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  2. SSD for system new install

    I'm not sure what exactly did the trick because besides adding dropping MATS, I also put config.plist in the correct folder, I also updated old kexts I was using and put them in the correct OS X version folder. Maybe all of the above. Also its definitely a compliment! lol
  3. SSD for system new install

    Good to hear. Also that I am the s**t. I'll take that as a compliment Dropping MATS did the trick?
  4. SSD for system new install

    High Sierra is loading fine now and trim support is working with the config.plist clover edits. THANK YOU you guys are the s**t
  5. SSD for system new install

    Damn, I replied to the wrong topic. This should've been in the other one Anyway, if you want to drop DMAR and MATS tables, then yes it is correct. I know some should indeed drop MATS to get High Sierra to boot, however you were able to boot before through USB.
  6. gateway laptop just reboots

    would love to see snowleopard work.. its actually an I3 sandybridge not ivy.. I eventually got Yosemite and High sierra to work good... but I love me a challenge
  7. Today
  8. SSD for system new install

    ok, in the meantime, is this correct? UPDATE I GOT EVERYTHING WORKING THANKS
  9. SSD for system new install

    In Clover, highlight your macOS disk and press spacebar. Enable - Keep Symbols on panic - Don't reboot on panic Scroll up and select "boot macOS with selected options" Take a pic of the screen and post it here
  10. The ones I was given on the other thread
  11. Turns out I had the kexts in the wrong folder. Now clover boots from the SSD but it loads and says MACH REBOOT and there's no drop MATS or DMAR in clover boot
  12. Did you try to re-install Clover? Seems like your system can't pick up on the bootfiles You're on APFS. APFS uses virtual containers. The actual disk is disk0 and the virtual container is on disk1s2. You can verify this in terminal: diskutil list See screenshot:
  13. SSD for system new install

    Turns out my kexts were in the wrong osx version folder. Clover loads from the usb but now I get a MACH REBOOT message
  14. SSD for system new install

    If you also have a config.plist on your USB stick, Clover will most likely pick that one over the one on your SSD
  15. SSD for system new install

    Didnt work for me but I think its maybe because im booting high Sierra off a usb stick, even though im editing the installations config.plist. I can't seem to get Sierra to boot from the ssd, started a new topic for that
  16. SSD for system new install

    it was an error at my hand. I wrote com.apple.driver.IOAHCIBlockStorage, but it should be com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIBlockStorage (or just "IOAHCIBlockStorage") My bad, sorry. it's 4am here.
  17. T2 Chip, bad news for Hackintosh?

    Why would there not be delays? Does communicating with the SMC/T2 chip itself not have overhead? Is it entirely real-time and that's always going to be relied on? I very much doubt that, especially since the T2 chip supposedly has the SSD controller built in. Otherwise, you're saying that if there are requests for a bunch of SSD, PM, and Monitoring actions, that the requests will all come back in a real-time predictable way? I think that Apple might be touting that break-through a lot more than anything else in that case. The chip would just be replaced by something else, emulation, it may be slightly slower but still produces the same end result. You're also forgetting that you don't necessarily need to thunk to SMM for every feature that needs emulated it could just be runtime. I don't know what you mean by this, but what is poorly implemented in firmwares? And you can always reimplement something....
  18. SSD for system new install

    is the <dict> info worth a shot?
  19. SSD for system new install

    Apparently that patch does not work anymore. Just tried it myself and for me TRIM is also disabled
  20. SSD for system new install

    Just checked in sudo, no trim support, I think t has something to do with my EFI mount, Started a new topic for that anyway, thanks for the help
  21. SSD for system new install

    thanks a lot guys, rebooting now to see if it worked
  22. SSD for system new install

    See my edit, it's either one of them. Also, since you enabled TRIM through kextpatch trimforce is not needed
  23. SSD for system new install

    should I enter the <dict> as well as the IOAHCIBlockStorage info? or can it be either or?
  24. SSD for system new install

    @FALLOFMAN Yes, that's it. As of the data, it should go in your config.plist under KextsToPatch: But you already did it through Clover configurator, so it's not needed. Clover configurator did it for you. You don't need to do any sudo command. After you saved your config just reboot. You can tell if TRIM is enabled by running this in terminal: system_profiler SPSerialATADataType | grep 'TRIM' Or by just opening System Profiler > SATA / SATA Expres
  25. SSD for system new install

    so "sudo trimforce enable" is useless?
  26. SSD for system new install

    No, don't put this in Terminal. Just copy/paste into the Clover Configurator field.
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