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  2. That is a pretty informative for my team. Cyberflix TV also facing some problem.
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  4. bloglives.net

    All Systems Github Repo

    Can I save this topic here to use for a new purpose of mine?
  5. Was just looking at your board. Do you have a WiFi card with Bluetooth connected to F_USB header, also is F_USB30 attached to CASE, those USB ports on CASE could exceed the limit. If in doubt, try a port discovery, see guide below: Thanks for letting me know that EFI pre-installation worked on your machine.
  6. It´s the Kext from 10.13.x and it´s included in the Kext-Updater Bundle. It can´t be run out of the EFI because of dependencies. It´s Fakealert. The KUDaemon.app has never changed since v1.6.x
  7. steve3d

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    hi, @headkaze, can you make hackintool export this config for clover? checkout this tutorial:
  8. wish someday, hackintool can directly export the correct pci devices for clover..
  9. in fact, this is not the problem of this scan. the real reason of this delay is caused by next line, which is 'InitScreen', I've tried to compile a version of not calling the DiskIo searching, and the delay still exists.
  10. Hello, No need to patch DSDT or add devices to DSDT, in this guide devices are added inside config.plist using Clover. The end result is same, where you have the PCI info displayed inside System Information. So System information PCI information can be provided in config.plist OR you can patch DSDT and add _DSM methods. The _DSM method from DSDT in guide is used for purpose of a comparison between _DSM method inside DSDT and Arbitrary and Properties inside config.plist. If you want to learn about DSDT patching for adding System Information - PCI, I found the best starting point is to compare a patched DSDT with original DSDT using DiffMerge and then read forums posts about DSDT patching here on insanelymac. Best!
  11. Thanks for this important topic, still need to know if we need to patch dsdt first then add the devices or add the devices in dsdt one by one. thanks for the reply
  12. menstyle

    USB Wireless Network Adapter

    Best Overall: Net-Dyn AC1200 USB Wireless Wi-FiAdapter. ... Best Budget: Panda Wireless PAU06. ... Best Compact: TP-Link N150 Nano More at click here
  13. Hello, My system is "Intel Xeon E5440 @ 2.83GHz, 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3, ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5G41C-M LX (LGA775), 2047MB NVIDIA GTX 960 2 GB, NVIDIA High Definition Audio, Realtek PCIe GBE Ailesi Denetleyici" Can i install high sierra and how? should i change config.plist file? so, i do not know how to edit this and how to edit dsdt. can you help me about that? this is my config.plist file: config.plist
  14. CleverCoder

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi folks! I'm reluctant to add another post to this long topic, but it's somewhat pertinent and could help others with similar hardware if they perform a search. I successfully created a new layout for a ALC1220 chip in my MSI P65 Creator laptop. It's very similar to the GS65 Stealth, so this layout might work for that machine as well. The pull request is here: https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/pull/401 The layout is numbered 34. I spent more than a couple weeks chipping away at this very complex process of extracting codec info, playing trial and error, and figuring out what works and what doesn't work. None of the other layouts would work. The closest I came was with #13, but it would act erratically and only work once every so often. After understanding more about the verbs and node ID's I understand now that the hardware was just too different. Feedback is welcome. I didn't want to just keep this fix to myself since it could help others with similar hardware. Cheers! - Sean
  15. No, he means it's literally clover's boot.log, you are referring to the system.log. As for the cause, remove drivers that need connecting like NTFS, it's worthless driver since the booter for windows is on the ESP (which is FAT), and PartitionDxe should not be needed either. Also I wonder if the cause is audio, so try removing that and see if your boot is faster.
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  17. @Donw35 just a post to say thanks for this guide and files. my first Hackintosh attempt is working great !
  18. 38nic

    Mojave su pc in firma

    Allora, per ora audio, usb ed il fatto che spegnendo si ravvia..successivamente no riesco a nascondere le partizioni nella GUI di Clover..
  19. 1- Replace Full Clover Folder 2- Install Clover again with correct options 3- Reboot 4- Extract new Send_me CLOVER.zip Last Clover Version UEFI
  20. 1- Replace Full Clover Folder 2- Install Clover again with correct options 3- Reboot 4- Extract new Send_me CLOVER.zip Last Clover Version UEFI
  21. jasonhun

    Hackintool v2.3.1

    Working!! Thank you! Best hack tool ever man!!!
  22. 1- Replace Full Clover Folder 2- Install Clover again with correct options 3- Reboot 4- Extract new Send_me CLOVER.zip Last Clover Version UEFI X99 NEED A SOME EXTRA KERNEL PATCHES FOR GOOD PM
  23. To see boot log just boot in verbose, log of verbose when boot is "boot log". Log above is "Preboot Log" Sent from my Mi Note 2 using Tapatalk
  24. Clover Configurator calls this "boot.log". Maybe you can help me anyway...
  25. What??? This is not boot log, this is preboot log before enter GUI CLOVER. LoL Sent from my Mi Note 2 using Tapatalk
  26. Hi @MaLd0n, please help with DSDT. Please tell me why the airplay does not work and I can not watch purchased films in itunes just a black screen. Send me iMac-admin.zip
  27. Your Clover setup is incorrect re: CPU power management: you try to inject a generated CPU-specific SSDT table under the name "SSDT-2-CpuPm"; usually it's simply called "ssdt" at the same time, you try to inject a ssdt under the name "SSDT-3-CpuPm" which ails to inject the PlugIn type in your Clover config file, you drop SSDT id CpuPm & Cpu0Ist at the same time, in your Clover config, you selected "PluginType" to top it all, you inject NullCPUPowerManagement kext ! All these settings are mutually exclusive and conflictual... You also appear to try and inject a very old AppleACPIPlatform kext. Version v2.0 dates back to Mountain Lion or something like that. What's the reason for doing that??? It's v6.1 in HighSierra 10.13.6 so I'm not even sure injection is successful... I strongly recommend the following: Remove NullCPUPowerManagement kext from Clover kexts folder Remove AppleACPIPlatform kext from Clover kexts folder Either drop ssdt CpuPm + Cpu0Ist in Clover config and inject the CPU-specific SSDT (created by Pike R Alpha's well-known generator script) under the name "ssdt.aml" Or simply enable/tick PluginType (which then won't require the "ssdt-3-CpuPm" you've placed in ACPI/patched) In Kernel & Kext Patches section, remove "KernelCPU" and select "KernelPm" which applies to Haswell/Broadwell platforms in SMBIOS section, a Haswell iMac14,x/iMac15,x profile may be preferable to the MacPro6,1 you've opted for Regarding video encoding or decoding, I recently read a thread on this forum that stated that hardware encoding or decoding was not available through the nVidia graphics card under macOS, only through the iGPU. There's a fix apparently available through Lilu + its WhateverGreen Plugin where you use the iGPU with a connector-less frame. Details are available here. Can't say if that remains applicable now that Shiki has been integrated into WEG.
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