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  2. please help, I am desperate :-( is it possible EFI for my PC? PC - 23.8" 3840x2160, Intel Core i5 6400 Skylake, RAM 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950A 4GB, SSD 128GB + SSD 256GB, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, webkamera, HDMI, USB 3.0
  3. GTX 275

    I recently installed osx high sierra 10.13.3. I have been having a hell of a time getting my gtx275 to work. I have resorted to using my trusty gt210 now. I have followed every tutorial but just cant get it to work. Ideas?
  4. Ozmosis

    Hi! Im very grateful, thank you. You helped me a lot. Best!
  5. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Lo stai usando il FakeID per installare?
  6. I've took a look into your config.plist, there's some configs for Intel iGPu. But with some researches results, I've found this:
  7. HWSensors3

    Bug previously mentioned solved in r110. In r111 I've added a new Icon for the app v2, new package here. Please report back.
  8. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Ho rifatto la procedura con i kext che dicevi (ho lasciato solo quello dei dischi in più, sennò nel caso in cui si fosse avviato l'installer non potevo provare ad installare). Inviato dal mio ONEPLUS A5000 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    Alright. Then what I would suggest is to try and find out if both of your cards actually do use a UEFI GOP VBIOS. Unfortunately, the only way I know to find that out, is through Windows, using GPU-Z... Yeah, I know. You would think there's a software for Mac, as well. And it probably is...I just don't know of any. Also, one thing that you might want to check is your VBIOS version. You can do that too with the same GPU-Z. I don't think that's what's causing the issue. In fact, now I'm pretty sure it's the CSM, but just to have some extra information, it would be a good thing to know. Right now, I think one (or both) of the cards is not using a UEFI GOP VBIOS (although it does support it, it's just not currently installed/in use), forcing the BIOS to revert CSM back to Always, so you can boot properly. So let's see if I'm correct. Let's check the UEFI status of your cards. And also, please, do make a note of your BIOS version, as well. You can take screenshots even. That might be easier. And you can capture more data in a shorter time. Here's what you should be seeing in GPU-Z if the card is currently using UEFI GOP VBIOS.
  10. Corrupted boot menu after monitor upgrade

    This is a bit strange. When I select Windows 8 and disable CSM support in the BIOS everything looks fine. Then I save and exit and the system reboots but when I go into the BIOS to double check that the settings are as they should be CSM is turned on again!?! As far as I can see my card does not have a button to select between the different BIOS's. On the manufactures webpage is says that it supports both. http://www.sapphiretech.com/productdetial.asp?pid=524951DE-D0A8-44F4-ABD9-ABCE79A16F73&lang=eng Strange .... UPDATE: Apparently that is what is supposed to happend if the cards GPU is not set to UEFI boot. I will look at my GPU more closely. Will get bavk!
  11. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Thank you for trying! However this is a good start! If with Asus pci thunderbolt card it works, there is probably a method even for gigabytes. I still hope...
  12. Audio con cavo Display Port

    C'è da aggiungere che però lo puoi regolare tramite il programma con cui riproduci audio/video (VLC, iTunes) ma non per le cose di sistema.
  13. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Non proprio, questo SSDT fa in modo che non risulti ad osx
  14. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Sarebbe l'equivalente di nv_disable=1 in pratica
  15. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Ho visto che che è disabilitata la patch HDAS to HDEF, abilitala SSDT_disable serve per disabilitare la nvidia, oltre a non poter funzionare su un hack se non la disabiliti von riesci ad installare.
  16. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Nono per ora sono ancora su Windows, per le modifiche sto usando una VM. Ora provo solo con i 2 kext che dici tu Cos'è SSDT-Disable?
  17. I did it but now I get a boot0ss error-. I must say I have a 1 TB hd with 2 guid partitions, one for win 10 and one for HS with Phy Block 4096. Don't know if this can be related. Btw with the ext usb pen they both boot perfectly. I fixed audio with Pandora (not very loud volume but it's ok for now).
  18. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    Prova con i soli Fakesmc e Voodoops2. SSDT-Disable non è vecchio e poi non è un kext che può aver bisogno di essere aggiornato Non hai formattato il disco ancora, giusto?
  19. Today
  20. Nope, I'm just using GTX 1060 Also I forgot to mention but my ALC 892 is working fine (I'm using headphone until I can fix the DP sound, it's better than booting and connecting cable hehe) And for some reason I can't upload the RunMe file result so I uploaded on http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/9adSbC5Z/file.html
  21. Installazione macOs Sierra su Asus N552VW

    No, non sono mai riuscito a far partire l'installer Clover: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DgEDQpY7Pl3GnK0TiaHxBfZG28JfHBno/view?usp=sharing
  22. HWSensors3

    Guys, in r107/108 I've introduced a new bug in HWMonitorSMC.app v2 and in Sierra and El Capitan is crashing due to the new code that add the app to the login items. ...working to solve.. so don't panic
  23. HWSensors3

    It's not a big deal and there is no rush, take your time, I just reported this just to make sure if it's available or not. Thanks for your time and efforts man
  24. AMD High Sierra Kernel Release and Testing

    @Bronya@ShaneeeIn China, a businessman is using your original documents to make money, and at the same time, in the domestic forum, it is called original and starting! This is the link of his shop:https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.;
  25. HWSensors3

    It will. But I need time to import this code: https://github.com/smartmontools/smartmontools It's written in c++ but I need obj-c or swift or even plain c (c is more than enough). in the meantime, if someone wants to start the job I'll be happy since next days I'll be very busy with my work. What is better?
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