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  2. Riavvio dopo Aggiornamento 10.13.3

    eh eh come dice l'ottimo canaro posta la efi...intanto prova a lasciare nella cartella kext del sistema che usi solo il fakesmc.. prova anche prima di avviare quando appare clover vai in option con le freccie della tastiera...dai invio...alla prima voce della lista dai invio....cancella quello che c'è scitto e scrivi -x -v -f ....dai invio....torna indietro e prova ad avviare
  3. I have a gateway laptop model NV57H , intel i3 ivybridge hd3000 gfx... the laptop reboots using clover /STARTUP/EXTENSIONS.mkext .. then reboots.. I am using cpufakeid sandybridge.. but nothing... could it be graphics card related?config.plist btw trying snow leopard or sierra = same results would love a suggestion
  4. Bluetooth Hackintosh

    una volta finita la prima installazione se la periferica è nativa è subito funzionante...altrimenti con un aiutino(kext) lo diventa..quindi se il tuo bluetooth fosse stato riconosciuto sarebbe stato funzionante da subito..se l'installazione attuale ha qualcosa che interferisce con il funzionamento della tua chiavetta puoi starci anni senza capire perche non funziona...da qui il consiglio di provare una nuova installazione su un secondo disco senza intaccare quello esistente seguendo la guida di gengik e usando clover come bootloader...una volta installato vedi se il bluetooth è riconosciuto o no
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  6. ciao, ho un portatile circa identico che non uso... e mi sono imbattuto in questa discussione... sarebbe il mio secondo esperimento... anni addietro su un vecchio fisso.... ora devo riprendere un po in mano i comandi e ripartire da 0.... ringrazio in anticipo
  7. Currently, I'm individually working on the development of a program for MAC desktop and I'm almost done with my 70% of the project but now I'm stuck at some sort of programming and needed Programming help, can anyone help me?
  8. @MaLd0n Was wondering when you have a chance can you take a look at the system? You and I have similar dual cpu setups. And is there a way instead of DSDT to do SSDT? makes debugging the problematic lines much easier. https://www.dropbox.com/s/raa046i4f37pm8x/Send me Balamut-Mac-Pro.zip?dl=0
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  10. Usb Bluetooth handoff help

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  11. If you don't want to drag the script in terminal, you can select option 1 for symlink, as @SavageAUS. After add --edk2rev XXXX (XXXX= user choose revision). It's work here also for me ================================================================================ Build_Clover script v4.7.9 No update available. <-------------------------------------------------- ================================================================================ By Micky1979 based on Slice, apianti, vit9696, Download Fritz, Zenith432, STLVNUB, JrCs,cecekpawon, Needy, cvad, Rehabman, philip_petev, ErmaC Supported OSes: macOS X, Ubuntu (16.04/16.10), Debian Jessie and Stretch <-------------------------------------------------- CLOVER Remote revision: 4418 Local revision: 4418 EDK2 Remote revision: 26700 Local revision: 26300 The current local EDK2 revision is the suggested one (26300). Used settings: /Users/mathieu/src/BuildCloverConfig.txt <-------------------------------------------------- Please enter your choice: 1) add "buildclover" symlink to /usr/local/bin 2) update Clover only (no building) 3) update Clover + force edk2 update (no building) 4) run my script on the source 5) build existing revision (no update, for testing only) 6) build existing revision for release (no update, standard build) 7) build existing revision with custom macros enabled 8) enter Developers mode (only for devs) 9) edit the configuration file 10) Exit ?
  12. Versions bêta : macOS 10.13.4

    et une de plus par contre impossible de refaire fonctionner appleALC.kext
  13. 10.13.2 Final -> 1.0.32 (Works) 10.13.3 Final -> 1.2.46 (Works) 10.13.4 Beta 1,2,3 -> 1.0.49 (Works) 10.13.4 Beta 4,5,6 -> 1.0.54 (Does not work) It might just be driver problem.
  14. Mini pc i5 7200

    https://m.geekbuying.com/item/VORKE-V2-Plus-Lite-Intel-Skylake-I5-7200U-8GB-128GB-Mini-PC-390351.html Conoscete? RAM e ssd sono upgradabili/sostituibili? Funzionano: Audio e video su hdmi? Ethernet? Wi-Fi? Se no, è sostituibile? Grazie Andrea
  15. I've added an option to download the WebDrivers. .zip in original post updated
  16. I've made v2.3.6 small changes for BCM5718 1. for multi port(setting portGphy in MII read/write from PCIfunction no) 2. setting MaxFrameSize of RCB of Rcv Std Producer Ring only above changes It goes good, except File receive of AFP send is OK NFS or SMB is OK on 10.9.5 Does someone have same result ?
  17. Increase vram - hd 3000

    like what kylon's said to Save it config.plist -> rename it to config.txt -> place it to Macintosh HD/EFI/CLOVER -> clear caches -> reboot. Is that correct?
  18. Not mounting USB HDD

    same problem i'am looking for a solution too.
  19. Increase vram - hd 3000

    This method use binary patch, so dont tick on InfoPlistPatch (InfoPlistPatch = false)
  20. Increase vram - hd 3000

    Hi, guys. Good morning/evening. Sorry for my late reply, yesterday I have tried some method that made my VRAM became 3MB, luckily I could revert it. (that gave me some experience about tweaking this thing like rebuilding manual cache and repairing permission) So I have restored it to the vanilla AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB and AppleIntelHD3000Graphics. based on this sentence "given that your binary patch appears Ok in your Clover config, I'd give the revised kext name a shot". which one in the attachment that I posted is the binary patch that I could send to you? I couldn't find any button OK in here. Sorry that I slow learner, I really really appreciate your response, guys.
  21. It's spring here and peach flowers are opening everywhere, looks like pink snow covering the ground.
  22. Dell Precision m6700 Sierra/High Sierra Install Guide

    Man! Great guide! I was able to install Mac OS Sierra on my M6700, but I can't get the USB 3.0 ports to work properly. In the system report there are no Usb 3.0 or ports listed. Did managed to get them working properly?
  23. AppleHDA Patcher

    Hi, I have Connexant SmartAudio HD hardwareid 14F1:1F72 What model it is? IS there any patches already?
  24. Apenas saber a temperatura dos hardware e rpm dos fans não resolve muito pois muitas vezes algumas ventoinhas(fans) aumentam a velocidade por algum uso que possa ter exigido mas não diminuem mais a velocidade. Isso é inviável!!! Gostaria de saber se existe alguma forma/alternativa para controlar a velocidade dos fans do gabinete? No Windows funciona blz pois o Corsair Link dá conta disso perfeitamente.
  25. boot camp

    has anyone ever tried to run boot camp from inside a virtual machine
  26. Hello friend, I would like that you could help me in relation to the kext created by you for lan ntel 82578DM Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mb / s) Ethernet LAN.
    The detail is that to be recognized the lan I must restart after starting cold
    At the initial start verbose puts this:
    IntelMausi Ethernet: Failed to get adapter data with error -3
    I send you the data from my desktop

    Gracias de antemano


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