bios upgrade. Trying to patch dsdt!! (is this the same as the one on el capitan or i need on High Sierra a new one??)
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